'A Day Without Immigrants' hits D.C. restaurants

ABC News' Serena Marshall speaks to restaurant staff who are participating in 'A Day Without Immigrants' strike against the Trump administration's actions against immigration.
10:36 | 02/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'A Day Without Immigrants' hits D.C. restaurants
ABC news I'm Steve cordial and your car alarms is a restaurant and DT waits. Ayers supporting entity perhaps and it immigrants because next time I normally don't vote. Was stabbed her in the back in the front working around the clock will. Does not. She's edited a book saying witness there's not and is here we are going delaying their intent. Those that are constantly to retain David right now as a friend I mean yeah. Yeah. You're making his son's day time for. We'll work yeah. Where are you know feeling is. I catch you. Yeah. And now and she's getting that they're just about ready to open their doors. It's more than the deaths are coming in. Yeah. Sorry I. Here. Then car. I yeah. House in our kids. Except for work executives at. And injuries and a positive thing. Today. About where necessary and who are running out of place today. Seeing so I'm. Where you know. His Sunday radio you're hoping you see here. At midnight. Much like that doesn't. Yeah. It is it okay hi yeah. Yeah yeah yeah a little by popular so yeah things in that it. You know. Another game. Nothing less than me tonight. Yeah. And now. The sale. See you can land. All of our stuff remedy here in the front. Fire in place. Cloud and protest and express their race. Still be able to bring in money and I'll bet. Idiots protesting. I haven't talked and stay at. It's not lending only opened. Its you have heating as well movements. We'll show a little tour here received this week. I'm sit down here. Where are single and the arts scene and mark yeah yeah. Plus it's so there's not happening to 6 o'clock today. Time and again especially after right. News Sunday thanking them on the air cleaning everything his first fundraiser tonight has. Fast. Irrelevant and can't out of Indiana. Aaron good menus and so this is your normal and I'll take a look at that Seattle lobster business. You have rabbit on my god it's so comedies. Burgers but they yeah. So today. It's just exciting to see you. Inspired Atlanta near the scene as a way T he opinions you. Everything that our Latin American. And as contributing here. And our foods you and you can't. I'll earlier and it is still out there. I began almost that diet and I'll I'll it. And are looking yeah. And he is still getting up in his opening room everyday I to friends. There. Pet concerns they review. OK so. What it would not good enough yet returns this is here left thanks. And others cases. I'll talk born excellent. Photo yeah. Mountainous and is different. Settling I was. Put it right Cindy and look at the back in fact he does. He. Does he could be there everything it it would happen again here right now. You men you know the food behind it absolutely. Compared to their into the moment here it is. Did not chicken liver. So let's had a at times there the indignant that. OK over. Dover air. Okay. Let's check it out all your. That would I'm. Did so happy I many birthday. There was. Guys. I think things around so. The gringo nick Montgomery and listen we always we're very musical this. When this. That there. We're back a little bit ago. Three minutes left and today light person. There is so it's not. Came in about thirty I don't know. We don't want. Turn on everything. And there. Does. We're right. Visiting. Everything. Oh yeah. That is who won't back down. I. Defend rumors. Other states. Third thing. So in nineteen. He was either here that are healthy. Jesse. I know history. They're not stupid they know how to do this my staff and good news. Trained here. As an investor. Soviet things. So. It's. A very brass agree. Grass grass roots movement. Let them. Hosting when he keynesian it proves that conversation. He's rivers are able. About it and they know. You. Person. Scenario. And do this. Only another month. Right now. People. Whether. I'm easy. Starting. Listen to this. The all the wrong. Okay. Black. This has been talking. It's. But also it's. Really where. There there are my. Back checking. I'll. Yeah right here you saw the back season. Looking down most of his staff is. There will never Soviet Union is beaming on their own volunteers. We'll be checking back in from. How to do it later tonight and tell them I mean eastern hour.

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{"id":45548496,"title":"'A Day Without Immigrants' hits D.C. restaurants","duration":"10:36","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall speaks to restaurant staff who are participating in 'A Day Without Immigrants' strike against the Trump administration's actions against immigration. ","url":"/US/video/day-immigrants-hits-dc-restaurants-45548496","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}