D.C. restaurants close in solidarity to support immigrants

ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports from Charlie Palmer Steakhouse in Washington as businesses shut their doors to support immigrant workers.
13:19 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for D.C. restaurants close in solidarity to support immigrants
Hey get Maggie really here for AB news ABC news digital and we're just kind of Charlie Palmer's steakhouse which is one of dozens of restaurants. Here in Washington DC all taking part in and day without immigrants strike it's not just tearing. Across the country they're shutting down in support of their workers. Who have decided to go on strike in with me are three of those workers as well as the local union that they apparently. Thank you for you. Speaking and it doesn't a big day for your community and for your local union. Disney says the women who went here today. You think you so much for joining us. Who are you wearing nice front we'll missile. Numbness and back up and asked the slick and opinions. Confident that this I didn't think it got them. In investment in this business sentiment. And held on have you guys been working here Charlie Palmer black. Spaniards. Twelve years. But if it like a cup of sadness must work. Just back. Ten years. How so all of he'll have been working here at this restaurant for more than a decade ago. Here are part of the restaurant funny part of the community here is what it. How did you first find out about the strike in what was your initial reaction. That's the end of it yeah it. Has been good on the second week more than more than a week. And what did you think when you first heard with the present when the legitimate once. When it is he'd most of my hand Atlanta its list of infant seat dying. If that money. It was a PSA video that was one of these reports on the. Anybody of the S Canadiens. I'm hopeful but do you eat. In Valencia in it. Feel that I simply am becoming opportunities in the quickly that Vento. But some of them might end though most of them on the appointment. Spring that we re having a martyr for ready few days. I'm happy that everybody supported. What's one minute film go to Brussels court of course it was important for the quarter before it's board. The reaction has been out of support any was there any surprises for you how people have been reacting to the strike some. The loss items and a casket yet and that is not really listen in on him. Recovery. Reports what else. And the restaurant you work for supporting and even. If you can see behind us taking as a real real quick when you come in to try Paul Marie now what you see is this signs saying that we'll be closed for regular service today. So the restaurant itself is missing out on an entire day of service. Yet they're gonna lose money today but they're doing giving an excellent support for useful without legs we know the restaurant that important for corporate decade. Decided jointly. VoIP and you know let's before you bring nothing but it OK but if he would have happily emblem with the cannot let them. Anyway. Thanks for at least you let me hopefully attended by me. Feel very obvious it was the first homicide of Monday's closing their doors to support. We've just cause you know why why now why straight today. What do you feel like happening in the convened in Washington DC in really across the country get this a district that's happening not just here in DC but. Nice restaurants across the country and schools are announcing that they're gonna close their doors today so why is this happening now. Do you. There's been some good. It was a Motorola pillage us and. Slant on what about us. Media days. What I don't know but I don't. But at some of the book someone you don't look it up game numbers and then as the minutes. Seeing in the news all day plummeted they've been farming subordinated. Four victory. That's what we hear we decided to split. People have rights. And how do you feel right now I would encourage. Whether it's political climate a climate in your community ending what it people bad things about the news that in the coming out from. Go to the bank photographer mortal. When you look my good. On risk and last but that's the proposed deal because the end of the lost it haven't been hand. And a lot of the potential braves. He's got it from. Most suitable for pitching we'll. Thank you that's field but had to think that it what's it been like. Let's look at the reaction been like for your family and for your friend from businesses. Let's assume. For me local businesses. Please. Mama and then must not look at you must pay an evening event happening that they left that was Nino. Primedia business but it games and receiver. From some opinions sitting. We're in a bit of water we are sorry. About toward do. Four world. All right what is up. Again if anyone's just tuning in this is Maggie really here for ABC news digital and we're in front of Charlie Palmer C. Which is just one of dozens of restaurants here in Washington in sea scene even more across the country that. Have all either shut their doors today here pledged to donate a person portion of their proceeds. Towards a day without immigrants switches and now become a nationwide movement. And didn't goal behind this movement and may have heard it to show people you know what happened to become went in the eggs are removed. Community and really high but the contribution that immigrants have made. Now what do you guys here is the motivation behind it but what what's the goal what do you hope to achieve I. Going on strike today. In the wake of the. When chaos in my Adam West. Another let that kid is there that it was not enough to something about it in the process of I'm. You know an impressive I'm Eileen. An office that they basically told reporters what it will reform. That we'll put everybody is asking those we spent. That's what you hope to achieve from the front. Let me come out of this accurate strike. We're back. Counting us visiting Minnesota didn't ask Minnesota's. As did pass the name of the man doesn't. Doesn't happen venison and. We wields over the discrimination stop. Or missing minister discrimination hundreds of mostly most Latinos Mexicans. You are from Mexico rightful. Just minutes ago. And you mentioned discrimination or are seeing yourself represented on TV how do you how do you feel. Link right now Mexicans are being represented them. Some days. But then that's what vitamins let him get suddenly. We feel very happy Eagles Q they would realize that we. There has been. Outpouring of support raising its hearing DC at no significant challenge Palmer's clothes also there's. Teen speak greens are just a local chain have been closed my ginned this morning was closed at night I didn't go work out. I'm posting signs of their support of awareness strategy at Britain's. Also things like schools have been shut down her or their hours restricted to day cares. Part of this is zoo raise awareness according to. It may about the impact that immigrants have in our country and so I'm curious if you feel like there's any way people might be surprised. By the impact date only that immigrants have on our country and on our economy it what would you tell people about the impact of immigrants. It's on Saturday. When I see is you don't listen his one million the end it will mean Arnold muscle them. I don't think it's good to see an honest I happily on the. Yeah it gave me you know let's put us on wanted to decide what to say two way. It was getting. It back to tickle my daughter to school so. I'm going to get I don't mix up over the years before us what it was a moment. I'm most of those. You have this. And these disposable. People to realize. Immigrants. Mexican. From the industry. This country. They have been analysts doubt as a news. Study of public image and moment doesn't look any. Quit that. Basically to say that without Latinos I don't know what would have been at the staples we don't get to work. More hot. They in the infield pop up in Oklahoma me. They're getting final out of them from the bad data breaches because it's. Yes today you're you're saying you're feeling a lot of support but. Are you nervous at all or are scared reportedly in the future going on strike is. A fairly bold commitments that cause we did you have any reservations or concerns about taking this this step. What Romeo visible or you doesn't want developers and from which they. I've wrestled. I'd go browse. This incredible valuable from being knocked me on a look at it let's go via via a post it Audi and implement and and yeah. I can benefit them and it's. Topping out at halftime lead product listings. Was he would go to the because we feel in the support of what women want we're not going to be happy happy until the president. Aside form they also are problems. That's the ultimate goal before we. You know say goodbye here everyone knows what do you want and so yeah I would demand what is your marriage your demands what do you want to see happen what actions. Do you want his cabinet after this to you about it but it straight so obvious and I'm ever gonna convince them to their requests. What does the. Sandy Newman who want to get. Kids and a. The board takes on a reform. Last. Atlanta and then I have CNN. I'm an endless. You'll be canyon and then she got. I. And minutes. And I wanted to be spared our rights. Living on I can't help this family want to thank Jane only has awarded. Whether. Mario I think you so much for joining me. There really appreciate and I know today you are striking for your cause and I preceding the time still come to an arrest on. Again today is didn't that immigrants strike here in Washington DC. Restaurants like tally Palmer steak and dozens of other once indie scene across the country are closing their doors in support of their workers who are. Striking today to raise awareness about immigrants working here at the country. These three women. Word Ed Bradley Palmer state have been kind enough to speak with us about their motivations today about. Why they decided to strike. Companies say the fight's not over and they have more demand that will make sure to keep talking with them and it we have more coverage. I'm here from DC throughout the day and he BC digital of the day without immigrants strikes over. Make sure to stick around we have plenty more coming up and this is Maggie really for ABC news.

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{"id":45541387,"title":"D.C. restaurants close in solidarity to support immigrants ","duration":"13:19","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports from Charlie Palmer Steakhouse in Washington as businesses shut their doors to support immigrant workers.","url":"/US/video/dc-restaurants-close-solidarity-support-immigrants-45541387","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}