Democrats call for impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh

A new book details sexual misconduct allegations from a former Yale classmate against the Supreme Court justice, reigniting controversy from previous accusations.
4:55 | 09/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Democrats call for impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh
We're gonna turn to the Supreme Court. Where top Democrats in presidential candidates are calling. For the impeachment of justice Brett Cavanaugh amid new disturbing sexual misconduct allegations. Reported by the New York Times in an essay over the weekend you remember his confirmation hearing. In subsequent appointment was highly controversial. Given it was centered around allegations from doctor Christina blasting Ford. Last fall also want to bring in Devin Dwyer in our DC bureau until explain this DeVon good to see you. I just want you to explain what these new allegations are. Yet. Hey Kimberly good to see you there is a new book out from two New York Times offers you just saw the cover there. But it in the book which covers the scope of the Kavanagh confirmation battle last year. There is a new previously un reported story involving Brett Cavanaugh similar to the allegations. Of you remember his Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez. According to a witness that these times reporters interviewed Kavanagh pulled his pants down and a drunken party. In a cost of another woman the woman. I declined to be interviewed by the reporters who friends say she does ever call the story. On ABC news reached her at her home in Boston overnight she didn't want to talk about it time as. Tipped to talk with -- Kavanagh for Kavanagh when we reached out also declined to comment on this he's denied these allegations in the past. So the bottom line here is there's another allegation and unsubstantiated. Allegation familiar to that pattern. Of disturbing behavior towards women that came out in his confirmation hearing last year. And now there are new questions about whether. Members of congress whether the public actually got the full picture about the scope. Of his behavior is a college student and so hence as you mentioned Kimberley the Democrats now want to reopen that investigation into capital. Yeah and that that full scope that you're talking about is interesting because it says this New York Times essay says that over 25 people. Were offered up to the FBI. Who had corroborating evidence and the bureau did not investigate in this case with Debra Ramirez. Yet you remember back during the confirmation hearings. There was so much contention over whether or not the FBI should get back involved in his background investigation they ultimately did. But and many people were remembered that the White House. Put them on a very short leash so FBI background investigators were only. Allowed to gather evidence related to doctor forged ever Ramirez they interviewed a very select number of witnesses. I'm so in this new New York Times book. The attorneys represented in those women talk about how as many as 25 is you set other corroborating witnesses to this behavior did come forward but they were never. Approached by the FBI simply because as restrictions. Report on that investigation. In and DeVon what happens. To a Supreme Court justice if these allegations are true like. What goes on from from here. Well these are allegations but there's actually can no sign Kimberly that there going to reopen an investigation. In to any of this at this point we should say. The FBI background investigation was complete the senate voted in confirmed justice Kavanagh. There's some chatter up on Capitol Hill among Democrats that they could open an investigation into his behavior. In the senate in the House Judiciary Committee. All of this is very unlikely at this point justices as you know are appointed for life. They can be impeached much in the same way that a president can be impeached but at this point. Because so much of this was already litigated because Republicans controlled the senate. And because Democrats have some bigger fish to fry they're looking instill that in whether they should be impeaching president trump. It does seem unlikely that this will be reopened at this stage Fred it's over here. Yen just. Before we go on the president was also tweeting about Kavanagh today yes. He had used it tweeting edit defense of his second nomination to the Supreme Court the president. I tweeting that justice cavern or should sue the New York Times reliable. He does raise an interesting point Kimberly the New York Times in the park and the story that they publish and sunny in the newspaper did you leave out a key detail. About this new allegation that detail being that the woman has told her friends that she doesn't remember this situation she declined to be an area that was left out the times. They since corrected the story. All of this of course feeding into the one year anniversary of Kavanagh as confirmation to the court that's. Iraq early next month so both sides in his fight back attic reigniting re litigating this as part of the 20/20 campaign. So much going on are actually dug a lot of politics on this Monday yes absolutely on the DeVon to wire breaking it down in our DC bureau good to see you thank you so much they similar.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"A new book details sexual misconduct allegations from a former Yale classmate against the Supreme Court justice, reigniting controversy from previous accusations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65643589","title":"Democrats call for impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh","url":"/US/video/democrats-call-impeachment-brett-kavanaugh-65643589"}