Diana Nyad Discusses Historic Cuba-Florida Swim

64-year-old endurance swimmer holds a lively press conference day after historic feat.
59:35 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Diana Nyad Discusses Historic Cuba-Florida Swim
This is a special room. Report from ABC news. Look what I'm -- have -- New York -- this ABC news digital special reports a world record achieved at a personal quest. A complete endurance swimmer -- -- -- Three hours. And had a message of hope when she came out of the water never give up on your dreams. And today she has another message. This all coming after she completed that one. Getting all this attention for making this huge accomplishment let's listen. I'm yeah. -- Go home. Yeah. -- -- Here Sunday night. I'm yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah god. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah -- our yeah. -- -- -- -- Or fifty doesn't do right. -- -- -- I'll never forget -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I'm -- on the it is bigger. -- -- Never. Never nightmare those hours without -- understanding. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Paulino Lois and stand -- I seen him. -- -- -- -- Every interview anybody. -- yeah. And world leading. Murder. -- -- I'm I don't. Yeah. And we are having some technical difficulty you with endurance swimmer -- and I -- -- a press conference today after that. Huge accomplishment -- -- 110 miles from came from Cuba to Florida in 53 hours she did it on her fifth attempt. And as you can hear this morning she is thanking her entire team. Let's go back it was something we established it. Daughter Ireland. And and of course not -- -- The last couple years -- find my -- Real students. This heat and he realized. He's up -- strictly. Navigational. Problems across the street. Some real. It is two. -- what's the word. Do you -- knew -- before -- -- and -- compliments and he maxed out. Literally hundreds and hundreds of potential minutes depending on what might happen to -- -- it is when my. -- delectation times and well yeah. Yeah. Really. -- he did -- and making sure everybody knew it was going room to all of the right time he sure -- when a child we came across like -- -- call. -- -- -- the machine and as we thought John there. Breast cancer walk to -- on earth. Back to go up. -- -- You don't get more philosophical about it is that it. All my life where -- but I've been dreaming big. -- -- -- And I thought where -- Big business are here it's. It's tough stuff here are. Clear empirical reasons. That race wanderers. Is -- -- and I thrived since 1950. Except. Share is -- -- way for certainty is not just more protection from the animal. As shocking as it is human. The water -- actors are all currently don't turn around his eyes. Contact Elaine queen Mary with -- Our -- the structure won't so I don't know. Any comment on this is abuse cases and as they're. Protected. Scheme that hasn't. Been -- different. At this. I'm different category I wanted me -- 100%. So this is. All whenever. He walked. -- across the world from senators -- we saw happen. -- -- wire. But. Everything into you know beautiful. Walking with wire walking is good -- you know where -- -- we had one acting. Walk in him. -- as innocent as well documented. Problem. And -- his -- Lots -- -- imagination what that life can be. -- stories about -- New York City and us. -- Like an Angel. And he did well in 1978. There -- swimming career explode from the Bahamas Florida iPhone and island. I was getting job opportunities -- sports and other places talking about -- retire from sports. I opened. Then all local book of the Earth's citizens -- the last point. We're one -- that -- that would be a dream. More than a hundred miles of -- the records -- -- -- so that they don't leave it the world record. I was looking. Kamal. Some residents. Pilots on Cuba. And it's more often seen in my -- -- -- in this area of the world certainly. No mystique of humor about all around the world people know that that place and those people and since 1915 time. Basically we have been allowed to go there and -- -- If say it's a beautiful and talented artistic athletic. How many people. Did. We don't know that many people have died on the way over trying to get out from -- swimming. So. Excuse -- So Cuba -- -- my imagination in 1978 excited 42 hours. A horrible storm came up. We don't want to bat and Houston were looking accomplices they would -- saying. Is this possible we're -- right -- don't know. It sooner it happens. And I retired his wife for thirty years I was engaged in I -- -- -- in this business -- crop -- and you know. Never -- woman who turns sixteen. I don't want my mom has not eating human does that -- he. Actually I only -- twenty left in the off -- years -- in recent child -- That's twenty years there. You have the job -- -- there's another 1520 years so. I don't know what I'm going to go back a minute chase that -- It's a beautiful -- in every way and it's -- why it was still somewhere my heart. -- He's got a story -- -- time to that doesn't well there's so many actors out there against you if you're gonna lay in Vegas. He wouldn't be pretty I wouldn't be making much money analysts to bet against. But we did it. And I can step -- anytime to correct your at this want to my mind very soon is going on one -- -- If food. After the first ninety minutes of the last movie that you know that we came -- and -- network now. Now all sometimes it was a LaSalle which is pretty thing and thought this out east and time commitment to -- that yet. -- And even northeast but for me. At this -- and that perhaps it wouldn't any time. Yeah -- that it. Go up and Allen. You're not happy. And not feeling well and what I had to put out jelly fish basket night with her dreadful war Martin. -- This -- on cows he makes prospects. For people who -- -- -- blown off towards -- center. -- -- -- -- -- You know I I. Maple floor and I knew I wasn't going to be stunned at all but the stands operate at Angel makes up on the neck and so I -- a 100%. But every breath he thought. Comes back -- and I started swallowing that thirteen hours of Saturday night. Tremendous volumes of sea water that I started vomiting constantly. As soon as that happens -- you can't replace that. And -- -- act -- you're -- -- -- place you're not stronger cold and that night was found unhurt. It was it was -- thirteen hours man. You've got a good part. John Arne Duncan injury Sunday when I was trying to recuperate myself and my handlers. Any -- it into. He tried everything we. -- -- started making scrambled eggs. Not thinking of this that there was trying to force fluids down. -- Like everybody -- never tell me where we are. I and it took Arnold for our food I don't want to -- if you think we're doing great she's even we're halfway across because -- I have when it. Anything until we see is sure and I. Can't do -- we're putting -- of the holes student on Saturday night. -- -- -- I want to tell you three pieces didn't lose his I think you need right now that was insurer -- incompetence that -- -- that mask on again. And neither do to organize which will be Sunday and Monday night's Fox News finishing about now. He's -- real -- at a land line. -- bonds had unprotected from things one. John -- says. This to me it is going right where you're -- We are traveling. And it is it's a factor that is helping you. You you know invaluable in the UK can't understand where Indians. And Angel. Said she's -- Not only because. The five's enough loan being eleven -- a number of other. Actors. That I can you Wear the -- On Sunday night. I would also give blood no -- reading out -- she could distinguish itself are all over me he said you're gonna go right and I -- food. And they had a bond. Said give me an unmitigated another piece of good news you're never gonna cut taxes marathon again -- -- -- -- Sunday night on Monday night she says. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. I was feeling confident that was crossing. Normal. And now we're going again -- I don't know if and only asking him. Yeah. -- What is quality. One. And he's -- as well yeah. We're gonna laugh and -- thing but -- Start time and it wouldn't it doesn't look. These strong guys and not joking there is serious stuff I think that even be talking about alcohol. The reality anywhere. How cool does nothing is going to be -- went -- his life -- This is -- -- not. The breast I'm not into war that's not alone making an important job and told us -- illegally you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay why aren't wanted man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's something that's your glad he's just -- over there. And there was. If you want like Verizon and okay sounds good amount suit that's cool and if not for the days are a lot easier instead. Son had. -- -- -- Diane that he doesn't really great stories moved here when I thought I don't like little village ring Passat yeah you know yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly like -- -- Okay. -- I don't like Kevin Flanagan won the women's you're -- -- -- here. This little device but behind me on fuel. And he knows that I'm telling story. She's gonna -- ordinary now pencils excuse me. It shouldn't that story haven't exactly Jewish settlement except. It wasn't in Nairobi it was an Indian. You know what I -- -- People on this story yesterday. But I thought air bases. Wasn't really so much the recognition of somebody just accomplished something I don't know. Very large in the world in the major sports. It was -- or recognizing. What we've all been through. Nadal -- little -- and we don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Suffering were to get through this is speaking in condition what I -- tables -- was he didn't give up. Yeah and here I need to witness -- me. Hulu and typical as a cop -- he was just why not give up. -- when he peace. Allen or you might hear what you want to do in -- -- made you decide to. Dean yeah -- gotten more underneath they get that resolved to find a way to solve. Whatever is -- Latin. You have a chance -- little. A worthwhile. Or not these last years. Capital magnificent. It is really injured when he's more -- all of you wouldn't be close friends didn't hear your input unavailable for the we'll see them together. Own public at large has been -- -- -- and what they -- always. A person just won't give up -- -- still believes. You know. You would think there's not really -- mere act of leaving anymore. So I -- her days are proud of surprise team. And -- -- front myself. And. In other. I can't -- -- just -- That every single yeah every individual. But. Lindley -- wanted to. Yeah. -- thought we didn't list he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He had it for my hands all over Florida clearing parents. About and this is not the world air but he's thinking about but he's getting it done from. Did not only does -- -- streamers. That the zodiac he's it's long and the second listed on brigades. But in order treasures to me. You know certain that he doesn't look -- -- -- -- was. -- he's been living for years. Yeah. -- To me that your vote. Might -- -- -- he had completely convinced her -- was when she just. She's just hollow I was part of Italy -- a beautiful actually -- Carrier he never said nobody wants immediate. -- yeah. And I'm positive impact he's talking. My friend sergeant -- The -- he just outside that. He. Uses his opinion as -- the residence to applause I don't wake up every -- it. Bomb attached -- anything. You want to. I quit calculated that a woman. -- -- -- -- I wake up feeling like -- -- you don't like we got. And out and were asked the next day. But I must be checked. What I can think up ways in which of course includes this. Even I think actually dead center. On line at six. -- -- So that the -- heard rumors are being laid off. I'm -- to fielding now their grandparents. -- that must be the end of life. -- -- The truth is that we're just coming into our own finally gotten -- and immaturity and all of -- -- season that perspective an I think some. I'm glad I didn't mean there's -- Twenty. Definitely come back and trying to yet. I never would have come back to the sport of golf and the feeling apply the perspective of what life's all about my life is all out. Is so much deeper and I would. He appreciation of at all and the ability to articulated. -- now estimates more than when I was younger so even though -- what was the last fifteen or so hours yesterday I was home Wednesday. Never again -- case. And every -- -- So. For that and I'm very happy yeah and I think you know. -- continues its true. That that clocks seem almost. To be taking pastors who you know. It hasn't but it seems to be -- Muslims who are running out and I don't want it this way. This endeavor -- not just being. He had political record. I want to hear lessons my life. -- -- Before -- the east peace so hopefully an alert and alive and every. We -- gain because that's right after -- at least four years to get this done. Terms of the right people. Focus. And feeling that bigger. Where all your best. Has got you here it's never gonna happen otherwise. And how he -- what do you do next and I want us. Concrete plans but really deep down it's about -- -- this way is what we're confident. -- -- -- -- They are asking questions. -- -- -- -- -- -- Dusty. And at. You know the way -- I. I'm a little later. Even thought of opening. Here it -- force the fluids. I don't think. This fox. -- you've seen these. He was and which stars who lost. And yet you know the in the -- I don't smoke -- in the other three. You're from where. We're all. Okay. And yeah. -- All of thank all of that. And that's yeah yeah yeah there are -- that. One. -- -- -- I've got a group on that he had candidate if you get a good. That Nestle waters. It was -- -- resolved. If you weren't accidents it was a -- Yet nobody asked warmer and pretty -- -- -- and -- -- Cuba. -- -- what most of us just hours. Even if you let your face gets his people if you take your breath you know you know take over at that time -- -- Gravel and -- So didn't take a drop when the next hot there was yeah. And we desperately worked for a year moles -- malls and the best to get again great art but -- -- It was rough stuff it was it was it was targeting an epic -- that would finally -- water bottles and take -- breath for. Former. It turns because the mascot had to walk. And -- -- start he didn't perform my case strokes. You can start using oxygen starters getting -- as well it was it was a here is not don't know. So right there John Kerry -- or -- -- signaled me to get well about violent yet. Yet -- the vote for the -- got. It was important -- -- Did you just -- like at all that somebody comes up. Not. Her problem. -- -- See my absolutely nobody. Yeah. There are trying to. Help you -- -- me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that -- and it's not so much. Let us take ever ridiculous example let's say that you all heard it Angelina Jolie was swimming off -- as the city. You don't want the -- look at how. She probably. Happen -- that. Yeah. Don't let -- -- and context. -- people felt that they understood. So what are coming from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so. It wasn't cut out all loved him a lot of people showed up -- that any connection to let you know. You're wrong here I thought that -- -- -- around longer to just check in the united. Yeah. I was more -- government -- these. Okay. -- -- -- -- I am pretty close at -- -- a lot better than bush did this isn't good after one. She never wavered -- -- -- -- -- -- And news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- library and 85 on eight. As a favor. So especially in the middle of the night -- -- -- -- also don't always. You know. Him. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. Giving them something to my spirit at certain times. -- -- -- So Saturday's what we -- I felt great you know. I think I just don't think Donna promise that he with a -- saying he does he look -- following -- -- -- -- And I said. Apology yeah. -- not at all hours when you're doing well -- -- with the latest Stephen Hawking a book you read. You know did he delivers barely exists -- -- any one time. -- anymore and I -- -- that's -- thought but when you're suffering a crisis cannot -- -- overall so all those towers. What's it like it is time a year so that asking all of that -- -- He had collapsed so -- him and for those thirteen hours billion pounds of there was kerosene French Spanish and German. Talking it was just let's get -- it was Clinton's time. -- -- I'm counting today it's absolutely. Here my mind. To -- you when you. County. Because it. Anything crisis. Is there. Aren't there people who now don't get to convict people here -- There are -- say -- don't -- -- -- -- More this time with steel concrete -- all the different look hey -- not -- fifteen years. Because every day and the temperature this even. And global. Different I don't know -- if we'll. What he and. -- -- -- -- Immediately. And stainless steel pools that there don't -- and this company had painful for me in Italy right now it's -- it's just. -- almost all of it here square for an -- he's. Madison Square Garden. Me I'm his number 48 hour up an -- -- It'll definitely agrees. And into early next to me we're gonna have all kinds of notable. Personalities some. Of course you're right now. -- -- Did you -- wanted. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm from yeah a lot of people lost their homes and wrecked their lives that hurricane. So we're gonna -- that his public. -- -- relief. It is I didn't check back. -- -- But. -- If that happens -- You know. It's always embarrassing for me saying. Because we felt into the nation's air here it's gotten cheaper because the movie -- -- Had inmate here. Anyway you know -- -- Not sure he's -- little known him my vote for. What the first union get so if you -- honestly. He was a little. It was it was three. -- secret is his first term corporate -- so happy -- ally. But then you've got people and I think. I think mark. England winter people don't believe that there are certain hardly -- 54. -- I act. Support FaceBook social media people just loving -- -- independently of their life I hope effect. Given Morgan wanted to bootlegged music. But you didn't you know money can go to. -- can be sure but that's ridiculous. And the money. What what earmarked for dancers pretend you know we've got moved yeah fear counting millions of dollars that -- but we are thrilled. Conceded that course of the human potential winning -- so I say. Wasn't working million dollars for those people who would be -- and then. Yeah. And I got messages from. President Obama your -- a whole rock me. And yeah. Okay. And and -- well. But you know their point is they have -- -- their recent funeral and this story of women -- an hour. And everything you know although the -- -- -- that never give up. I I have I have rationalize my way to say. He was a million dollars and many from just private donors people rightly saying work it's not really what I think I should do right now. I want to -- 49 dollars. -- a lot of people like that fit from secret on the corporate entity individual donors at a few friends. Writing out checks for torn by came at a time. And in some ways it's embarrassing to me and in other ways I feel it wasn't just my personal friend dream a lot of people who lived in gotten something out of -- with -- You know I think my favorite played a press -- For the following -- taxes and several people had been well do you have any vote that don't always do. Okay. Yeah I -- a couple of bananas and portable the salt water is still. I -- have Bowie -- and anguish. A lot of. Disney and. Yeah I am just and I'm gonna get raided by -- The number of -- -- -- Peanut farmers. No one's gone this long senior members of the ocean I don't know how to do it visually attractive about anything actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think my -- Sunday but five -- you know. -- John Mark. Genius that he isn't David Johnson is designed -- as well the building of it. They -- the pole out front of the bar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- -- -- one of the fight over them personally line. It is a student he lives. So it glows bright red -- -- driver whose nations. I'm looking at that. -- -- -- -- -- -- But I'm not bad looking into the wizard of odds and has never been like anything that. I see yellow brick. And I thought you guys. Here. You know I got damaged though it wasn't it was a lot of people it was like those guys -- Idaho and I would. I thought popular yellow brick road there but didn't have that claimed he said. You're going -- I don't follow. So anyway comedic genius. Sometimes that -- -- that innocent yeah that's -- business decision. -- -- -- -- -- -- They benefit from your question Glenn Close. -- rapidly. -- -- -- And I. -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm going at a com. -- -- -- -- -- Some -- now. And what isn't -- Yeah support for the US's and saying that. You know climbers. They want to sing a little nepalese villages were over there sometimes -- tried on Everest -- two for a dictator to get out to get the conditions. And so they they lived with as little mountain people of my little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a pretty great place to be you know I've enjoyed -- US. The governor -- this morning. They live -- not -- me. Rick Scott call this morning said he would like it -- you know via that it was some sort of -- now comes -- this morning. You -- think similar why else of that records they we had to independent observers who were there. -- -- I think today. The -- are more clear here. Well obviously his -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay let's review and you know did she ever get out the vote did you ever put -- there. You know all the things that answer will go if it did so while -- records declare for today I think John Bartlett -- they'll get all the big pharma. At that point point -- But at 810 point seven and I guess it was 52. Hours thinking more and it. -- -- -- eighteen seconds. Left that. -- that there. War -- Wednesday. It takes a lot to ratify those things not to be absolute truth. When I was -- -- when he is you know the ego gets in the way and -- Pats on the back by the public and all these things mile active -- I sit backstage now before going to give a speech -- -- that one season. Full cost of a -- it doesn't mean a thing to me anymore then nothing. Nothing I don't I don't believe me if -- I don't. I get -- -- -- be gracious about it but. People people's individual reactions mean everything so I'm sure this will will be gratified indeed turn and that's fine back. Just don't care about it. -- -- -- -- many people have. But I have. Say that. And I filled slowly gas and training we're we're competitors so we can have tremendous respect for each other and nobody knows what we feel out there like each other so. I I was. I didn't want -- make it. Contact on the about that she didn't want to go before making its history. If the Mount Everest devotion -- epic and so. You know you want to be the first -- -- -- something actually made it would that mean I wouldn't do it no because you're doing -- strong I still would have gone. But as it turned out fairy -- work out very nicely. But -- -- other team members who have been with me for going with them going without. Other expeditions you know it's a learning process out there so you're sure I've heard you've never been any. Anywhere near any expedition like this before -- brought out. And now -- -- the operation. And you you start to develop your own -- as to how to make it through safely what else he can bring to the party -- see where start. In Cuba YU. Learn about telling fish from our our blogs and for that team that was the result. I consider a little bit about trader -- action. -- -- But. It. He's telling -- it's -- every track. 88. You know we're. Yeah. -- -- Detroit -- don't want to be the first. Anybody want to close to me. Yeah yeah let's -- that you. But I didn't want -- stung or or really hurt or died that he -- No I'm I I admit that I thought that was a shame I heard that was -- you know. Anyway welcome candidates like the first person you anything you want you on the first night I I can't blame him for trying I certainly have my chances when they get away. You know for ten more years. But now they can all -- -- But you know what expert team members go I've seen dollars team members -- and world. You know they want -- -- little -- have an adventure. It's OK it's OK. Than. Anybody else. Thank you so much for coming this team is gonna say -- everybody is here from all different factions of -- teens who want to get some. Other perspectives -- sound -- from anybody. Just grab them. And. -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. -- probably -- -- this is you know I'm an insurance person. We're starting at 7 o'clock and we're gonna try to match the 53 -- out. Doesn't mean he can't go you know sleep on the kitchen floor -- I expect their bargaining over fifty reality. Didn't. Thinking you know I'm -- -- If he can't today is obvious why you're here because we made it but. The truth is for the last four years. Three years before this one. You've you've you've been -- the media has been willing to follow a story that has been. Quote unquote failure and thanks CNN is stuck with me all through this. Did a documentary a full hour documentary. Which by the way is airing this Friday night of the week that with yesterday's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jennifer Hyde is over -- Scott. As the narrator of course -- last night but where's Matt. And that flown back here another producer of the film but. -- sat with me last night per hour. And I thought were just chatting just good friends on the porch chatting and and happy hour he said. Well you know you must be tarred get to -- -- -- when are we doing innovative yet again if you sound bites to put in the film and he said I'm not Ellis. We didn't outlet in. My god it. And I also want to tell you that. Timothy Wheeler. -- don't hear about this scare away. -- hasn't made an astounding. Film. It's creative it's dramatic. There is no sports cliche of moment and it not one. And it -- coming to showtime in November. So. And the website is -- -- sure the name of the film is. The other shore. Finally reached and -- also was here yesterday. Shootings -- that weekend with signs that ending that I wanted. The film is already beautiful it's poetic it's deep it's really my life. What it is is my life and. Such I'm very proud of the work you've done and you deserve everything that comes you've visited with this film. -- Okay -- -- -- movie dot com what what what dates are for -- you know yet. -- now. OK and you get out what I do swimming New Yorkers is sandy somehow we'll do some events around the film in New York -- But you don't want to see it it's it's an inspiring. Thing and usually. Dramatic and and poetic film all the same time. -- You -- they're just looking here vital signs and checking to see if anything's really offer they they gave their lives -- -- -- -- ice -- fact amount of lacerations on the -- they're pretty extreme. Although already today they're getting a lot better that you me that's steroids. -- to -- that is not about you think. And you know Dick Cook took a lot of blood take a lot of after a couple. Things are elevated which is only normal for the duress and -- they released me over there three hours. -- -- -- -- -- One question. What if he didn't remember when else. -- -- -- Yes there have been -- CD here is that you displayed. Financial strength. -- What is hitting. It's. He didn't know I mean as it hasn't. As a journalist myself I often ask that question of people and people talk about their parents but there's a genetic lines. But I I mean I can't go there exists in of that particular -- anyway wasn't in either my parents. I don't know I think that you just you know you get sparked years here whatever. Would -- being large you're young. You. You you spark to. -- you're being in this life. But I think that one thing I've always had which has prompted this -- rulings that are is that for the very young. I was aware that this life is so finite. This precious and it's going to be over quickly. Even you know you talk to people that children. Children don't even imagine they're going to be sixth. But faster than before the end and and and not Indian dot. But when I was can. I wrote an -- and when the Manhattan islands when that happened. See the teacher and it's great -- in his letters his huge saves you hurt student essays and it said well. -- ten years old now. And I heard again never got to -- my grandparents but I heard they lived to be you know where an 86 and 8582. So. If I think you mean average of that I would believe to be 83 that means I only have 73 left him. And I want to be a doctor and I want to speak all languages of the world. And I want to help people and be a philanthropist I want to give great athlete so you know it's just kids' stuff like I want to acquire. And I think yeah. And it just -- -- yeah. Yeah and there -- Joining I think that there is there pressure. That I've always felt the pressure to not fly around on the -- in each -- Yeah. Her state of -- -- very. OK I think maybe we're leery of the press conference that. -- -- me anyway. But think you'll get. For your respect and your attention -- years. Practice today. 24 hours ago she was in the water from Florida to break world records -- To -- from. Cuba as a Florida. A little more than a 110 miles and now she is telling the world how she did she endured. Almost 53. Hours in the water fighting -- jelly fish fighting off hallucinations have seen that Ty Law -- and I had said. And fighting off bouts of vomiting from swallowing some of the salt water from that long trek that she made it was her fifth attempt. And obviously the fifth time proved to be the -- the very first time she had tried making that crossing from Cuba. To Florida was back in 1978. And now it's 64 years old -- -- and from that news conference that in fact that. She was glad that she didn't make that accomplishment happen at the age of twenty because now she says she can truly reflect in appreciate the accomplishment and the significance. Are reaching that kind of -- And I want to bring in ABC's you believe this was on the phone who was in Key West, Florida and GOU one of the first people there to talk tonight when she got out first off. Nice assignment I don't know -- you had to -- I'm up but I listen -- You -- -- life chief but listen this picture that we've got right here you and I would you first got out of the water what was her reaction. When you started speaking whether. You know she was just an issue -- first -- brilliant brilliant person who has just -- so much on eager to illegally leaving -- like Euro on GMA this sporting talking to Robin -- we think shouldn't do this for the sport cheap tickets for the human spirit her spear and -- -- -- -- -- watching and waiting and just so excited to see her. And I think that's what's really fascinating opposite someone do it. -- really really taken a look at life. In it didn't really people out what really people. As you try -- now four times before and as we just heard from a news conference there. Yes she was the one that had made that 110 point seven mile trek across those waters -- the same time she was very gracious. In thanking her team. Absolutely because it wasn't -- that there with -- for 36 here. I just got along with -- in that water. They're they're really remarkable scene that just really love her and so -- so -- speaking with them and Enders are nothing but race in their hearts. There there really remarkable group of people. Obviously there's a tremendous amount of medical precautions that went into place to its planned for this kind of -- -- How does she check out with doctors when she did finally make it out of the water and watch some of the video -- just talk about a joyful reunion on the beach there. A but medically though she checked out okay. Should check out -- I mean she was sitting there just for three hours we were there in the hospital with third. What we're seeing there -- and everything was just totally fine it was it was amazing. That -- -- even after spending 53 hours in the water like. That she would be in such great condition. Remember there was -- that goes -- bit until we address that you know it is sort of explore her lack. Here and and put an end to last year's. Last year's attempt. -- that it happened outside and so really she was just battling -- the seawater she described it. And and what was happening inside Carmel because of mask. She is she is a character no doubt I mean I I would I want I wanna be best friend took her because she just. She has such a cure. For the wit and put a good word for me is that I wish this could seriously has. Such as a spirit for life in such drive and determination there and even so when we heard that as a news conference emissions got a great sense of humor and an amazing story teller and no less but yesterday when she came out of the water she seemed very loose -- she seemed very cognizant of where she was that despite the fact of saying that she had hallucinations. Yeah yeah the birds of the hottest book called -- at that news conference. On -- -- six. You know it's it's it's interesting because she got out of the water. And immediately had a message for everyone saying never give up even when she couldn't really speak that well because the what was happening in her mouth that you was still saying never give up you're never too old to try something like -- comment and really without that extreme -- mystical. New words to live by and now obviously celebrating that huge success 53 hours of a party that's what she set out for GO -- that's the ticket you need to get on tonight. Hide it any easier tomatoes into US -- thank you for your time appreciate it. Of course have a complete write up on -- and -- and it's amazing accomplishment crossing from Cuba to Florida in a little bit under 53 hours. A 110 point seven miles making that -- on her fifth try. At the age of 64. And the message to the world's never give up on your dreams for now I'm Dan -- their New York with this ABC news. Digital special report. This has been a special. 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{"duration":"59:35","description":"64-year-old endurance swimmer holds a lively press conference day after historic feat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"20144167","title":"Diana Nyad Discusses Historic Cuba-Florida Swim","url":"/US/video/diana-nyad-press-conference-2013-swimmer-63-discusses-20144167"}