The Disgusting Food Museum in Los Angeles

Eighty foods are on display in the museum to highlight how different cultures view different food items as disgusting.
3:56 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for The Disgusting Food Museum in Los Angeles
I'm I mean it outta here at the disgusting food museum in downtown LA where there are eighty. Foods on display there are currently being eaten around the world any idea is to highlight how different cultures view different food items as disgusting. One of the points the museum is really to show their disgust. Is something that we're culturally conditioned. You know it's one person's disgusting food is another person's delicacy. They have this wall of disgust and just kind of an interactive wall where people can put up. Brand in other things they find disgusting yeah. Yes and we want to invite people to become a part of the museum. And bring their idea has what's disgusting self. I mean we just read through it some guacamole on there and someone else I don't cucumbers like exact I have not been discussed in the guacamole. On the nanny the nanny had an NFL and intuit it helps us. Really framed like a Latham and find that disgusting like. There is no news universal. Kind of idea disguises its it's different for everyone it's very culturally days. Split would you say is the most discussed. My guys really hard because there's a lot it's disgusting things here. Beginning to meet its pretty disgusting analysts say. It's a dunk seemed true and we have this little stuff anything nearly as this really is being hit typical. But if you think about it. In America. And Thanksgiving we have the Turkey. And we have Turkey motif and we olive hired as Turkey slowed in the in the Thanksgiving Day parade over the end it closer. Wish they gave me like if you look. And then click on how to earn at Stewart want to end and you knew you may think oh my god like how. How do you put like to keep getting Payne into the same place ready and you show a fried Guinea Hague. Look the same at a Turkey you know we we at least have Turkey's as a symbol of Thanksgiving the police he would like that we don't actually think about it as he. Didn't your bird network ending any and any looting that its class so yeah it's. One person Guinea pig and another hasn't Turkey is specifically did little plate of he knew exactly exactly here we have mouse line from China and I read about that gathered baby mice are proud of and in their brood. And it's pretty. It's it's it's a little sake I'm ready to round of mindless. In the line the line when their when their babies. The the time they think it's a house on fifteen to tell you can tell Phil okay. We actually for some of the exhibits we have little. Bounce. You light day you're not even like no that's taking anything solid earth science. But this does not only did I guess anything is not yet likable telling you. So once you lock beauty exhibit you get here into the tasting bar where you can try some heat back. Patients right do you think that this could sweet smell. Really kind and apparently he's telling us. And once tasted. The thing is you kind of pre wired brains are requiring no essentially because we start associating the snow. Alluding to tastes results and it smells good. Thank you night. I would want to see everything but you're gonna start its ugliness and they would check pain was averted how. Yeah it didn't and these are actually tried to get there with the garlic and thinking you see some piece of garlic in her I can see Manx. But and that upset it is in the Andrea. Regulated and it its alliance that. Hello I get it feels so it okay. I'm really mean include men and you're like teen ABC news lives. It's not bad. Let me do it means that it can happen.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Eighty foods are on display in the museum to highlight how different cultures view different food items as disgusting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59805601","title":"The Disgusting Food Museum in Los Angeles","url":"/US/video/disgusting-food-museum-los-angeles-59805601"}