Disparities faced by black communities in wake of coronavirus

Dr. Garth Walker, emergency physician, speaks on his powerful op-ed in the Chicago Sun Times about how and why COVID-19 is affecting black people at an alarming rate.
3:52 | 04/17/20

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Transcript for Disparities faced by black communities in wake of coronavirus
And as this crisis involves the disparities in this country are becoming. Even more pronounced from the lack of access to clean water that we just heard two. The disproportionate way that this virus is claiming black lives and that's not because of the way the virus attacks the because of the circumstances and certain communities have had to endure for generations. Emergency physician doctor Garth walker wrote a powerful pop in the Chicago sun times titled. As a doctor how do I tell black family of five struck by the virus to social distance in a two bedroom apartment. Highlighting some of the hard truths of our society shortcomings doctor walker thanks so much for joining us. Or yeah. Soon doctor you start your op bed with a personal anecdote about a friend asking you. What he should do about a sick family member tell us about that in and why you found yourself at a loss. Yeah. And emergency physician when these numbers and really won't do as it is stabilize patients and he lives alone immunity challenges citizens to. The Dow to shoot loads experiences are of our patients. When we talk about our community got an American communities Chicago. There's just huge carriers and they're doing homework and so when pandemic strikes. Essentially just lift the curtain and just shows inequities in our country. So an adaptation their sons and the name and a one bedroom apartment with six people it's hard to tell the socially isolate. Yet to be pretty creative about how we do that. And when there's no resources to supplement that could be completed the British challenger. It just today the state of Illinois reported a 125 corona virus related deaths in the last 24 hours alone that's their highest death tolls since this pandemic began. Do you continue to expect of the black population will die at a higher rate than other races. Salinas met at. Yeah please you look back into history this is decades and decades it is best in decades and it is this mistrust. You now scenario community and hospital community. And new problems social and economic drivers. That into the bus social racism is are there any Arab Americans are not part concedes that. She's a burden does and then it. That's my hope is that relate to see you recognize the role that racist status to that we didn't talk to real solutions. We mention a word hope. Twice and and many of us know that hope is not a winning strategy so what do we need to do what kind of solutions can be implemented at all levels to help curb the loss of black lives. Yeah a lot of entities and into the life intention. It is going to be taking a lot on this street yeah via Damascus and most vulnerable communities. Know Chicago we just wrapped up sees this out. I'm just stop every air fields. The social services says our communities need so for example that Downey I was just discussing. If they have an elderly patient and our other elderly person in their home. Yeah you become a needs lose hours that person that they are risks. We have to be a rapid delivery of those members. And yet to be it is being strategic we want Arnold global operations need. And we're gonna make any the best thing we absent vehicles is about February's this play because we're all interconnected. We're all arsons others' lives are essential workers in and now back into the community yet to make sure that the LT TE. And only when you do this is it is an approach our own future. Doctor walker thank you so much not only for your time tonight but for your work every night on the front lines and what you're doing for this nation we appreciate you. Imagine.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Dr. Garth Walker, emergency physician, speaks on his powerful op-ed in the Chicago Sun Times about how and why COVID-19 is affecting black people at an alarming rate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70196316","title":"Disparities faced by black communities in wake of coronavirus","url":"/US/video/disparities-faced-black-communities-wake-coronavirus-70196316"}