Dog missing since 2007 reunites with her owner

Dutchess, a fox terrier who is now 14-years-old, went missing in southern Florida more than 12 years ago.
2:13 | 10/13/19

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Transcript for Dog missing since 2007 reunites with her owner
Earlier this week a Toy Fox Terrier was found underneath the shed of so woods' home here in Carnegie. The dog was taken to humane animal rescue. And that's where this story turns interest. Twelve years ago the yield of this puppy posted flyers throughout Orlando fla offer a lost Toy Fox Terrier. Named is duchess. Tuesday somewhat took doctors to humane animal rescue mad at shivering. CNN now trams she was a little dirty and just really nervous witches. Kind of normal for animals coming in ashtrays. Admissions counselor torn Fisher found a microchip and duchess and discover her owner lives in Boca Raton Florida he owner. Is Catherine strength. And yesterday she drove nineteen hours after twelve years'. Of missy and her dog touches here is very emotional re you. It. And here. They straying says twelve years ago her heart was broken as she searched every facility that took and living. And dead animals with no success in fighting dutchess. Others possibly answer color. Raccoon so whatever and I checked that every you know week for for months for month. Catherine receive the voice mail Wednesday that a dog was found after twelve years. She was beyond stunt this bullying its ranging maholm. QB at a animal rescue says this highly unlikely reunion happened because string fitted duchess with a microchip. They encourage all pet owners to do the same. Because grief and sadness over a lost pet. Can easily turn into what happy reviewing it as is the case put duchess Catherine. And what these two it's a Saudi ride back to the sunshine state a fla. Show opening Pittsburgh action news war.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Dutchess, a fox terrier who is now 14-years-old, went missing in southern Florida more than 12 years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66245617","title":"Dog missing since 2007 reunites with her owner","url":"/US/video/dog-missing-2007-reunites-owner-66245617"}