Dr. Bernice King: 'We have to find common pathways forward as a nation'

Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., reacts to the Capitol Hill riots, MLK’s legacy and where she thinks America is headed.
7:30 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for Dr. Bernice King: 'We have to find common pathways forward as a nation'
And during yesterday's impeachment proceedings members of congress on both sides of the aisle called on their colleagues to unite. Rather than fight recalling leaders from our past let's listen. We cannot turn back the clock but we can look to the ideals and principles inherited from great president. Like Washington. Mike Jefferson. Then yes certainly. Like Abraham Lincoln. And Franklin Roosevelt. And from outstanding Americans like Frederick Douglass. Harriet Tubman Susan Anthony Cesar Chavez Martin Luther King Thurgood Marshall. Our beloved. John Lewis. And yes our BG. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Who taught us a lot about equality and inclusion. It's up to us to restore the vibrancy. Madam speaker of our democracy by reaffirming. Our commitment to the norms they passed on to us and entrusted to our care. I'm asking my colleagues to remember the words. Of the legendary. The great leader in this country Dr. Martin Luther King. Who won said the time it is always right to do what is right. And we're joined now by doctor Bernice King the daughter of dark and Martin Luther King Jr. Doctor King thank you so much for joining us today you know and as we just heard lawmakers voted your father. During yesterday's impeachment proceedings and he spoke a lot about redeeming the soul of America now we have president elect Joseph Biden who ran his campaign. On fighting for the soul of the nation so what do you think your father would say. About this time in our country and what we need to do to heal. Well you not always hesitates need to comment on what my father would say. Today how waste trying to. Put it in the context of what he say. Because if we had paid attention to what he's saying I don't think we will be where we are today. I'm why McCain's he cautions us about in 1960 sevens but way to go commit caste communities that we must rapidly begin to ship. Formatting orient societal persons there's a sack. Everything in our society has become more persons and it has to be focused on the ugly if Mitt and the dignity of people. And he he he talked about it in the context of having a revolution about its. Now in the time in this nation's first and not just recited doctor king's words we've gotten began the important work. Of the learning the meaning of those words inviting him to out American life. And implementing Dan. In every day circumstances. Including. In policy. And in policy making. And if I may your for your family has done so much for this country not not just your dad that your whole family. So wonder act as if from our perspective what went through your mind has that attack on our capital was happening. You know several days of the mountain I does not where ultimately land. The first thing but hey you're not all black person in America the reality is that that the big black people. It would have been a militaristic. Encounter it may there would have been you know shooting and tear gas and then beaten and all of that kind of stuff. The second game that went to my mind he's you know this actually unfortunately. Has been Barton balance. We we had an affinity for batters and when we sell seems amounts eventually. This. Months. Inside got mad that I I've thought about restraint. Mixed. How do we set a different tone not only seven different Tenet in this country we can't just continue to cancel people wouldn't wish people out to the strains used dismissed them I'm. But we do have consequences. And I started talking about in teaching he needed president chuck needed to be impeached. Com. Because we should never have anyone and certainly not a leader of this great nation. That we have this you know in spite of. You know make America great again I still think it's great nation because. The democracy that we have and the and the promise all the things that Garnett to make us. They inclusive a country. We can't allow someone who's at the hint of the currency to insights this kind of but any camp environments. An insurrection. And so that has to be consequences but finally we're out of landed is that it. My in this legacies to continue to urge workers create the beloved community and that's what we've been talking about. Do this king holiday observance that we in right now right now and I summit that's going on as we speak. I'm people can find out about what we do and at the Kingston about award we're talking about creating this beloved community. Because we've got to learn as my boxing haven't lived together as Brothers and sisters were all diversity of thought but leave. Com Ethel and together we got a pair is just so it's so there's a lot of work to do. And the semi topless million who voted for president truck. Are still Parsons there's still a part of humanity. And we got to find a way so it's a win people would not necessarily. To think exactly like us but to find common pathways forward. Exclamation. A lot to say it like my friend I'm sick this morning that I and I about community summit she stated we could learn how to stand on grounds. In our own. Principal belief that we also have to find common ground and we do the math are seeking to understand people so we can connect with people. Because it's in that connection which change comes into estimation can't. Win went halfway in December. I told the beloved community is really about. It's it it's a beautiful message and one that the country we seem to have. Who lost lately congressman James Cliburn introduced a bill to make lift every voice and seeing an official national him. Alongside the National Anthem let let's listen for just a moment. Okay. Cliburn says that. This move would help the country heal I learned this on in high school but I didn't know its full meaning then so. Explain the significance of this song and what you think it would mean to have it as an official national him. You know it speaks to those struggled to. This is really. May America actually Jesse made equitable and peaceful society. I'm may reflects aren't that many shuttles and the pains. That people went through but the hope that they all hailed on two. And so I think it's it's it's and they have powerful song. I've always felt that we needed to change the National Anthem so I am I'm loving that this is happening. Because I think the National Anthem. Kinda highlights is more about my rights then I'm morality fear though it had allies more back militaristic side. Then he does outside of hoping and democracy. Com and compassion. And justice and equity. And so you know I thought those those after. It's doctor Bernie is king it's a pleasure and an honor thank you for your time today and thank you for your message. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:30","description":"Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., reacts to the Capitol Hill riots, MLK’s legacy and where she thinks America is headed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75259046","title":"Dr. Bernice King: 'We have to find common pathways forward as a nation'","url":"/US/video/dr-bernice-king-find-common-pathways-forward-nation-75259046"}