Dr. Henry A. Kissinger tribute to John McCain

Sen. John McCain remembered by Dr. Henry A. Kissinger.
11:59 | 09/01/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Henry A. Kissinger tribute to John McCain
Country it. As it did good fortune. And at times. Of next notre. If you create those who netted use. Every move it. Remind debts. Of letters and food unity. And inspired us. Do fluke bill. Suits to evening bad news. John McKay. Well it's none of those cute. Updates didn't. I made two done. Who the goods time. In April in 1973. And invite palace reception. Will prisoners. But it couldn't from captivity. In Vietnam. He had been Matt should my mind. During the negotiations. To end the Vietnam willow. Proudly. Until. Because it's bad. Then commander in chief of the bid to take command. When briefing the president. And Sid references to his son. But it's a known link. I had pretty good. In the McCain today me today. Net's news suited its. Well as its own but it looked. At did not know without. Who has spent two. Treatment. I thought of that but. The needs Vietnamese captives. Do it and if I don't fades of negotiations. Of what could it leads to cut. So that he could lead to end its me. Undue could Superman. That it brought me to a note. Against follow. My instant. I think can put video clip. But reputed. I'm funded but what John would stated. May be finally. Made it. It could needing it most clothes. Scented paid thing. And moving. Saying Q. Good shaping a he did that tell me then. Whatever. That he had had an opportunity Douby pretty. Used to really. But did refuse. A decision will be T Ed Bruin do. That each new periods. Of isolation. And hardship. Nor did he ever. Spiegel bids captivity again. Duty in India. Half century. Of boot print it. Shuns. Polk could slows and creating. A pitted Putin. Edges sanded. He supported that it generates no predictions from his Vietnam. Negative vote. And a bipartisan basis. In the Clinton administration. And became my note the advocate's. Of but it couldn't see the eight. Busiest it is but. I know. Most to look guns. Note. It is in the end and should move. Quoted. It is not. A big good devoted. It has no. They didn't coat. It did predicts. And in good compiled. Three of soup infants. It proved two weeks. Because. That they could isn't an ambitious. It deeply. And it pretends. What does society to its book. PR but. The necessities. Of the moment. No law makes today. And an. And nobody to. Food should. It looks faintly. Of night. 200 Kundun a medic. Divided over did visited. Divided over they will. Amidst all of the to remove and civic and its. You've idea but over debates to a do group take country. And illuminate suit communities predicted. Put it. Well. It's an idea. Judy back from the rule. And be clear that it's it's eight votes to its. A medica owed it to itself. Do embrace. Both strengths. And ideologues. In decades. Of competitiveness through this. Ultimately gives him a note due to ended up suited to its committee. John Woods and indeed that big boom. Explode and of an amenity but. Strong and but. Do vindicate. It couldn't. But John believe also. In any compassionate demanded to. Kevin play threat guided back who have been to lose. Prove it amenity and put an undated. Months of leave stent. It's liberty and tested follow. It's not an empty sentiment he you. It is typical on dates and Oakland next move countries. 22. A medic indebted. Had you need good salute. Epic ability. I do not believe it's it. It did it and added it sips. Anymore vote. In the eighties it smacked it chipped in. Well. An ace and look. Let. Except. He won Pickens to temptation. Oh please note from news. The bill met tonight in the moot he won't. Admit that lead is fit and ideals. I that. We would not d.'s suit. In this manner. John McCain's name. Became synonymous. Within a medic that they'd be stowed. To a blight that Coke closed. UB notebook. And give hope. Do the if it. Two. The never acted did make Mexicans. He woods. In different lions. Of follow these baboons. Put decency and freedom. He listening to eight bit warrior. Fighting put its code. Visit bullies. Misguided. And review may lead. Good to limit. Of defeats in the and sometimes. Mid excuse me. Even beyond. Gen. We'll talk about do. In a commencement speech. A bill I have a sitting in the new rooted. Jan send Deb. The Aveson. Of its engagement. Of and that that. No. One of us. If they have patted him. Leaves behind. They wasted. That. Like most people. Oh my aides. I feel. A lone game. Go wooded slopes. And ten that see. It Stewart. But if they have people. That's who. And cat suit nobody spoke few hours. Proved achievement. Sims seeing that it. Can and do. And didn't do lose and two that moment. Under us. And that didn't. The and in the unit. And in that we can't. At the moment in our lives. Men beat sensitive sites for attempting. To date does. Then outskirts. He would halt. In supply and it's. Led demand respect Newt's. Of the excepting that. And he. And an ace. Of vivid visions. The moon. You'd be lonely. Without making it. It's imposing. It's they'd send them medica. And he's instinctive. Sense. Both motor boat duty. None of us. Men ever put it. Eileen can end cut. Dunn has bestowed on us. A much needed moment of unity. And dated new states. Indeed let's abilities. Both embedded. And schooled. They countries. It's news. It's did.

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