Drone captures ice jams on Connecticut River

U.S. Coast Guard ice cutters have their work cut out for them to keep the waterway clear.
2:21 | 01/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drone captures ice jams on Connecticut River
Our guys thanks for joining us here on ABC Digital Life GO Benitez we are and had and Connecticut right now drones flying behind me because there in the use of an effective. A bullet will was just incredible about this is that you have all these ice jams here. On the Connecticut River and it just goes on forever and ever so let's go out and turn to that drone right now as to you can just see this here in Connecticut. Really looks much more like the Arctic and you see all those people there that's what we've been seeing a lot of people have been coming out here and sort of taking picture is getting those in Seagram pictures already because it's it's really a site that people. Just have not seen here. In Connecticut let's take that drone up higher. Because what you can see right now is the Connecticut River is this goes on for miles and miles obviously the Connecticut River but the ice also. Goes on for miles and miles in fact it goes on for about six miles into another town and that's just so incredible. We spoke just a lifelong residents here and they just said. You know what GO we've never seen anything like this and and that's with incredible because anybody who sees these pictures they say wait a minute. That is not Connecticut. That's the Arctic no no this is actually Connecticut. And an ice great breakers these ice. Cutter is they've been coming out here the Coast Guard has been sending them out. Hoping to cut through this slice. You can see you can probably see with the drone that there's a little bit of that low starting here just at the very entrance of this ice jam. A but that's as far as they've been able to go and I'm telling you just all of that that took all day long to do. And they still have not been able to get that much further because these ice cutters are having a real. Problem getting through all of the sites in fact some of them have been getting stuck out here and they've had to send out these ice cutters from new York and just other states. To try to help out so. There's no telling when this problem is going to be fixed here. But when you see this ice you worry about these temperatures that are dropping today in fact starting right now they are dropping so very soon. We're gonna have temperatures going into the below zero range that build that below zero below freezing rate does it say which is just as concerning because. You're talking about the potential for re free so. That's the problem and though we're gonna stay out here and see when this problem is going to be fixed right begs for joining us here on ABC digital line GO beneath as to duties.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"U.S. Coast Guard ice cutters have their work cut out for them to keep the waterway clear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52576884","title":"Drone captures ice jams on Connecticut River","url":"/US/video/drone-captures-ice-jams-connecticut-river-52576884"}