Easy Meals To Make At Home: Chicken Cacciatore

ABC News' Sara Haines joins Joel Gamoran Senior Resident Chef at Sur La Table for a delicious recipe and some helpful tips!
10:09 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for Easy Meals To Make At Home: Chicken Cacciatore
To hear everywhere stick to your everywhere exactly so this is shifting cacciatore from mr. people on the effort. And what makes history Soviet. And sometimes when it healthy or easy. Very definitive tool this time this pressure have you ever used it. No what I have one also being registry yet so with the slow cooker pressure they are in it. So what. It. One. You can saute and and a big rooms. I challenge you going Portugal is very trite each one of those. I want to tell me a recipe in each of those category guns and copy. It's a Hong that we grounds and chickens just dies okay. An alleged attracting new Yuba ideal. Place. A these problems yes I price Obama when he lost so what you think you for a I heeding noticed something comes up in its in my high exactly little gas comes up in from an as well if you take a wet napkin. Little. Put this in your mouth with those ridiculous shot up. That's who I eaten it yet that the death. It will kind of float towards us now though when it what you do watch my diet like a flight being effective in the back and hit and slide. When I get half way. And then it hit this over. That a little bit of an attack was what Clinton are on this the kind of process that. Yet. You felt after telling it. I'm ruling now now he gets a little weird here and now over. And that. Though it is and I. No act simply does is working paper hanging around. Now if united in the paper we beef onion goggles the enemies. Goggles looked particularly volatile ridiculous that's right. Though it happened look at this article awkward that last part or about it and it raised rates. The so we should in theory. It. Occidental. Yes. So. We were on the chicken and yeah I am a left to update its all there. Misha. So though that every. It's all the things of that paper and so we check in India and I always used and I tell. Oh. Regular cycle it. And and it. Yes he now the guys are trying to exit at that he and that she. But that proves it that we had a little bit anything on auto repair and I was fine until now and everything. Went through Hampshire you have to be. We cranks. That in and out OK it into the fairway from the gotten it all that you taking heat for the tunnel so this school I don't have one. It went well. So easily we've been talking. But there. Which is the new part in London early on ignore it. Buddies come home which is often and guard. It was quick there relationship and that they'll think that's hot onions are weird but partly it's it's not okay. So. What. It would seal the deal ultimately. It but it of these. And ruled. That. And the paper. And it. And you know this. I think your kitchen so many under a lot of summit this garlic and and point OK levels. You yet. Yet known and I feel that a strong and so you know all of it all. Shaking hands and get. Disease but what are your paper. I like everything at you yes forty papers you can use all of that you want any small goat that. Absolutely yes he I love all of that might look into an. Them via. You the do I I have a blast your I had. The slaves. Oh. So this is like come hell or literally we need to meet Billick it's me a soft in the last Bernardin literally taking directly the Jews from. It oh. OK a him. School and actually wrinkles and Mars. But that's OK so last laugh at a Rose Bowl between the to a much yes. You like the settlement. With the needs and devote to me human. C'mon. Yeah that they'll live at totally. I love gadgets from an official five. Definitely a lot easier. Awesome because that's counties this is a perfect right to respect. The rough palace themselves. Now this the part that I. This machine. Separates from the but it just can it ignore it. Wait that to me sounds great and yet so it is if that. There sentinel launch no equivalent in locket that I. And yet adequate and and then you can kind of fun to tend the wounded added. But the fiscal pressure what that meant what I screwed and yes make sure that. Go aired it. OK we know it if its welcomes. The news. Making it matter if it's all Steve. Why there's pressure. But acts so that's like a pressure I am okay of this faster whipped up to anything that home a long time with the forest yeah. And it is this will say you can almost pressure put anything that he's normally leaves it is not exist before the purchase of Oslo that. All right accents yes. But they now how Long Will Tate. Straight here it's. Easy to cut from. That's it you know our creed right now is life. So this is what pressure. It's that it is too that you could that was pool and a commitment with the what us. Just hate you. Know we just. Are you see that. Are there based it. They just melted about. And so what it is that. The texture of that due to the pressure but he I think it would get that effort after looking analysts say it is it's not the only way yes. Faster. Than this to me its pension or chicken cacciatore. Macular. Soothing you just did the pot we need your process it's only take twenty minutes in the pressure Croker. You put that stuff in and you just with your cost pleaded and you. Went. Oh it's. Getting hot and I know your local art. I would love yes absolutely so high. Heels. Users with three very easy tools one you let you lost a Titus and gadget that I did not count that I wanted one. It's. Yet surprisingly and ultimately though the since there. Sorry but. No but I loved it for someone in ten needed high. Again not in the kitchen one of the things the first thing I do they get overwhelmed by how. You pretty much programs and she cheated it's like cliff notes it. Was. Right and that for me. Just takes away some infinity. To. Picture it's that the media greater U but it. May well if the bat in the water interests in. It's mine mine being. There so we can do that again in the future one with dual meet bag. Rural Iowa means there's so IO its. That's been having in mind blowing to meet them the things they didn't know or crazy yes. Double thinking of it again and you know with me easy and simple so from the dishes to the execution with the tools. He passed the test it. And now we eat we ought to do. Still a big thank you they Naira weenie bottom line eliciting Alan Miller. Will be there so what we definitely need act yankees collapse.

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{"id":36431514,"title":"Easy Meals To Make At Home: Chicken Cacciatore","duration":"10:09","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines joins Joel Gamoran Senior Resident Chef at Sur La Table for a delicious recipe and some helpful tips!","url":"/US/video/easy-meals-make-home-chicken-cacciatore-36431514","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}