Effects of Sleep Deprivation, Kesha's Record Contract, and Remembering Harper Lee

ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets up to speed on the latest stories in the ABC newsroom.
5:51 | 02/19/16

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Transcript for Effects of Sleep Deprivation, Kesha's Record Contract, and Remembering Harper Lee
Hey everybody on the Nevada in New York here he is your afternoon edition of up to speed for bring you all the stories you need to know bringing it up to be on whatever you need to now. On some of the top stories are working on right now as many you may have heard literary giant has this morning harper leak. Die and we had ABC's Keith Bailey here with us she's been covering the story. For ABC news Megan he didn't vet Harry on the great so let me know what every doing anything to get up to be passing car. Shore so we learned this morning that Harper Lee had died peacefully last night Russo. It I mean frankly she was 89 your soul and mostly her health was good but not yet I mean with old age comes. Sure it's natural causes so it was too much to present too much of a surprise she did. Obviously band actively staying out of the limelight and had I mean her second and her second and final book was published in 2015. But she's obviously best known referred To Kill a Mockingbird and Lehman succeeds and is a classic of every elementary school middle school. Across the country. That's true. People can read the story that news eight updating as we get him reaction or information exactly. Reporting for us. So again a literary giant has left us and that story. Is available. On line and we can go to another story to tell you guys here's what you need to get up to speed on the latest study from the seat about sleep deprivation I know a lot of people out here me about this one. Any BC's Dan Childs from the medical unit joins us now live to tell us a little bit about that he that we. You know we want to knew about this well it's something so obvious already kind of inherently note that about one in three of us doesn't actually dead. And obsolete now what's enough sleep well the CDC defines this as Stefano where. And seven hours imports hours or more now that's like pipe dream for most accurate getting an. But on what what researchers found is that either actually difference is state by state. With regard to how many people actually get this and honestly. So it's it's really instinct to want to cook reports your state ranks from Hawaii apparently they're the mostly with state they have the lowest number of people. We're getting that seven hours and South Dakota it's actually. To the best for what it really says yes most people. There tend to get odd to seven hours at least and they're also a lot of other actors on Mary. For example or less tend to get more. Surprisingly clinic and venture here having children but it slipped well dates yet there's there's definitely an effect there that we see an end. Com eight you know being employed is it is another when intensity get a little bit more sweet that way but really what we're looking at here is a very comprehensive study. That essentially shows us all all of us I guess that we should be getting a little bit more sweet than we actually view nine this can have some really serious health effects if you are sleep deprived Lori long period. That is exactly what we need to know on this Friday afternoon as we head into evening Allegheny and lastly but people wanna know more about this. We covered it on GMA this morning ranked yes we then you can go online you can expect Clinton at abcnews.com and you that's have been covering this as more available online as well. Oh yeah absolutely we we are all about sleep deprivation obviously very important. An important topic that we can all relate few directly. That he's thinking all right that that you need to go look up. Your state and see how much eat your. Eight people aren't getting our last story up to speed illegal. Check in other entertainment Porter joined Kareem McKenzie hello my dear I. Keep telling you been busy today. Otto is flooding but in under its credit that are it's tell me and everyone watching what we need to know about the latest news on cash. Writes no judges yes it was an emotional or catching art. She's crying openly when a judge decided that she can't get her contact with things and so basically her producer. He's me so many. The judged. Exactly kind of rule and when it did it. Accidentally. Actually doing to get out of her contract with writing actually judge ruled today as you are stretched quickly and I'm sorry now. And big and pretty much the judge decided to will this be because doctors could claim that he didn't sixty million dollars to cast as an air as the producers. See beverage industries. Pretty much written Oliver. I mean he's the guy behind the hit animal and cash cost surfing and also he's really involved in her invested millions of dollars. And basically he's that she recorded with and doesn't have to be immigrant. Among the judge heard that you know why this claim I just can't support this practicing hunting with me and now she's just to produce six more albums. So is there under current contract with a long road for cash and I think. At Sony she's claimed that in her lawsuit that he sexually and emotionally and physically abused and so. I can understand her instant line is there for ray announced she stuck. It's obviously that we're gonna hear even more at. A contract for cash but if I'm short. Thanks and security later Brett doesn't think those are some of the top stories we're working on here at ABC news you are now up to the drummer for more you can always go online abcnews.com. Check out some of those stories and a check of the chipmaker raised from this morning more on other stories you and stay with us here at the line stream bringing more apt to speed. And then Anthony's story they happen so for now revealing here in New York I'm on the that I.

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{"id":37064688,"title":"Effects of Sleep Deprivation, Kesha's Record Contract, and Remembering Harper Lee","duration":"5:51","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets up to speed on the latest stories in the ABC newsroom.","url":"/US/video/effects-sleep-deprivation-keshas-record-contract-remembering-harper-37064688","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}