El Chapo sentenced to life in prison

ABC News goes one-on-one with Raymond Donovan, special agent in charge, New York Field Division Drug Enforcement Administration.
4:44 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for El Chapo sentenced to life in prison
This is ABC's Aaron contreras tea at the DEA office here in New York. The drug lord known as Al chop O has now been sentenced capping a decades long effort. To bring him to justice so we came here to the DEA to talk to the man who captured him. Raymond Donovan. Was there any sentence that could've been two stiffs relative did this was it this is a man that. Cause. And still guts right because the organization. Was established by him and built up by him in many of the issues that we face today we're really driven by head so they wouldn't be as a sentence that's stiff. To be honest with you I'm just glad it's over it's been a long time coming can you go back to the moment. Because I like the story about. When he was captured and how he was captured and because he was built up to this mythic untouchable figure. End up that's right so so before we actually captured him in in 2014. I don't think anyone really including myself I don't think anyone really believe that we had a chance to Google get him here and think you're gonna country. We initially. From the first capture we have very enthusiastically me put it way we had a lot of hope. And it and it can we put all of our efforts in towards going after him. But we weren't a 100% we just you just don't know if you're gonna capture someone as powerful as belch out. In his home territory. Right. And by the time he escaped. He started feeling a lot better about it we knew we learn so much more information about his organization. He felt that we weren't gonna leave out there and so the second. Capture. Was a lot easier to yards and he was truly cut is untouchable person. We heard about him we had all the stories about and certainly our investigations. And directed towards him. But we didn't really believed dead we could do it into Cole we put all the agencies together once we put all the agencies together to collaborate. And as United States and Mexico that was a game changer we decided to share information to pursue him. They won't wasn't only yields coupled with the other heads of these that'll cartel which Koppel was the premiere dominant figure for the solo cartel. We heard a lot of others were that the specific murders and and and alike but. But he has wreaked Havoc on the United States through what he was pedal absolutely when you think about it Sinaloa Cartel and couples role in the cartel. He what is really the innovator in. How to smuggle. Large amounts of drugs into our country whether it was through tunnels moved through the ports of entries. He was really mastermind in doing that we look at teen drug markets that are in the United States today. The air predominantly run by or connected to the civil cartel basically because of his. The innovations or his creations of of really pushing nobody's drugs from South America Central America Mexico and then with the final destination of the US. It was it was chapel that the lead on that. And why doesn't that stopped and went with chapel behind bars. Hope because the if you think about it now with years and years of having these different methods to smuggle drugs and and in the end and from working through how you can do better job and trucks have also changed two and also if you think about just technology has enhanced. Palm criminals. And is giving them. The opportunity to stay anonymous it is there a memory of him. That sticks with the U when he arrived here in Long Island. They and he was extradited here to the United States I think that really is. Says it all right here's a man who is so powerful controlled. States throughout Mexico now he's in the United States due to face justice I remember seeing him where he. Felt like we felt when he escaped. When he escaped from a deflated and and now it happened to him when he arrived in the United States. No longer in control. Men now he had to face US. Judicial system you can see it and decides that he's peering out. The window of the plane yes exactly that that's what it is it's so it's kind of like you know so far Coulter for him. Lost control. No longer has the same resources. To support that he has in Mexico and and not knowing what's in front of them. C ever gonna escape from American customs and no way. Not a chance. Raymond Donovan stay ahead of the DEA's New York field office on Aaron Kanter ski. You're watching ABC news law.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"ABC News goes one-on-one with Raymond Donovan, special agent in charge, New York Field Division Drug Enforcement Administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64406684","title":"El Chapo sentenced to life in prison ","url":"/US/video/el-chapo-sentenced-life-prison-64406684"}