Fatal crane collapse in Texas

One person is dead and five are injured after a crane collapsed onto a Dallas apartment building.
3:28 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for Fatal crane collapse in Texas
A right we begin with that deadly crane collapse on a Dallas apartment building in a parking garage. On sun day pretty horrifying to see these images it killed. One person and injured five others I wanna go to clean sand L. Who is alive on the ground in Dallas and Clayton I just we just need to know how in the world that this happened. Yeah it's it's really hard to believe Kimberly let me just show you this scene here a little bit so poorly deepened alum neighborhood Houston if you're familiar I'm sorry of Dallas if you're familiar with Dallas it's on the east side of Dallas. And what they're doing here this is a building that is under construction right behind me here and you can see this twisted piece of the crane. Right here that's the base of the crane that was helping construct. This building and yesterday you would never know it from the weather today it's gorgeous here today but they front moves through here yesterday. Cloudy. Thunderstorms. And winds up to 71 miles per hour came blasting through here. There was a woman who's actually recording. Some of this storm from her balcony. Some distance away and she actually caught video of this crane. Falling down solidly kind of explain what you're looking at here as I said this is the base of the brain this is where was that it fell. This direction bond to this five story complex here and just kind of sliced through parts of it like butter now. Most of the crane you can't see from this vantage point it's actually. Most of it is a bond that the other side from where we are at this complex actually stretches about a city block here and there are for government more than 415. Individual units in this building it came crashing down. On sued the parking garage which is up at the top. We saw pictures of just piles of cars. On top of each other and they said that. Every level of this five story parking garage. Came crashing down at N at least some sections. When the crane came down. It not only cannot on the parking garage but also came down on the apartments here. And that is when person was killed we just found out from Dallas officials. That the woman who was killed was a 29 year old who lived here there were five other people injured. So this morning. You can see police still have this area completely blocked off it's not a safe seen this is about as. Close as we can get to it which is fine. But what we have seen within the last half an hour so as they are now letting. Residents come back here to get some of their stuff from the areas that are safe enough to and are we saw a guy come out of this apartment this ground level apartment here just a little while ago. He had. It looked like. Rifle cases he had his baby bassinet all sorts of things that I asked him he didn't want to talk to us on camera some what did you what did you come to take out he said. I just came to get everything that my wife told made it to graph so. People are able to come in and at least get some of their stuff but. There are going to be areas of the building that are just still too dangerous now. The investigation continues into exactly what happened here obviously. Officials say the wind was a factor. The company involved is a Crane Co. at a California they say there. Devastated by this and they are working with authorities to figure out exactly what happened. All right Kimberly thank you claim in lots of damage pretty devastating near thank you for the updates.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"One person is dead and five are injured after a crane collapsed onto a Dallas apartment building.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63609586","title":"Fatal crane collapse in Texas","url":"/US/video/fatal-crane-collapse-texas-63609586"}