This is The Scene In Ferguson The Day After The Riots

Gloria Riviera is on the streets in Ferguson a day after the grand jury decision were residents are helping rebuild.
8:32 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for This is The Scene In Ferguson The Day After The Riots
Afternoon I'm Gloria Riviera I'm here in Kyrgyzstan and we parents south floors and street we're just down from. The police department in focusing which was the site of so much protest last evening and into the early hours of this morning he's seen those images. And cars on fire of buildings on fire. But this morning and now this afternoon we're seeing sending very different what we're seeing is a community coming together. A community. People across all neighborhoods from towns outside focusing coming here to do it they can't it's really a voluntary act very. From the ground up to start rebuilding of Ferguson right away and behind me you see something which is very typical youth in these buildings and you see those. Boarded up window is now that's because every single window was smashed out last night but early this morning as soon as the sun was that. There was a small group of people here. Volunteers to try to repair this restaurant and writing do their part to get organs in back on its eatery the name of to speak to a few of the people here and left for you. Just need that right now George can we talk TO he take a break from your work. Come on over here. This is Georgia Rita Keyes a Ferguson. Were having lived here in Ferguson eight years about eight years Sid tell me last night where were you. You're at home he advocates say. Those most important thing in the B. It was this case it was cats. If you're watching on television. Targeting how far is your home from the area I mean when he saw off maybe two books two blocks. Blockade. 800 no Ecuadoran army out wouldn't concern of anybody doing anything games in my house or anything like that. More concerned with my son Stanley just make surety which. Did you feel safe I know there's been a huge increase in the amount of police here is in your town when. Did you feel they were doing enough to keep residents safe. The B dean what they could do given sorts fitness are given the certain things that mean they can't be everywhere you. As people we can't figure front in the sense that he believes he's always been yet you know you know because you've seen the use of. George you live to live this situation and Michael brown and officer Wilson. And sitting for so many months now and how much would you say pac has it hit at the forefront has been as Ferguson didn't really defines. By the anticipation never ever results for the last month its. Has been at the four corners and everyone talking in that. It's always been. Noticed is that you can caught in the notices lot of emotion. But you have to take. Get back from your news. Look at what's really. No we'll keep you. Do because the media here now. Part of from the you know you can afford to salute your. Where you have been part of the solution since early this morning tell me what happened did you get called did he drive buying anything this place how good evening I'm here with the actually a. Actually what's more. I or borrowed VW local and he and the emotions is dead Kodak didn't concede that no one would ever last night knowing that. That campus and in. It was just over what it was in the market are couldn't focus on that. This is. Well I knew I need you here. This money can finally came here really only one out here ready to help you don't know it was it was. People here don't you mean. This is this furnace. This first. What does that mean to people who don't know Ferguson who maybe only Neil Ferguson since August. All of this year what it means you. To be able. If the community that. You I mean it's like when Torre. There it. Stewart. There's been a lot of talk about people from out of town who have come here. To voice their anger at the decision. Have you seen hadn't seen a lot of groups from. We need the majority of the people who calls Davis last night are here they do Netflix they're not located in the Alice loans made it. He will live in a burgers and they care about the community you know we don't destroy our team. That the explosives. You know crew of the current you know for most in the indicate this was amongst everyone and that exceed any took. Tune you know yeah. Do whatever you. It was after a split you know. You get back down we'll get right back. What was that feeling your home last night as residents president. When they win and he he announced it was me I think Terry what what was said here. Anyway you know I'm yeah. To him back. Nothing was it was able to be done and nothing was able he found about the case which you know we got that the process they think it's cool. What can you do. I think she's making you feel you can only control yourself you can you know worry about everybody. Do what you can do and I think the most important thing is to secure it for sure he. More constructively and that's it isn't what you told your kids how bad off. About seventeen year old wounds. That in the. So you tell the young man here seventeen. Can't say yet if seventeen year. Michael Brown away day theme what did you say about this big news bigoted. Pits it was going. It's in the film. There's. They knows both the media. You come together as a community do some crazy New York City to. Get together for something that makes no sense when he comes as something. If you need me to feel good about safe and you say yeah in Ferguson mark. Not been blown George thank you so much that I Davidson appreciate and thank you sound. So you just heard now from Joseph draining he's just want to and a dozen guys here. Who have come together I saw someone handing out sandwiches. Another car pulled that it looked like a soccer Miller and drinking water to make sure the people here who are getting Ferguson back on their feet have. What they need of course there's been Sydney today with the announcement from that the ground Sam -- that press conference and their attorneys speaking about half. I'll shut. No charges against officer Wilson. This city and we are preparing for either sacking nights there will still be a continued police presence on the streets here. I in fact some of the buildings still smoldering. But for now where I stand on South Florida since street just down from the police. With putting things back together.

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{"duration":"8:32","description":"Gloria Riviera is on the streets in Ferguson a day after the grand jury decision were residents are helping rebuild.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27178208","title":"This is The Scene In Ferguson The Day After The Riots","url":"/US/video/ferguson-grand-jury-decision-protests-aftermath-day-riots-27178208"}