Ferguson Officials and Business Leaders Plead for Peace

Mayor James Knowles asks for governor to send in National Guard.
21:23 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Ferguson Officials and Business Leaders Plead for Peace
Ferguson Missouri today recovering from the violent protests from last night businesses looted and burned to the ground after police crackdown on protesters. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York City officials asking for cop. And this morning at peaceful protest by community leaders in Ferguson a much smaller rally. After yesterday's large scale unrest. Today's protest again in stark contrast to these images we saw last night scenes of destruction and chaos looting and violence. All leaders asking for comments we had closer to Thanksgiving holiday and tighten effort is in mayor James Reynolds is holding a press conference let's listen. I would like to make this statement perfectly clear. We would like to thank the many police officers. Firefighters. And Missouri Highway Patrol troopers. Are putting themselves in harm's way to protect our citizens. And our businesses. Unfortunately him. As unrest broom. And for their assistance was needed the National Guard was not deployed enough time to save all our businesses. The decision to delay the deployment of the National Guard is deeply concerning. We are asking the governor and make available and deploy all necessary resources to prevent a further destruction. A property. And the preservation of life and city affairs. Manila residents of this time are cleaning businesses and wondering what happens tonight. I want to convey to business owners and residents are Ferguson the we will continue to work with the National Guard and local authorities. I'm who wore hard to build a more diverse and stronger community. I'd ask to join into the press conference today several clergy members and business owners. You will now hear from each of them briefly. Good afternoon advantages that the intently. Once hurt outreach ministry. Also. Ministry that's located in Ferguson I stand here with mostly. Clergy. That is continuing to do what we've been doing all along. As I drove to our community this morning. I called all the clergy that had been trying since this event together. Regardless of race color creed. Our religion we came together over 800 pastors and people of faith believing that the one answer. That will turn this situation around its prayer. We're here today to pray for this city to pray for our nation to pay part of the residents the business owners whatever the solution. Is around this issue. None of it will be resolved by violence and what we've seen in our community tonight. We're crying out to all of you all our peace and for healing whipped us this is not the answer to continue to destroy us. I'm also going to introduce another of my colleagues. That also pastors in it per cent bishop Calvin Scott a believers temple. We're fellowship church. The BC first and foremost as I've watched any of rapidly in our community. That's 1:2 o'clock in the morning hearts grieved. The destruction. Decided that calling as colors past year. My heart goes out to the community at large because his community. Young people's and that effective prison working with school district often news young children with emotional side of days it did traumatize. It's that had community and I believe he's going to take me. Could concerted effort all of us working together. Are lawless is duels. Arcade you'll gain appealed to be helpful in the days of rioting that's a different way to have a conflict. I appeal to government law enforcement. The clergy. The community at large we together can make a difference in this listing today we believe the power of prayer. Is it intricate part process also is thus gaining. On the ground zero mobilizing efforts energies finances. Our thoughts our process bring together a solution that this problem systemic and frankly. It's not won't go away without us working together as a team upgraded as we pray today. Ultimately the power of god called the pregnant us. Yeah. My next in the woods. Passed for free will Baptist church and city of Saint Louis also. Risked the in Ferguson. Have been on the streets since day one. Back in August. Up to supply needs we have done as much as we possibly can this force feeding community is playing our community. I want to say. As one who was on the streets on last night. I know that we have distorted. Image of some of the things that took place. First off we do not condone violence that took place we have not supportive. But anybody next it took place those people who were hurt people's business admirals buildings that were burned down. We want to stand in solidarity and say we condemn those acts. We can do handles things that would. We low so people coming acts we can do you know the people we love. Candles people who are out on the streets on last night. They were out with the message those people who are out. Try to exercise the constitutional rights and their god given rights to speak their mind we support them. We want to make sure that is understood by everybody. That. We Ian Ferguson. Or any people who simply want to see the best for our community. We're here because we want our community and truly experience the greatness in the full wishing all of those things. That have been promised us an up and see it before that we can be we believe the potential and the possibility. Of all of those young people would Corliss to how they express themselves. We believe that they are capable of rise in the book any violence and being those productive citizens that we know they can't we support them. And being they can't be. Want to make sure that we stand with our government. Men with these other clergy and let them know. That we are all in this together. All on the same sat we want to let our police officers also know that will harm the same side were not fighting each other. We're fighting for it calls together. This thing. That afternoon everybody. After her slow lights. Thank following saving the environment you know. Four. Being sold list says it's time to this. Some beach tell him apparently. And I believe that I speak for myself and my fellow business honors in the community. Beds weed or. Definitely Saturday. Battle it has half. I drove down the street. Before I came here at me and then I was in tears. It really really listening yes. And I'm so thankful several cars and I'm. Thankful to everyone here and who is out there who was praying for us as a community. In this business owners. Praying for people Peary and I volleys of its holiday church. In the Bible throughout the night but they love conference. So my prayer is that I'm noting that I think control room. A prank ads. For these next days weeks what ever happened you. Today we as a people would continue to pray that we leave out of control of this. That everyone is protecting. Our rights our words that think that we have to say that we can move positively. In love. Tunnel that. Good afternoon my name is Helen Douglas Taylor and I am a resident. Ferguson. I am also an educator in gaining and Andy Ferguson floors and I really want to appeal to parents. That we have to understand the awesome responsibility. Upgrading our children. And consequences. Of actions. And that one's mom and bell it seems mom affects all mini. But this isn't that in that we can get you through this. But we all have to look in the mirror. Each and every one of them and taken that examination. Of everything that we do and that police say. And that is about human lives. Not black white purple or pulpit. It is about God's love. Want to another. And I just feel blessed and fortunate. As I was just going about my day day for some reason got tells me. Even in my sinful nature. To stand here and had just left forearm. To say. Let's take an examination. Of our sounds. Because once we examine ourselves that stop pointing the fingers elsewhere. I believe change can happen with the grace of god thank you. My name is ballot in jail some 36 year resident up Ferguson Missouri. I served on the human rights commission up Ferguson. It does not yet hear what Ferguson can't be what we all work together. We have been holding courageous conversations. Every week we have one Ferguson. That focus on children come hours and community. We have Ferguson together what we can't hold the courageous conversations. And we invite people to come out and discuss what ever bothers you because we want it should come to the forefront. And all the way we can inhale is that everyone bring their problems to the forefront. They last night was not a good night for me and no one else in our present my heart bleeds for my. City. And I know that when we work together. S human beings and resolve our differences. Then we can only go fall thank you. The blue that. Now I'm going to courageously invite everyone. That believes in the power of prayer in this grown. In this nation and a process where they can hear armed police to let's do the one thing together that we believe we know what we don't. Agree arm but there's a lot of us that but doesn't believe in the power of prayer so now asking to pray with me about your head and back. Some of the prayer. To our only life. God our father and our god we burst praise you for your goodness to our city and our nation. Given enough black things far beyond what we deserve it. Yet we know well all. Right with us. We did you don't walk and a spiritual renewal to help us meet the many challenges we now things cup often turn to you and repentance and faith. Set up the path of righteousness. And deputies. Replay tonight our nation's leader. Leaders and our city leaders. Have come to know what is right. And the courage to do you have an of the nation cools. Todd is civil war. May yeah yeah. A ball and defend. America has the thousand acknowledge you alone. Yeah the lord you and honor the one where the authority. The Apollo. We owe the tax situation. Solves. You're all bars. And restaurants. Are fit. They shed. Your care and let's wait up our. Give you name. The bush worried that Connor and the Braves. For doing that. A man. Yeah. She. Prior my Laurie. Dire we were. The hard hit show. That was stated we are police chief working with the unified command so when the preparations were made for the city in the region. Our police chief was involved in some of those conversations though it was not the decision maker. Most conversations and that's that request was express. And others as early on this process. But. Is this city going to be reaching out to a lot of these businesses some of these are small mom and pop businesses others are change. I had a lot of people worried about what's left along west force and what's going to be done. To try to attract some of these businesses to come back to Ferguson and to convince them that it's safe for them to rebuild there. Some of the local chambers of commerce and some of the other local economic development organizations have already started that process. As early as this morning. We've already been in that process since August. I considering that this is some of these businesses and businesses have done it twice. So that conversation has continued has been going on since August and we'll continue we are absolutely. A dedicated to making sure that. Businesses especially on mom and pops especially those. Who invested their life. And the livelihoods into those businesses that don't have an opportunity come back we will welcome them back and hope that they were done maintain their their businesses here in person. He's the. State of this in Missouri took control through an emergency declaration from the governor. The B assets that were deployed here were under control from the unified command it was not. A decision made by myself nor decision by city manager or police chief on our chain of command so. As much as I would like to go to make that call was not my whole mind. Last night we we reached out both of the unified command and through political channels to make that known that we needed new assets. More assets available immediately. For deployment in the city a person to protect. Our businesses and our neighborhoods. It. No decision has been made it is unemployment status has not changed in remains on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. That's a personnel matter obviously is not up for discussion. I don't know that's history does the governor that I would hope. That's. An elected official. In the city Missouri wouldn't be that petty. I've heard those rumors. While most. Yes performers but. And to learn a lot of you guys as wells and entered. Here. Oh yeah. I don't have any Intel right now that would tell us what exactly as planned this evening by any organized groups. I think not last night I think we saw a lot of unorganized. Groups operating. I don't know that how we can I know necessarily what some of those on organized efforts may be but again we must be prepared ahead of time. We must prepare for the absolute worst that's something we've talked about for several several weeks actually months. To hope for the best work for the best but to prepare for the worst. Unfortunately I don't we work. A. He. I'm not aware of any other name. Tend to make an agreement that has not been successful anyway and having to talk to about what he had done what he supposedly wants that's not something that's been conveyed to us. I. Dean. I don't know that. It's necessarily a good idea that it is something that we. Waiting for the announcement last night I was wondering with the wisdom of the law process was behind waiting until that hour. I don't know that would have been any better. I think ultimately those who wish to create. Disruption or bent on doing that. The gunfire reports that I've been given was were sporadic I don't know any. Anyone who has injured. As far as the number of businesses burned that's still being taken into account they're still counting. That those numbers are coming in from from mall in Dallas forcing austerity solve or some road as well. Multiple jurisdictions we're still compiling that information. Yeah I don't I don't know what the other plans are to allow people into the area is yet to I want to go along with wasn't right. I know that that's because I think still hazard to allow media nears some of the remains of some of those buildings. That's going to be a law enforcement call. It. Did you find. You've been watching a news conference with the mayor how. The city of Ferguson as well as some church and community leaders. Speaking about the need for solidarity and peace in their city. And of course it was on to meet year subjects about what the city will do about the damage and the status. Police officer Darren Wilson the mayor confirming that he remains. On administrative leave until. An internal investigation is completed no word on when that investigation would be completed. You keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates on the go for now on tire Hernandez in New York.

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