Ferguson Store Owners Upset Over Looting

Police and protesters clash again overnight after name of officer who police say killed Michael Brown released.
2:02 | 08/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ferguson Store Owners Upset Over Looting
Hey good morning I'm Dan Harris and this is an ABC news digital special reports store owners and Ferguson Missouri. Are spending this morning cleaning up after a violent night -- number of businesses finding their property trash. And much of it stolen video overnight says looters running from a convenience store this -- the same spot the police say Michael Brown. Rob the moments before he was shot and killed by an officer the store ransacked -- all sorts of items littering the ground as you can see. This Friday night flare up comes after what had been 24 hours a relative calm but then a rush of emotion yesterday with the locals and calling the release of videotape. -- brown in the convenience store an attempt to smear the victim. And ABC's Alex Perez is on the ground in -- and -- -- today authorities keeping a close -- and any demonstration. Overnight tensions boiling over as many as 200 people going head to head with police. -- protesters blocking streets and throwing bottles and even more -- police trying to get things under control. Working in armored vehicles and carrying military style rifles even firing tear gas in some cases. -- all of this coming hours after authorities revealed the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown officer Darren Wilson. -- six year veteran of the force who did not have any prior disciplinary incidents on his record. Now those protesters are expected back out here today of course authorities keeping tabs on all of this and the community here asking those demonstrators. Remained call -- Still tense situation Alex thank you and be sure to stay tuned to abcnews.com. Throughout the day for all the latest updates on this story on full wrap up coming up on world. World news rather and we want to thank you for watching this ABC news -- special report. I'm Dan Harris have a great day.

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{"id":25007892,"title":"Ferguson Store Owners Upset Over Looting","duration":"2:02","description":"Police and protesters clash again overnight after name of officer who police say killed Michael Brown released. ","url":"/US/video/ferguson-store-owners-upset-looting-25007892","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}