Flood waters in North Carolina still wreaking havoc

Flooding leaves North Carolina residents seeking food and water.
4:52 | 09/19/18

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Transcript for Flood waters in North Carolina still wreaking havoc
I let's head over north Carolinas and as what we've been talking about we've got Eva pilgrimage as you know has been covering this storm. He I want to read you some numbers north Carolina's governor saying that 2600. People have been rescued 300 animals have been rescued. But I wonder what about the few folks who were still in their homes what are they being told. Let me tell them at their faith. Erie. ST it's it's been coming. Up. Lori Geary and at Ares still some water in it. The water hasn't completely resigning his seat and yet it is Aaron. This isn't wrote this is in Fayetteville this water is because. You river which crested just recently had in this water near this gas. We've been told it's one sewage that can get and it took up a little edge. Tasty fish swimming around all those little little blips that you're seeing in the lighter than its. Oh me. And this is a lot of what trump we'll see today as he tour is the state of North Carolina and the storm that is water in place patties didn't mean to remember. This storm dumped more than each recently in lint and water. Honesty and North Carolina just like that. I'm Virginia happiness honesty and it didn't haul over the East Coast. And along. I'm. Governor going. We have not. Stately knows it's really hard and we all know it's really hard because you're dying to see what is happening your property so anything. Their house is OK and underwater in their house they begin at the recovery process but these roads are not safe thank you throw a lot of these roads you. They are in fact very treacherous in the birds. Where that money and and it's still existing. Some pieces of room just bought it some of them still public might watered trees down. And we found ourselves having a hard time getting out we initially and they get packed it in the last thing our hotel rooms. Because we are too revealing get out of the area everywhere we turn there was another route. That's a lot of lighting and are asking people if you can just state them for a little bit longer and making it the roads clear. The Wired News recedes and it it'll be much safer for people to start returning into. You hang in there thousands of people still in shelters and they at least being given a timeline a sense of how long this is all going to take before they can. Go Coleman's seat their home is still even there. Will some areas have started to return that is so the bottom line according to an rights Philippines yesterday at that was opened back up rates will be back up. So long lines going into those areas but for the other people who are waiting in the waiting a lot to go way. And that just takes time. I mean that isn't that the that you can give a hard time stamp on like this is going to be better that water's going to be down he went back. Legitimate yesterday's Wednesday in Wilmington and his house is still under while others I feet of water in the rivers and worked as housing. Duck and chest deep walking. Go into that we saw search and rescue crews allowed. Making sure that people were okay because this has been out for a couple of days people feel safer but that doesn't mean that conditions are to. Totally imprint. I didn't sit up appointment my last question for you if that it's hard to imagine but in many places there. Rivers are still rising there still could be even. More flooding what is the greatest care at this points. I think the greatest fear for her body authorities there rescued there are areas people are going to feel comfortable and safe because the sun is out and they're gonna go home and find themselves. In this really precarious situation and we all saw that video of the family clinging. To trees in rushing rapid. Its current I didn't hours that was thirty I'd weeks pregnant literally couldn't go any day she was holding onto her daughter. Holding onto a tree branch and waiting for five hours for some like a restaurant and the reason that they found themselves there was because they were returning home from. Florida. And they thought that they can come back the storm was behind and they were trying to get their house spelling need to get back to. And that's exactly what they don't want to happen in Miami yesterday on that they would never. I even thank you so much for continue to cover this story.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Flooding leaves North Carolina residents seeking food and water.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57938849","title":"Flood waters in North Carolina still wreaking havoc","url":"/US/video/flood-waters-north-carolina-wreaking-havoc-57938849"}