Florida FBI Agent Cleared of Murder Charges During Boston Bombing Investigation

A report by a state attorney says that the shooting of Ibragim Todashev was in self-defense.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for Florida FBI Agent Cleared of Murder Charges During Boston Bombing Investigation
I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with -- ABC news digital special report it was a strange chapter in the complex investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing. FBI agents went to Orlando Florida to talk to a 27 year old charged in immigrant it for -- and -- Denish out with a friend at talents aren't I one at Boston Marathon bombing suspect. And that friendship is what FBI agents started interrogating Abraham tonnage of about and may of last year. A month after the bombings and it was during one of their interviews an FBI agent shot and killed a -- and his own hall. The circumstances around the shooting were -- But today a report by the Florida State attorney completely clears the FBI agent saying he acted in self defense. For more on the report and the death of -- gosh we're joined now by ABC's -- -- -- in New York Aaron thank you very much can you explain. A little bit who -- Josh. Was and what his connection to -- scenario when -- Boston. Marathon bombing suspects. Lives. They knew each other from Boston -- -- mixed martial arts fighting scene Michelle and it was that relationship that authorities. Wanted to explore and they also. Had some information that he may have known a little bit about 2011. Triple murder in Waltham Massachusetts just outside Boston that hadn't been solved. That and also had some suspicions have regarding parents are -- of the FBI in Massachusetts state police. Paid -- have a visit in his Orlando apartment back in May of last year and for the first four and -- half hours of that visit. Prosecutors in Florida said things were going well in fact on -- ship was cooperative. And was admitting some things that led the authorities to believe that he may well be ready to confessed to some kind of the role. In that triple murder in Waltham Massachusetts and one of the state policeman. Left the room went to go call prosecutors. And it was during this particular time when he was writing out -- written confession that he was about to sign. When it when a report out today from the Florida prosecutor says something changed in his demeanor. He picked up a coffee table threw it at the FBI agent there were photographs provided by the by -- Florida prosecutor's office. That showed the of the bloodied head of the FBI agent at that point -- have also. Charged at the Massachusetts state troopers still in the room with a poll. And that's when the FBI agent opened fire. And this all curry and as the report states on May 22 last year. What out what are some of the other details on that day leading up to this can you explain. Why they were interrogating him. Monday they were really trying to drill down on who Tamil concern I have was get a broader picture of what his motivations may have been with his younger brother shall our. To go out and conduct the Boston Marathon attack in April of last year that one year anniversary. Rapidly approaching. And and that led them in -- up and down the I 95 corridor looking at at various judges who who may have known -- and I am from one part of his life for another. The money they came upon -- in partnership they they also realized from Massachusetts authorities that perhaps there were some connections to this triple murder. In this triple murder. Was utterly gruesome. Three people found. Stripped of their clothes found naked -- marijuana sprinkled across their bodies and and that the case was never solved. But it had some some suspicions anyway that that contaminants are -- may have been involved in. Even in an auction may have been involved in and he was talking about that the FBI and a Massachusetts state police. Back in -- of 2013. And was writing out his written confession and that's when things started to go wrong and let's. Go back a little bit again on that day give me an idea what they said changed in his demeanor during that. Interrogations. You know it sounds like he he -- to snapped. Oh because originally went when the authorities arrived at the Orlando apartment. -- -- ship was outside. And had invited the FBI agent and -- Massachusetts state troopers in. A couple of other law enforcement officials who accompanied them stayed outside 222 watch because the neighborhood was for the people. This was -- in a Condo in in Orlando where he had been living with his is live in girlfriend who has since been deported. And did the interviews seem to be going just fine and and the authorities. Stated protocol -- followed to have some of the folks on the inside a -- stay outside. And at one point. The of the -- -- went went ownership moves over to the to the so foot into the coffee table to start writing out his. His confession or what authorities believe to be a confession to this triple murder. That's when something changed in and he any snap in the report does it make clear what it was. But at that point he picks up the coffee table and -- it. At the FBI agent. Now Michelle authorities were aware that that that put -- -- had. A -- they knew about his mixed martial -- past they knew about some of the other altercations he had been involved in wife of police were called and so they -- they were aware of the kind of guy they were dealing with. But apparently didn't feel -- he was about to. -- go out and just attacked them and Aaron are the accounts that were seen in the report are -- different from what we heard last -- After the shooting. -- and at first we weren't told much and there was this kind of this blanket of silence the FB I didn't release today. Stated even wanna get into why the FB I was there the Massachusetts state police didn't want to get into it. The the only account we had really heard was the tarnish of somehow lunged at them with a knife and there was a samurai sword present in the in the apartment. Turns out it wasn't a knife but a long hole that he held almost like -- javelin. That he was about to throw according to prosecutors and there was in fact a samurai sword found in the apartment. Was never used in the attack on the law enforcement officials instead it was his. Coffee table and in this poll that whatever it was and and that's what he used to allegedly lunged at the Massachusetts state trooper. Who'd been left in the room after the other one walked out the call prosecutors and tell them about how to shows impending confession at that point the FBI agent reaches for a service revolver fires three or four times. Sees that Toyota says is staggering still trying to lunge at the state trooper. Fires three -- four more times and finishes the job. And -- some other details coming out the report the Florida State attorney also dismisses some discrepancies between the agents' accounts in the fact that. To -- was shot in the back. He was shot in the back and that's part of the reason why -- -- Stanley his father came here from Chechnya to two to raise questions. And -- members of the Muslim community in in the Tampa and Orlando areas. Kind of the banded together to ask. Why did this happen and in the end. They've said that -- it's not just about whether the FBI agent was justified or not but it was about the techniques that the FB I was using. Indiscriminately -- today going after sections in the wake of the Boston Marathon attacks for any connection to Tamil and Saturn -- Be that as it made it the prosecutor Jeff Ashton vowed a thorough investigation he's been doing that for the last several months. And though he was never able to talk the FBI agent directly involved he did talk to. The other law enforcement officials who -- in the room. And he found the accounts consistent. Now he's critical of the fact that nobody did more to interview neighbors and other eyewitnesses who may have possibly seen something while it was fresh in their mind. But nonetheless he was convinced based on the on the eyewitness accounts from law enforcement officials that no criminal charges were warranted. That the FBI agent was justified in killing -- in self defense and in defense of another person that that being the Massachusetts state trooper. And we've also learned that -- of -- hand written confession has also been redacted in its entirety. Why is that. Well that's a good question -- and whether it's because he he can -- it was never thoroughly written out -- to to a point where he was going to actually be able to sign it and and whether it was useful -- we just don't know. But it's not known what it is that he. He said whether he was going to cop to to some kind of involvement whether he was going to. To -- out temperaments are -- of what he was going to to really say and we reached out to prosecutors in Massachusetts who are handling that case they haven't returned our phone call. And we've also reached out to two it's auditions father's attorney. Who'd -- the one pressing for this inquiry he hasn't gotten back to a site. And doesn't strike you potter at the -- -- of the release of this reporter how long it's taken -- that pretty standard. Well you know it -- I think the prosecutor would say just take some time -- he had to comb through FBI documents and interview who he could. -- and and this is just how long it it's taken but I I do think that -- noteworthy Michelle because. There's there's no way they won a bit the anniversary date to pass leaving this the that this -- on unsolved or at least unanswered. This had been a pressing concern for the Muslim community in South Florida they wanted to know Central Florida should say why. Ownership was was was killed they they also wanted to know more of the back story to wanted to know if the FBI. Followed proper procedure they wanted to know if if they were indiscriminately. Just picking up Chechens who were in him in this country. Under suspicion that they may go on some kind of an attack because of what Pamela -- hearts -- -- have allegedly did. And here the FBI went without comment. Found like the Florida prosecutor did that -- -- -- was justified they do however -- the bureau just put out a statement saying that they would be reviewing their procedures. To make sure that the. All protocol is followed I was going to ask also are there still -- hanging questions out there around. -- two officers would need to fire on a suspect seven times. Is that a draster clarified in this reporters -- part of the procedures at the look at. Well they've the FB I'll undoubtedly look at it now that there are some some questions whether days they they followed they seemingly followed procedures in terms of leaving some officers on the inside. Some staying on the outside of the of the apartment. -- and perhaps they just felt that things were going so well over four and a half hour period. That there there was no indication he was going to -- even though they they knew full well what kind of individual this they were dealing. ABC's -- -- -- thank you for joining us on that. To Boston now where we are joined by investigative reporter -- al-Qaeda who wrote about the murders that FBI agents say that a ship confessed to before attacking them. Susan knew one of the victims of the Walton triple murder has been looking into the death of the perhaps at a Shepperd nearly seven months. And joins us now for more Susan thank you for joining us you've also comb through the -- ordered after looking into the case for so long. What's the take away for you. Well -- -- had been looking into it brings into British Evan what -- and -- he was his prison he has friends remark that he said. And what's interesting is that the Florida State prosecutor makes his decision as -- stated. On the narrow incidence of what happened in that. He's not looking at them on the investigation. And they had started investigating -- into British ship -- engine used on April 21. Right after air ambulance and I -- -- -- And are not looking -- that -- it. What's so interesting is in this report though they can Brett -- -- That the FBI actually stood there and watched as -- be a man unconscious and parking lot. And so which raises the question. If the men in the apartment that. Knew about -- British that's personality he knew he was -- Knew he is violent and still they -- you can -- apartment -- dollars. There's also a lot of questions new Information Minister or is that there is BDO -- Akio habit -- -- Ebert and -- -- actions this 2000 Latin. America where he implicates himself to some extent. An alleged act -- -- -- Talent and I had. But what's so it just -- is though that video and audio recordings are turned off at that time -- Attack. Which raises a lot of questions what do those audio recordings contain -- and why -- they turn. That is very interest in and of course the report doesn't address everything -- that let's talk a little bit more about that triple murder and walked but you've been covering what happened. In September of 2011. Do we know what new things that we learned if any from this report. Let me tell you about the murder -- this happened on September 112003. Men pound beast down their throats slit. Had -- the ones I marijuana on the body -- -- thousand dollars left in the ground and -- According shows what's disturbing is police weren't curious about this case investigated it. As a drug and murder case of three men -- -- Were involved in the drug trade but they didn't question it. And didn't -- trained NG -- in question his sparring partner tenements -- and I. And what's -- reading about this report is -- we're told. -- -- -- implicated -- I -- and possibly him so well but we aren't. Given any informed more information about what exactly asked. Why it what was the reason I am. -- writer. And if there is anyone else and -- -- anxious that I actually had been questioning -- -- -- friends form after the shooting. About other people who -- it possibly been involved district -- -- And so give me an idea who -- to -- south friends and when did he come into the picture. The friend -- brings you right now is that -- -- near -- And -- modern era that was friends and -- and I get it into basket was friends with that close group crashing Russian's friends. And how very -- British that shot that he came to live in the apartment but British -- girlfriend. And was born later an undercover agents stopped as chairman -- near -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Undercover agents stopped as chairman and that in his car there's -- -- an arts and told and they are pulling him over her assists and light cents. They ask him to come out and they say it's gonna be. Relaxing. They -- -- player. And they questioned him for hours about -- -- that -- -- triple homicide in Massachusetts. Later -- it units on an Asher and mad at me they say he's going to be under arrest or eight -- I -- the -- I was actually in -- Bringing up at revising. -- -- -- -- and an isolated -- in and no windows. I happens I'll -- -- tends. But on. And he's how their current -- and bend it since he missed an immigration. Ricky while he was in jail -- later or. -- -- Is actually I spoke to -- -- -- -- girlfriend who was. In jail and -- immigration detention time. You can -- -- She says because she stopped or cooperating with the FBI. I meet and negotiate -- -- -- every two weeks when she said she would -- report regularly on to -- activities. -- -- -- -- hurt and immigration detention. She was released after she eight injured in -- that she was given one year extension legal extension to stay in this country. She was deported and this pattern happened again -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the night of the injured you standing outside his apartment. Who later took photos of Britain to accept it bombs body is how -- -- -- shot seven times or cancer or not. And he has -- Brothers went -- -- to visit and linked. And even though they had a green card Anthony. -- -- It went ice -- -- there are now -- turning. And Susan of course if not for the Boston Marathon bombing do you think there would have been any further investigation into this triple murder. You know next -- so disturbing is. How this diplomatic insult you -- act as contention that talents and I it was all we wouldn't have -- -- and -- -- off. And what's so disturbing is that back it just wasn't being investigated. Currently these are following up all means. He didn't investigate ambulance and I had in the know friends that did it and I didn't -- -- -- And I changed and you know there's really not many people who can carry out and murder of its kind -- three grown men act and meet pools of blood but their throats -- So it's questionable why they didn't extend. And it -- masses are -- Investigative reporters -- al-Qaeda and Boston thank you for joining us -- You can find Susan's work on the -- -- case in Boston magazine and that this American life. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news out and storing this story for exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with -- ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":23056818,"title":"Florida FBI Agent Cleared of Murder Charges During Boston Bombing Investigation","duration":"3:00","description":"A report by a state attorney says that the shooting of Ibragim Todashev was in self-defense.","url":"/US/video/florida-fbi-agent-cleared-murder-charges-boston-bombing-23056818","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}