Fox News Executive Missing, Now Believed Murdered

Man's family deals with developing information surrounding his disappearance.
1:45 | 03/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fox News Executive Missing, Now Believed Murdered
-- -- You know life is alive and charming and funny and sweet and -- love in my life. And really -- prepared -- and trifle with -- -- with his -- at the time. Lisa Smith and her sons have been searching for answers about her husband's disappearance for nearly a year. When fox film executive Gavin Smith didn't show -- to pick up this -- -- I think it could come back. That car along with what investigators call -- witness statements turned out to be the key to cracking the case at least partially. It was founded in Simi Valley storage facility in February. Investigators say it's condition -- them to believe Gavin Smith was murdered. I'm very encouraged that he investigations going forward some. Action and and it's of course devastating -- -- -- it out loud you know. Investigators are now looking at a man named John creek -- in jail on an unrelated drug conviction as a person of interest. They say his wife had a relationship with Gavin Smith. There -- some of my life. Thanks long haul I'm getting. Smith's body has not been found despite dozens of search warrants and law enforcement interviews. And for a family now processing the loss it can sometimes be too much to bear. We let -- -- this and then. And before it comes back.

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{"id":18745978,"title":"Fox News Executive Missing, Now Believed Murdered","duration":"1:45","description":"Man's family deals with developing information surrounding his disappearance.","url":"/US/video/fox-news-executive-missing-now-believed-murdered-18745978","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}