Olympic Gold Medalist on 'Saving the Team'

The Olympic Gold Medalist on being a role model and her new children's book
5:55 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Olympic Gold Medalist on 'Saving the Team'
A big game. How you. -- -- -- 8 and am very different things from time we are very busy these days Susan right now -- hand never dull moment that's the way you like at united for an early age I know that. When you're younger you were a multi sport athlete basketball. Track. Volley ball and it wondering who -- fourteen. That you actually became involved in soccer that's that's that's a little -- there for. -- yeah I knew that I wanted to be an Olympian thoughts and you announced the results and then comes around nine in our World Cup and I'm -- have Christine -- and near Hammond. All of that girls -- -- -- -- -- and is gaining some much popularity and of course I was one of those people girls just -- -- -- So. I think at top point was like when you began how many would be. -- -- -- And from not playing on I just love the game a -- and. And did -- them. A -- in your book by Olympic gold medalists from Alex Morgan I mean they're not many people who can say -- an Olympic gold medalist. What was that like playing in the Olympics. Homeless -- -- especially receiving -- amount around my neck is unless Mike you have to step back and -- and -- -- in this moment our existed chain. This isn't just of the sweetest little -- book -- kicks. Saving the team and as a children's book put into -- -- write a children's book I was working on the. Project throughout the Olympics and I felt like I needed to give back and a sort of way and show. Show them how I got to where I am today and what sort of hard work it takes and what sort of character building it takes -- out. The younger years in your child's head. -- -- -- What advice. Would you give these young -- young girls who have. They have a live -- -- To let me tell them meaning it doesn't matter what your training if he if you're dream is not a professional spark -- that's okay. But as -- have a passion for something have a train for something. You can't achieve it if you. Half if you put in hard work if you. Take on the responsibility hat on if you believe in yourself and stand up for yourself. And realize I need to have a lot of apartment and think and do you -- kind of like. A responsibility it is to help road game and to grow the sport -- to get more people involved I think that. We do have responsibility a -- in local communities you know. Just reach out to young girls because I remember meeting casino in one time -- and it was a huge it it impacted my life greatly. So I know that those small moments are huge for it for little girls we always ask. On. With ESP NW that the Twitter and FaceBook questions and that's what came in through Twitter. What gets you pumped before game. Music gets me -- Senior the -- -- hearing the crowd outside while we're in the locker room. I mean you just have those miners in that excitement what music are you listening to -- -- -- your iPod music I mean Katy Perry. It just upbeat music -- -- against you even. Old school and wrap whenever it is anything like it's a -- he gets thinner and helps us just how fine. -- and then today at times about -- I think for -- team that laws. Enjoying the game having fun and just loving the moment. -- enjoying the moment you appreciate the moment this is coming from the ESP NW FaceBook page it is really deep tell what -- a really good one. She says as a mom to a devoted young soccer player and girl. How do we as a nation. Continue to encourage young girls to maintain focus and drive with the sport itself only privileges professional soccer for man. And televise his mail gains. I think -- and W -- is you know an important -- for the women's game continuing to grow in the US. And I think also it's important for just the women's -- to grow internationally. Because there was -- it's. They're looking at the US. For guidance so I think. We can keep -- -- leaking keep pushing the line the boundaries the better it is for and other -- but in other countries Taft. -- in troops there game there are just. So many. Parents -- are looking for examples for their young daughters. It's easier to find examples for their sons but not as much for. Their daughter so -- the bottom line what it what is your hope what is your hope with a book and and the work that you're doing to inspire young people. Soon. How young girl as realize that. They should be confident in their own skin and me they shared it. Just. Feel. Like they can do anything because the sky's the limit and I say I had one -- when I was eight years old and I was able to accomplish that -- and even for an and I even imagined. And that's possible with believing.

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{"id":19503925,"title":"Olympic Gold Medalist on 'Saving the Team'","duration":"5:55","description":"The Olympic Gold Medalist on being a role model and her new children's book","url":"/US/video/game-alex-morgan-19503925","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}