In the Game With Gabby Douglas

The Olympic gold medalist discusses her rise as America's sweetheart and her plans for 2016.
6:01 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for In the Game With Gabby Douglas
In the game with. -- Douglas I have been looking. Forward to this good to see all he needs help you are sheer force of -- -- -- sheer delight. And so happy that you've taken this year to kind of what's important for you take the -- -- a vote of a breather as far as gymnastics is concerned. -- -- ten years and taking some time -- definitely helped me and my bodies now recovered and and I -- -- opportunities I mean. I got a lot of red carpets and speed engagements began -- like. They use what is your message to -- young people wouldn't speak to them I love speaking to young people just telling them sent to. -- you you don't know -- don't yeah you know oh yeah. And you yeah let the record straight yeah -- president but that I love speaking everyone just helping them believe in themselves and I just want them to know don't be afraid to be great. And you are not afraid to be great you you know let's not sugarcoat it. I mean. Some humble beginnings you know one point the family was homeless yes. Your your dad wasn't there for you did and did it tries to show up at the last minute -- instead hop on the bus yes. All these things are going on. You laughed at the age of fourteen your family go to Iowa how typical of the decision wasn't difficult decision freedom. That person wasn't a difficult decision I really like to go because I really wanted to go to -- -- -- But then and I got there and my family laughed -- mom insists there I was trying and I was so sad. But I had she realizes it was my decision so. -- had a second out then you know development. Much respect for you -- and how you have carried yourself. And handled everything the spotlight has been on you you're the first woman of color and any nationality. -- -- the all around as you to the first African American as well lot of people looking to you. -- that pressure to see -- how do you how do you handle. The expectations that people place on. I don't like to thing -- that's pressure adding to NASA says Tommy lot of things how to handle the pressure that stress and benevolence you know watching me and I'm in the spotlight -- I loved. This position this position and today I am -- so blessed be given this platform like -- you inspire. People. -- really comfortable I like about you know -- people you know. All of a sudden you're not your life is different -- hoped freeing. Blood didn't pose London it's different and your very comfortable in her own skin and in this -- what do you think that we're that comes from. I think it definitely comes from my family and my siblings -- they have from me and whenever my head got really today did bring it back on -- -- and sell it my -- so this to -- is an -- so much. Rio would they should there again -- sixteen. Again. How do you think that will be different. I'd be very -- -- going it's the Olympic Games -- -- considered the underdog and now if I make that Tony sixteen Olympic team. I'm gonna be hit considered as a high expectations. And she didn't do it again and should not gonna do it again. But I think I was gonna do the same thing ended -- Monday to stand up and have fun and my best. Everyone always wants to know what's next yeah -- next for you -- I think. School asked -- -- my gymnastics care I mean. There's a lot amazing and fun opportunities. And act seeing producing will host Steve room sound. -- -- it's endless yes they do you think that that would be something that you ought to pursue. ESP NW asked there Twitter and FaceBook followers to ask you questions and already weak it's a really great ones and I want to pass a few of them now. -- what's in what inspired you. To be involved in gymnastics. Well my -- -- definitely encouraged. You know my mom to -- and and she dead and I think it was. Motivation and -- let's go to the Atlantic's. My tree and then you reached -- in recent convince them. Kathy once in though. Do you have any good luck ritual that you do before each event when Alice really young I had a happy Iraq it was Allen had -- big smiley face on it. And it always had a rabbit before competition in the fight fell. How to play and I'm happy -- -- my. Not happy that. He would had to be pretty happy to Iraq it's. A little. This -- an odd things and I think I am just a little bit and finally jolt wants to know how does -- feel. To be and -- -- Com and -- definitely feels incredible and amazing and man of words can describe. And have to stand up on the podium -- I'm so proud of the American and all the hard -- definitely paid off and to know that so many people. They look up to you can't think it's amazing students inspire a lot of people. And I love getting liked sweet son and -- posts and FaceBook saying my daughter got started because of you and not just believe that -- feeling my heart knowing that. My dream not only what the post Olympics but to -- inspire people and I love meeting my fans it was Sunday and little girls with their leotard died and they -- so adorable and --

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{"id":19634859,"title":"In the Game With Gabby Douglas","duration":"6:01","description":"The Olympic gold medalist discusses her rise as America's sweetheart and her plans for 2016.","url":"/US/video/game-gabby-douglas-19634859","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}