In the Game with Michael Strahan

The former NY Giant on growing up abroad, his secret to success and life with Kelly Ripa
7:48 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for In the Game with Michael Strahan
Michael thank you first of all I know you very busy especially this time of the year thank you lived in -- -- -- use bombs yet -- years though any time any time. Felt like and you already so much about you but in preparing for this got to -- more. And -- -- basically you know early agents in Germany. It felt like growing up there. It was great -- -- The great thing about Guatemalan military base in that it taught me to be around all different people. From different races religions and different in only in -- is a totally different country how to get along when -- Your mom -- -- what you ask Amman -- myself and my brother quote me my brother in basketball or when there I we when he can't give every year. Obama illustrated it -- now and they looked good he Clayton school. And what is something to look on this volume though there nearby -- the fondly -- your mom the one that's leading the charge and see the great coats and you know in such a big influence because usually. It's your father all the time -- come to sport but premiums for two enough to have. Two parents were both interested in sports. You bet it was a sweet science and my -- would -- boxes and they called him slow walk -- -- consumers to -- real slow the big fat -- Likely -- by it honestly desired route while you talk about your dad your mom that's great -- us. I know there's so proud of you and it's. The bonuses that you became -- I think but the fact that you are just someone that people really look up to and respect think and how -- how you've cared -- What was that like why did you know. -- makes them and make a living. From my athletic accomplishment I think when I got drafted by the giants not -- -- -- -- Fighting bonus -- well. Not until the end because I've always been afraid. Of putting all my eggs in one basket have always been afraid of -- OK that's going to be my job I'm gonna rely on that and I think even to this day. That fear is still in me in. To not just be one dimensional and say -- yeah mobile football player never thought that way. Feel good -- -- continued I see you walking around ten or fifteen. Fired. Years you missed it. Of course. -- -- there's not a Sunday that goes by. That I don't see gains come -- go whole problem and before walk out of that tunnel feel like the gladiators it just come out and left. All walking out of the title at the different going. In -- -- -- quarterback gets -- -- -- -- yeah dad because it's different. In the fifth that I I walked away from it then they kicked me now. I didn't -- out because I was injured I walked away from feeling like -- complete a few more years. In but at the same time -- -- -- a when the league. And I'm glad that I feel like I left a little bit on the table. My daddy always -- oh we know what -- do you make the transition. -- sitting next to Kelly rip and our home no allied. I had no idea. I put it in the universe I guess because Saddam out who won the Super -- -- on the show Regis was still they have never now it was years before he said he's gonna retire. -- -- what are you gonna do lefty retired with William Marshall right now only be Kelly Michael Michael Kelly. And that was the 08. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the contrasts. Of her and in what people would expect for a guy who would. Comparable to fifty used during tough -- bombs but now got -- deeply dress the night got a comment on jailed mailed treatments and all this. When your ballots must give -- a lot of hard time a bit with the and -- with everybody. Did they think guys don't nobody know. I'm the only one that's on TV talking about ha ha call you know what -- foolish. Q but I do think being. On this show that's. Surprise me to I didn't do this and come. -- we have a lot of people who follow us on. ESP NW me on Twitter and FaceBook and we asked them. -- boy defendant never had then that's a really good question has really good this is from Erica and -- so what kept you motivated. Through struggles barriers during a football career. -- -- many athletes musicians ex federal surrendered to the negative messages they've received from others around them what's your advice to them. About -- veterans. You know I think -- a plaque. In my locker when -- play. Because plan in new York and it's really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't get too sad when things aren't I just in the book always try to be positive but my of the plaque fix that Saddam success -- the greatest read them. So for everybody who gives you that hate -- that energy just keep being successful that's the best prevent. Not that even comment on it or seen -- anything about it. And I've always looked ahead always separate myself from that moment and through that moment of anxiety and I look forward. Where -- -- you start with the big picture person and it comes from the sports background OK miles you lose one Sunday doesn't mean you -- lose Super Bowl Sunday. You gotta -- move on you dwell on it's gonna hold you back from the next play -- -- -- -- game when -- got to learn to forget things quickly move on to life doesn't stop no it does not my friend. Message do you have for our young person who looks to humans and things that you have been very successful -- if they have them something that made me think it's unrealistic for them. But -- met with them realistic if you believe it you can make it happen I believe you can make it happen. But think if you don't you is the generation of younger generation and us and a lack of an old -- But. I think there's such an immediacy. You may have a goal is victory to five years it -- take you to the fifteenth but you always have to see that. Goal he got to -- a long time you gotta be willing as always say you gotta hustle look at broke me. To have a lot of friends -- 100 why do that. You don't want Newton can act like you're broke get elected to -- -- -- -- what I what Michael. The pro -- the Super Bowl championship. Kelly republic you know a lot of people wonder fitness -- -- unity really pursue it and it happened for you what's next. The stomach I think that is -- -- kind of. Make people better make the world better and continue to do what I do and have fun doing it. -- -- -- -- -- This sake let's hope I had suffered through much. Here is rounded first base. I don't not to support your football -- -- rounding first base in Arlington. An accomplice to think you are going in the game. A ball in. Think he.

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{"id":20379405,"title":"In the Game with Michael Strahan","duration":"7:48","description":"The former NY Giant on growing up abroad, his secret to success and life with Kelly Ripa","url":"/US/video/game-michael-strahan-20379405","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}