Gearing up for a teacher’s strike

Contract negotiations with the Chicago Teachers Union broke down and educators are preparing to hit the picket lines.
1:20 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Gearing up for a teacher’s strike
I'm Greg Waugh in Chicago contract negotiations between the board of education here in Chicago and some 24000. Teachers. Broke down today and now they are gearing up. To walk out on strike tomorrow morning. The some 700. Teacher delegates were meeting at the union hall tonight getting a briefing. On all aspects of the contract that have been offered to them but they voted to reject that contract offer from the board of that. Teachers descended on the union hall then to pick up picket signs as they prepare to march outside their schools tomorrow instead of being inside teaching their students. Part of and it offered a 16% raise over five years and committed to doubling the number of nurses and social workers. But the teachers are also pushing for commitments on affordable housing and prep time for school two things the mayor said today she is dot willing to put into a contract. But the city is still planning to open schools in the morning to provide students a safe place to go some park district facilities and libraries will also be available. The last time the Chicago public school teachers walked out on strike was in 2012. And that one lasted for seven days me that the teachers union. Nor the mayor said at this point they're willing to speculate on how long this strike might last but negotiations will resume in the morning. In Chicago I'm Craig wall you're watching ABC news line.

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{"duration":"1:20","description":"Contract negotiations with the Chicago Teachers Union broke down and educators are preparing to hit the picket lines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66335588","title":"Gearing up for a teacher’s strike","url":"/US/video/gearing-teachers-strike-66335588"}