General Motors employees go on strike

Nearly 50,000 workers go on strike after UAW contract talks with GM broke down.
5:54 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for General Motors employees go on strike
And now we turn to Detroit four major walk out more than 49000. Members of the United Auto Workers left General Motors factories to strike after contract talks broke down so I want to bring in Alex Perez. Who's right there in Detroit. Alex good to see you this walkout shut down the plants across the country right. Yet to really get to see you as well that's right this is big if the strike there hasn't been a strike nationwide strike like this one since 200755. Plants across the country want to take a look behind me here. You can see in these. Workers at the picket line this picket line has been like there's active since about midnight that was a deadline that the union. Dave General Motors to come up wit. Some sordid deal of that deadline came and passed and those who. Workers have been at the picket line the sense that not want to bring end one of the people here at the picket line actually scales your mother of three U dummy you've worked at. Several GM plants a few of them at least I talk about why it's important to be out here today the union since have a lot of support from its workers. It's important to be out here dessert fight for every American worker. We're fighting for if you think about it we're talking about medical right that's the number one reason why people finds a bankruptcy. We're talking about zap security. Even Canterbury bales they don't have part time deals we have real bills he's corporations are making more money than they've ever made NEA we're supposed to take concessions continually. Where is he big media respect for their work. And that's what of the sticking points that I think. A lot of the workers according to the union are there are going after here that the profits have been increasing but you guys that workers are not seeing them. Yes absolutely during bankruptcy we may shredded as preparations stay afloat not only by taking decisions contractually but we also pay taxes. Our text is actually helped save this corporation. So we want GM to invest in America it. We want them to stop taking our planes and putting them in Mexico enforcing our family's mobile all over. Police I'm blessed to stay in Michigan of their people move into Arlington their people going to Tennessee is seen people everywhere and how fair is it so. A family. Now GM says today part of their the other Williams it invests seven billion dollars straight 5400 new jobs saved two plants that they had planned on closing. But you guys the workers in the unions say that's not quite enough. It is not enough when they need to actually do is in source a lot of the word they have gone outside here. That is going to Mexico has the want to Taiwan and all these other countries that they are literally making billions of dollars in profits and we did that come back to America General Motors UC employee so many more Americans and it was great for America. Now they're literally blowing everyone else in their hurting the ones that they have left. Is it a difficult decision for you mama we for a lot of these people to support the unions say hey we're gonna go on strike. It's not give the put to support the million but it is a difficult sacrifice. Begin the sacrifice where we're not getting a basic and imagine going from having it literally my anytime mini it's not having any being Yemeni. But you're sacrificing knowing babe how come we'll hopefully be better and I hope that every American every worker stands witness. And I mean just for people who don't get it here on strike if this goes on very long your pay is pretty much reducing our. Powers only. I didn't get to and it may be dollars a weekend is that an aide today. So he hit there's a lot of technicalities in there but understand every may says site. As I met him but I was added to my eyes and I know scared I'm very proud of the UAW for having them foresight. In the ninety's we had a strike that went on fifty plus days are you worried we're gonna have a similar situation. Or you think this might be like 2007 where were students. I don't worry Indiana's may view because they're so far apart. So they where closer in terms of what they demands were both sides and I wouldn't be as wary but I do worry I'm I'm a lender of Syrian and the bills keep coming. And so I I really am wary and I hope that it doesn't last that long way we're going to stand for as long as we need to. We don't stand out like never winning in. GMA that I'm. Mutual decision. Just released they're offered their deal all what they're offering you guys. The unions initially just doesn't get into specifics about. It's cars driving in my honking supporting. Getting out here but the union. As a really released any of those he knows the fact that GM release those details there are burned happy mad about that how do you feel about. So be union actually we have a democratic process. And so we actually isn't membership and age you see out here we submit the demands investor they go to the negotiating table with so we are already know with the demands answers of the union side I think it was manipulation attack on the corporation side because really. You should just come with your best offer from John they've been negotiating for double minds now. If you're really working on behalf of the workers you look at this respected as head big any stories let's start from down. With the best offer not flowers and a freeze is still occurred on a walk out. Okay actually thank you so much really appreciate you taking some time. Pitt documented we know you're gonna join the picket line here as you have been for the last. I'm few hours and it all of these people Kimberly that's the scene here in Detroit right now like I said that this picket line has been staffed since 1159 last night and the Platt right now is. To keep people here with these signs are beginning and others. Decisions made it to the deal is reached can really. Yes thank you I'm Alex for letting us hear from actually does that really helps to understand what's happening so. The idea that there is no idea of how long this will last. Yeah that that that's really the predicament it that they are in right now we spoke what are the vice president from. The union earlier today he says he would not describe this as a complete standstill he says both sides are at the table both sides are talking. And negotiating they just have not been able to reach an agreement just yet. Kimberly. All right Alex Perez and Detroit thank you so much M we appreciate that good to see you.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Nearly 50,000 workers go on strike after UAW contract talks with GM broke down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65643434","title":"General Motors employees go on strike","url":"/US/video/general-motors-employees-strike-65643434"}