George H.W. Bush has died at 94

The former president had been in failing health since his wife died earlier this year.
6:58 | 12/01/18

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Transcript for George H.W. Bush has died at 94
This is an ABC news special report. The death of president George Herbert Walker Bush. I'm Linda Lopez an ABC news headquarters here in New York we are coming on the air because we have some very sad. Breaking news and George Herbert Walker Bush the 41 president of the United States has died at the age of 94. And his death comes just seven months after burying the love of his life his beloved wife Barbara. The two were married for more than 73. Years. He was careful hasn't been mentioned during that funeral service. Comforted by his children. Bush was a patriarch of one of the most powerful political dynasties in American history his son of course George W so serving as 43 president. Bush 41 as he's often referred to was the last president of the greatest generation he pursued a life of extraordinary service to America. A man who put country of a party. And Stanley above everything else President Bush faced victory and defeat in his presidency is. With my honesty humor and uncommon grace ABC's Terry Moran has more on the life of George H. W. Bush. January 1989. I George Herbert Walker Bush. This solemnly swear he was 64 years old and had at long last reached the pinnacle of American. But for George H. W. Bush the presidency was really just one chapter in a remarkable lifetime of service to our country. A record of heroism and leadership he found hard by his nature to discuss. And may sometimes be a little. Awkward but there's nothing self conscious. In my love of country. Today in and no easier in course or political Lara it's almost hard to imagine that such a man so thoroughly decent so moderate in his beliefs and style. Could beat president. You must feel responsibility. She must believe in serving others I think that's. That's a fundamental tenant in my life. George Bush was born on the twelfth of June 1924. Into the privileged world of the eastern establishment his father press got bush would later become a United States senator from Connecticut a Republican on his eighteenth birthday in 1942. George enlisted to fight in World War II. Becoming the youngest pilot in the US navy. Two years later on his fiftieth mission his plane was shot down over the Pacific knew if I wasn't rescued I would be. Captured. And there was. It was very harrowing experience. Just months before the war ended bush came home and married his teenage sweetheart Barbara Pierce. And over the years they had six children future president George W. Bush future Florida governor Jeb sons Marvin and Neil daughter Dorothy. And a little girl named Robin who died of leukemia at the age of three in 1953. The pain of that loss was still evident years later in an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer. But he was very close very close care. She adored him. What was it. That pulled you back up on your feet afterward. He was very very strong man. In his wonderful. George and Barbara Bush were married longer than any first couple in the nation's history a love story that lasted more than 73 years after college at Yale University bush moved to Texas became a successful oil man and won a seat in congress in 1966. Then came a string of high profile appointment serving the country in so many ways now ambassador bush from the United Nations' top envoy to China and director. Of the CIA. I will put politics totally out of my sphere of activities but there was one goal that remains ladies and gentlemen. I am a candidate for president of the United States. It was 1980 and bush ran as a moderate but 1980 was Ronald Reagan's year. Reagan picked bush as his running mate and for eight years George Bush was a loyal vice president. When his own time and finally came. He offered his own vision a reflection of his deepest idea. I want to kinder. And gentler nation. As President George Bush led the nation still pulling on the world stage as the Berlin Wall came down. And the Soviet Union collapsed and when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Hollande has been drawn in the sand. Bush pulled together a broad coalition of allies including many Arab nations and launched Operation Desert Storm. Kuwait is liberated. Iraq's Army is defeated. Our military objectives are met. He seemed a sure bet for re election in 1992. But the economy tanked and the moderate bush had broken a pledge to the increasingly conservative Republican Party. Read my lips. And he might have cost and the election. And defeat was so bitter formed as a group called with Diane Sawyer when they just had a great filling and letting down a lot of people. People that work for male we have this ghastly failure let him down. Then you get over and gone Carolina. But so typical of his gentlemen's years later he forged a surprising friendship with the man who freedom Bill Clinton. When they raise money together for the victims of the South Asian tsunami and later for those in hurricane Katrina and he's sending good sign across the country. That you don't have because you run against somebody and make an enemy that's the way we'd like it to be in George H. W. Bush is America. That's the way it could be. He died a man of character a man of faith a man ready as the old saying goes to enter his house justify. I do think that. Did you go to heaven there is a heaven. And. And I don't fear it the little guy. I've feared death. And we were worried about me scared. Anymore. And once again the breaking news president George Herbert Walker Bush has died. At the age of nine before a later tonight on line Nightline will have a comprehensive look. A polite and legacy of George H. W. Bush and of course you can always find updates on ABC news. Dot com. I'm Linda Lopez and NC headquarters here in New York were returning now to your regular program. This has been a special. From ABC.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"The former president had been in failing health since his wife died earlier this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59538199","title":"George H.W. Bush has died at 94","url":"/US/video/george-bush-died-94-59538199"}