George Floyd’s death, 6 months later

After George Floyd died in police custody in May, millions of Americans have taken to the streets to protest systemic racism.
5:56 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for George Floyd’s death, 6 months later
November 25 marks is six months since George Floyd died at the hands of police in Minneapolis after he was accused of using a counterfeit twenty dollar bill it was may 25. Floyd was detained and died after an officer pinned him down impressing his need to Floyd's neck for about eight minutes three other officers right there nearby before cops involved fired from the force all pleading not guilty and now awaiting trial Derek show even the ones seen with his knee on Floyd charged with second degree murder and manslaughter the other three charged with aiding and abetting Shelvin. Children's attorney has said his client's actions were not the cause of Lloyd's death and all have sought to have the charges dismissed and Floyd's death sparked outrage around the world and desperate calls for justice the 46 year old becoming an enigma horrible symbol of rule police brutality for protesters but also the face of an American flash point demanding change. The chance of the movements of black lives matter hand to fund the police. Repeated at demonstrations across the country and becoming emotional rallying cries. Aimed at tackling deep rooted systemic racism when it comes to policing in America. But the fire and anger running through American streets and fueled by racial inequities are not all new to this country. An American history is filled in the planning of this protest. From the fight between black Americans and police officers trying to enforce Jim Crow laws of the late eighteen hundreds to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. To the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Technology has changed the arguments and social media and cameras in every pocket have shed new light. The discrimination that many Americans have been trying to underline for decades. In 2014 protesters filled the streets after Eric garner a dying at the hands of police call after he was accused of unlawfully selling loose cigarettes and a New York City street. I nearly three minutes cell phone video showed the last moments of his life sentence with his face in the pavement and him telling the officers from the NYPD. I can breed eleven times until he blacks out. He's in media celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving and everything else latest symptom and is Green Zone. And he came why because a cop didn't all. His death was ruled a homicide but no criminal charges. By. Later that same year Michael Brown was shot and killed in Missouri after a police officer says grow and tried to grab his gun after he told brown and the friends has stopped walking in the street. This time there was no video of the killing the officer claimed a self defense and was never charged. The US Justice Department did produce a report saying that there was a history of racial prejudice in the Ferguson police depart. In 2015. To Freddie gray died in the back of a police van after police arrested him carrying a switch blade which authorities later said it was legal the streets of Baltimore filled with outrage after video of his arrest came to lying to believe me is ready agreement that went is. The medical examiner ruled that Gray's death and was a homicide caused by high energy injury to his neck and spine that likely happened because he was wearing leg irons and wasn't wearing a seat belts. Six officers were charged not one who was convicted. To lend okay this deal was shot and killed in front of his girlfriend and their four year old daughter during a traffic stop what he sixteen diamond Reynolds a line extreme emotional video from the shooting which led to widespread protests across country. The officer was charged with manslaughter but was not convicted. Yeah. In 2018 about the majority was watching television in his own apartment when he was killed by an off duty police officer who walked in the officer who lived in his building was coming off a thirteen hour shift and said she. Used his apartment for hers fired two shots she saw him. She was convicted of murder and senses to ten years. September 61918. This move. Economy. And let's try to make sure that it does not how. And in twain's when he had a string of tragedies starting with a shooting death of a mine armory by a retired officer and his son in south Georgia. Caught on tape the victim's family says he was out for a job. Less than one month after artery Rihanna Taylor global Kentucky was killed Jung family members say at least eight times in her home by police officers carrying out a search warrant. Blue oval metro police say they're actions were justified. That they opened fire in response to being fired upon one officer who was fired from the force and indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment for firing his gun into neighboring apartments and that no one was charged with Taylor's death. And then in May the slaying of George Floyd. The demonstrations and battles for police reform are still happening the unrest already leading to change in some cities and states and lawmakers in Minnesota approving police reforms including a ban on choke holds. And do naval officials banned the use of no knock warrants. Those protests have ignited a cultural shift in America. A growing number of elected leaders and a growing number of families. Inside and outside their homes and condemning injustice and fighting for equality.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"After George Floyd died in police custody in May, millions of Americans have taken to the streets to protest systemic racism. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74384119","title":"George Floyd’s death, 6 months later","url":"/US/video/george-floyds-death-months-74384119"}