George Zimmerman Trial Day 5

Matt Gutman analysis of Trayvon Martin murder case.
8:23 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Trial Day 5
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm Dan pepper in New York with the CBC news digital special report on the George -- trial. A full day of testimony adding so many details about the nitrate on -- Was shot to death on the stand today a neighbor and I -- surveillance expert. And a police officer all grilled about what they remember about that night last year when Zimmerman shot -- to death. NBC's Matt got responded -- joins us now from Central Florida with the highlights from today's courtroom -- thank you for joining us. And before we get into the few specific points that we heard from today this week of testimony almost over. He's the prosecution. Being seen as having a stronger case now. The prosecution never seemed to have that strong a case at least for second degree murder now. Back in March 2012 march 13. The homicide detective the lead investigator on this case recommended that George -- be brought up on -- on. Manslaughter charges now the state attorney at the time said we probably don't have the evidence. Now they're going for second degree murder that's a tough for Bart to jump over and they put on a pretty good case starting of course with the opening statement a very strong powerful emotional statement from. The state attorney John Guy who. Really I still -- the jurors. But it's been followed up by what has been. A bruising cross examination by the defense almost every witness that the prosecution has put up on the stand has to some extent spoken for the defense. And the defense's argument is -- George Zimmerman may have gotten into trouble. But it was -- on Martin who started that fight it was -- -- Martin who -- Zimmerman head against the pavement who made him feel that he needed to fear for his life. That's why he pulled the gun out. That's why he shot trade bond -- he didn't know he was seventeen he did not know he was unarmed he felt his life was threatened. -- -- keep hitting that point home again and again with every witness to the prosecution is having a very hard time proving. That Zimmerman went in there with evil intent with a depraved mind that's what the law says that he intended somehow to get himself into trouble and tissue trade on -- so far. Analysts are telling us they don't think the prosecution has. -- that well and I wanted to ask you a little more specifically -- one particular piece of testimony that we heard today vote from the neighbor who saw the scuffle that night. And made -- 911 call John good saying he saw what appeared to be one man straddling the other. During this exchange back and forth and that it appeared to be George Zimmermann. On the bottom as punches were being thrown that testimony did that hurt the prosecution's case. Yes and now it's very interesting for the prosecution to put a witness on the stand to effectively said exactly what George Zimmerman has said in his reenacting -- in its first police statements and they -- then after. Would it seem like the prosecution may have been doing is try to defuse. Some of the power of John goods testimony now it. He did say that it looked like trade bond market was on top pummeling. Zimmerman but what he didn't say is that -- -- about Martin smashing George Zimmerman head into the ground. The prosecution got him to admit that he never actually physically saw that that is a key point. And as hard as the defense afterward tried to push this man John good the neighbor ought to say and admit that he actually saw. Zimmerman head pounded into the pavement he did not so that might have been something of a stalemate now. The 911 call that was played right after that it was. Very powerful and I think it resonated with the jurors they were leaning forward in their seats -- we can take a listen to. Came calling 911. -- -- Police deserted -- right behind my house. 1221. Wintry plains in the -- -- in the back of my porch. Rocket pool the window on but I don't know the guys don't help I'm not going. Who want him to -- lanes and work -- He also said that seconds seconds later he just said that he heard. The trade volume -- -- shot and he said oh my god that guy has been shot he's been calling out for help. Police arrived a few seconds later now another witness on the stand his name is John Manolo. He also saw Zimmerman just seconds after the shooting. Notice that bloody nose -- the bleeding on the back of his head and he also noticed something critical -- He noticed that Zimmerman immediately said. I shot him in self defense I had to do it. Right off -- -- Zimmerman acted or seem to act which he had done nothing wrong he would only defended himself and that is probably going to play very strongly in court. Lot of the analysts that we're talking to are mentioning that -- throughout the period from the second after the shooting. Sixteen months later until now Zimmerman has maintained the same -- the same explanation for the shooting he had to shoot Martin hasn't felt -- like. Right Matt I wanted to ask you about this because obviously the testimony is being looked at very closely and it's interesting because. We have somewhat of a disconnect because we're not actually in the courtroom there as we've been hearing it as this case first started the 911 calls the testimony of some of the details that have been coming out. It's been difficult the kind of put a face to the to the timeline of events and as you're hearing the testimony being played out. In front of family members in front of witnesses in front of friends what has been the reaction as you -- here in the 911 calls and these details. At the reaction has been married and and powerful. And it's been multifaceted there's been reaction in the courtroom there's been the reaction. That you don't see of the jurors the way they're leaning forward how eager they are how -- Hard there listening health furiously there scribbling notes many times during the trial we've also noticed especially when you hear those 911 calls. -- -- the one we just -- what you hear calls for help in which you hear that gunshot. -- -- Martin's mother. His father marching ahead of the court -- able to take the pain of hearing their son die again and again matter. What the causes were for his death. It is a very painful moment -- the intensity of emotion in the courtroom is palpable. Also out of social media -- -- has been huge. There are more tweets about the Zimmerman trial yesterday in -- war anything about anything having to do with -- about the Supreme Court. -- people are eagerly watching this it's been streaming on multiple channels all of the local channels here. Had broken from the regulars regularly scheduled programs every single day to streamed this live. All day gavel to gavel it is incredible the extent to which this is getting massive coverage especially here. And write apps and it's a -- and -- -- the entire country's attention and really worldwide attention as well. Matt going forward than what witnesses do we expect next week. Well today we just heard a lot of we heard the last few neighbors we heard about the police officers who tended to trade on Martin and two but detained Zimmerman the moments after the shooting. Next week probably on Monday we -- going to hear from that homicide detective the lead investigator. In this case that is the guy who recommended. That Zimmerman be brought up on manslaughter charges he said that all of this shooting. Altercation could all have been avoided had only Zimmerman not left his vehicle that night that is why he recommended manslaughter charges. He's very likely going to take the stand and be a strong witness for the prosecution the big question -- How is the prosecution going to get this guy to admit. That he -- -- charged Hermann with second degree murder when he only charged him with manslaughter that is an idea of bridges to be difficult for them to cross mortgage. More details as the case we'll continue on next week ABC's -- governor Sanford Florida Matt thank you for your timing here is that we appreciate that. And of course we do have a complete recap on As this first full week of the trial gets under way and next week we'll begin. In just a few days for now I'm Dan Butler -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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