Georgia Cop Killed at Waffle House

Brother of fallen officer, Raymond Jordan, regrets not killing suspect.
1:18 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Georgia Cop Killed at Waffle House
Sunday afternoon 28 year old -- tell Nixon seemed stunned and scared as the judge read her charges of felony murder at the Spalding county jail we don't get -- right. Yes again. At the Waffle House -- grass and flowers American flags and candles remained near the site Sunday afternoon -- Griffin police officer Kevin jordin was gunned down. Early Saturday morning. Gonna prosecute car as well is. Like she -- and it and vacancy. She -- are scared and please see Michael Bowman shot the officer in the back multiple times the police officer was working security at the Waffle House at that time. And police say he was trying to -- -- girlfriend Nixon in handcuffs. Police say Nixon Bowman another man Tyler Taylor were all being disorderly at the time the officer was trying to control them. Amber Robinson worked at the Waffle House and say she knew them whenever -- major again. Raising Cain -- -- -- officer Jordan's older brother happens to be in the parking lot he shot the suspect not only -- would be. I didn't kill customers' credit the officer's brother but helping to save lives near the -- -- they didn't -- this day.

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{"id":23952393,"title":"Georgia Cop Killed at Waffle House","duration":"1:18","description":"Brother of fallen officer, Raymond Jordan, regrets not killing suspect.","url":"/US/video/georgia-cop-killed-waffle-house-23952393","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}