Gina DeJesus Returns Home After 10 Years of Captivity

Family welcomes home daughter who was held captive for a decade.
14:50 | 05/08/13

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Transcript for Gina DeJesus Returns Home After 10 Years of Captivity
This is a special report from ABC news. -- when -- -- Bernie orbit and ABC news digital special report. One more victim of the bizarre hostage situation in Ohio now making her way home. You're looking at the scene. Outside of Cleveland where Georgina dejesus. He's now pulling into her home. She's 27 years old. She is now making her way in front -- -- -- the huge sea of balloons there in so many well wishers and family and friends. Waiting to greet her let's listen. Excuse this -- in the air. The emotional. He Sargent Sammy Morris again -- -- in the FBI. -- Felix the -- is hugging councilmen that zone right now. Passenger side door. Open now closing. Commander Sulzer. Giving him a hug as well they've been through so much together over the course of the past nine years. They're asking the media -- Congregate. -- Ricky Anderson FBI. We have. Yeah. And everybody. Yeah. About everybody will cut your guaranteed he put his Mike stand out. Sammy -- coming over. -- this -- this coming overlooking the congregate the media which is. It different difficult situations we saw earlier is -- responses descending into the home. I still don't see Nancy Ruiz. -- as mother. It's we've got shaded tint windows on the the car itself in this -- so. We're looking -- -- They are indeed in the back seat and I think they may be -- the heads. -- are opening. And I don't know if you could see if she came out of the end minivan. Minivan -- she put her right hand in the air a thumbs up. She was escorted into the home -- in this crowd -- she is -- well she is indeed home. You know -- you mentioned McCall was saying earlier it was going through my mind as you mentioned that -- and I've worked together Nazi too long. Because I stood here earlier this -- you this afternoon before we went on the air and I thought to myself is this real community are is is actually happening. And -- so it's amazing news you know we both had that same feeling. -- I can't imagine if I'm feeling this. What it is these families are feeling. -- -- -- -- -- It's been a homecoming in the making for some ten years now as you can see Gina dejesus. Just walked into her home. After being held captive for ten years. And she was greeted by so many family and friends there you can -- the overwhelming support from not only. Her immediate contacts but also the police department. A lot of local media lot of local figure heads are out there as well because this has been such a miraculous story coming out of Cleveland where three women. Have been held for ten years. And finally getting a break from -- and finally reuniting with their families. The young woman that just made her way into that house is 27 years old her name is -- dejesus. And she is now one of three. That had been missing for ten years and we -- waiting to hear is that the Hayes whose family might come back out to make a statement. If so of course we will go into that we are learning some more information though about some of the details surrounding. How those three women that were kept. In that suburban Cleveland home on Seymour avenue according to Cleveland city councilmen that represents the ward where that house is located. A man to -- one of the women that was held captive. Gave birth to her six year old daughter who was also recovered and is safe. Gave birth to her daughter in a small inflatable pools to give you a sense of just how. How crude the conditions were that these women were living in for nearly a decade. As for how they would have an exchange back and forth between their captors. The councilman is saying that telling ABC news that the women were kept in locked rooms that essentially they had to slide things. In and out through holes that were cut in the doors that they were being kept behind. And as you can see. The reception today certainly something that Gina probably may not have ever expected -- -- -- have been telling the media that is something they have been waiting for and hoping for all of these years. Some of the other details about. How these women were kept captive investigators were saying that they've removed from that home on -- more. Chains. Locks. Lengths of ropes. All. Used to help keep those women captive for such a long period of time. And those three men those three Brothers have yet to be charged. We're waiting to find out if police will be filing charges this afternoon from that break that they got aerial Castro Pedro Castro and -- Castro a no excuse me Castro. -- -- the owner of that home 52 years old. A former school bus driver he is -- prime suspect in the disappearance of these three women. Of course we will wait to see what additional details will come out as an investigation will be continuing on. On an investing here on an afternoon news conference that's yet to be scheduled to four today and it's. No additional details have yet been put out there but as you can see the crowd -- showing their overwhelming support. For -- -- -- who's 27 years old. Being held captive for ten years and now finally reunited with her family -- -- -- aerial shot that we've been getting. And when that. -- first pulled up -- those tinted windows her father. Came out first he fist pumped the air and the smile on his face. Almost indescribable. He shared a couple of hugs on a sidewalk there and then went inside the house and just a short time after that. Gina made her way out with another woman she had her head shielded with a hoodie but before she did make her way past those crowds and -- house. She did give a thumbs up to the crowd didn't address the crowd didn't make eye contact with the crowd. But certainly giving some kind of an outward physical gesture that in fact she was home a reunion that. She has no doubt been waiting for for the past ten years. We are waiting to find out if that -- -- Stanley will be. Making a statement in just a short period of time it appears as if that may happen as police are starting to move some microphones in place. Earlier in the day. A man to bury the young woman that had initially made the escape and had made this entire. Event possible essentially. She returned to her home. And she was also agree with the same type of warm and loving it section and reception. On her sister came out and gave a brief statement earlier today saying that a man is home. Her -- six year old Jocelyn who she gave birth to while she was in captivity. Was doing well and that they are now reunited with the family I want to play a little bit about what that finally said just a little bit earlier on today. Family fled requests privacy. So my sister niece and I didn't have time to -- -- We appreciate like they have done for us about the best thing here -- -- respect their privacy is that we are ready. And that was -- -- sister making that statement just a little bit. Earlier today she of course not speaking -- her sister sharing a couple of those words. Amanda's daughter her six year old also inside that home that we saw just from that brief sound bite that we had. Two of the three women that were held captive for those ten years now home. Back in the loving embrace of their families Michelle right now does still remain in the hospital she is listed in in good condition. On Tuesday Michelle night and who were waiting to find out the latest and when she might be discharged from when she might be reunited with her family. We've been seen a few pictures back and forth from the hospital by her friendly visiting her. But she has yet to make her way into that reunion events -- that kind of a scene that we've been seeing plain out not twice today first four. Amanda -- and now for -- -- -- -- ending their ten year struggle of being held captive. By. The suspected -- -- by three men aerial Castro the prime suspect. In this case a former school bus driver and so much attention is being placed on the police department and the due diligence that they did in following -- so many leads over the years that it was something that their families of those three missing women. Had always push to continue the effort to look for them. Cases that the police department. I've been working around the clock on to try to follow new leads any new tips any new details digging up properties for any potential signs. For those three missing women. And all coming up short but when Amanda Berry had defiantly made that break -- on Monday night that. Was the tip and obviously the advance that investigators wanted to get all along that they wanted to see all along that eventually led to those types of -- comments that we had seen. Those three women being held captive in relatively small house in Cleveland -- about 14100 square feet. Investigators and that they had pulled out some chains they had pulled out rope they have pulled out locks today from inside the house where they were. Held captive they believe that that is how their captors were keeping them confined for such a long period of time. And -- details as we have reported at the top. About exactly what happened during those ten years as we know Amanda Berry did give birth to a six year old little girl Jocelyn she is. Doing well with Amanda reunited with the family now. But -- gave birth. To Jocelyn in small inflatable swimming pool that's according to the city councilmen that oversees the -- where that home is located. And that the women as they were being held captive were held in. Smaller rooms and the exchange they would make with their captors was with a small hole cut out of the doors. About. How they would exchange food or other items. It's certainly ten years of that. All coming to an end after that break that Amanda -- had made on Monday night when she. Was able to get the attention of a neighbor across the street that neighbor rushing over helping her breakthrough that. Busted bad -- screen -- that we've been seen so many pictures she ran across the street grabbed the phone. Made a phone call to police and that frantic call that we've been hearing so much. Can only imagine the fear and -- the relief finally be able to reach the outside world and make a phone call to. Someone on the other end to be able to hear the plea in a -- that you've been making that you've been wanting to make all that time. And that led police to that house on Seymour in Cleveland where they did find those two other women and -- and is six year old daughter. You can see just some of the aerial shots -- the overwhelming support from all of the crowds. People coming -- from Cleveland but from nearby areas just to. Show their love and the fact that they had never given up hope for the search for those three women that had gone missing for such a long period of time. We are waiting for either a statement from the police department. Or also from the -- -- -- handling. As we will be as you can -- some of the local crews -- are putting up their microphones and getting in place there we haven't been given. Just -- -- yet as far as whether police will be making a statement on the latest on the investigation or whether will be one of the families. Whether they'll be coming out there is well. The Cleveland Police Department to say there's a possibility of holding a news conference this afternoon about the latest on their investigation that they have found. The FBI has said that it is completed its forensics investigation. Of that house where those three women were held. And again as we've been saying some of the -- -- that have been pulled out of their chains ropes locks. All as part of the case that they'll be making against those three suspects who have yet to be charged. And Cleveland police have asked for an extension typically -- police have 36 hours to file charges against someone that's been under arrest. They were granted an extension on that to go to 48 hours. So is it is those charges are expected at any time now. Specifically against those three Brothers that are accused of holding those three women captive. For ten years we're gonna continue to monitor the situation and if police do make a statement or if one of the family members makes a statement we of course we'll break. Back in for that a complete recap on And of course will break in. As situation develops for now on -- -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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{"id":19135567,"title":"Gina DeJesus Returns Home After 10 Years of Captivity","duration":"14:50","description":"Family welcomes home daughter who was held captive for a decade.","url":"/US/video/gina-dejesus-returns-home-10-years-captivity-19135567","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}