GoStream: Let the Pennsic Wars Begin!

ABC News' Charli James visits a medieval camping event in Pennsylvania.
20:55 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for GoStream: Let the Pennsic Wars Begin!
You're watching ABC at times each game and it's not something. Where in western that your right now and hours. Asking letters and that way at 8000. Tent at ten over ten. All. And he possible there are hand to hand combat that. Right here now. I'm but there is all of marketplaces. There are ten and it. We and there's classes there's all kinds of things and we're going to be here all day lives telling you on the ground when it might hear that well. This is not on. Don't ponder out of it's much much more than that about it gets to kingdom against each other dominant here. Showing everything live and now I'm not here by myself. Show you the rest of the team. I'm Ronnie here's well produced there and we're lucky enough to have. And it driver who had been coming. And participating are over forty years that. I'll burn that is her at first the night evening and we are going into the house eight. A we're driving to. Can see here people and. Aren't first. Tell us a little more about what we're speaking yeah. What you're seeing here we're not quite sure. From one field to the other show. They might see something like. Life. And we are not and. Anyone except ourselves it's not. The area. It's the ultimate bridge and witches and form. It grass. They only did the waste deal weapons would be that they do not that brings. And high end. Are mom and standing at the I'll Craig did it a little tiny bit away. Primarily tight race here these days I've been doing this we're pretty shouldn't use it. A hand. We are getting in the air. And right now. I'll Fulton and tiger. All of this come from its opening. You cannot go to Macy's and today I would like bandits and midsize sport he loved kids of all him. The replica. Some of it is. Neighbors and our safety requirements so it's not exactly a replica. Really. The armories designers could. Content from permanent injury. It is. It'll hurt me. Like England. And yeah. Have to undergo a test to make sure yours. Both yourself and glad that he's. Everyone stressed the hearing. Monitoring office. Immersion experience. Yeah. They're. So it's very happily. We'll. Time. Having said. Beginning. Days. Most people. Campfire. An era. Content really how can. Brown got tents. What we'll pick up. Everyone starts out. Whenever. Simple candidate. Well. I like oh involved in this society. Is living alone with. This group would you like to go into. Content. A lot of it. The early on. People very happy. Welcome to. Brown. Just hearing about and I'm. Boy. Oh I don't think. Internet that is really elaborate. Very well I think. There can't. It's outside their local. Eric. There is no requirement that you attend a certain number of deaths. There isn't the only landing. Attempting theory. Here yeah. Feel like. This set up and we'll hear. And we are very important that. Most necessary. Work. He's fired. Telling somebody. He's not one. Third. But yeah. Job. Sing alongs and so forth their people nothing but nice. There aren't. Nobody. My daughter's. It's under regular. Tell. I'm in your pocket. Whenever it's working they do about it him. Seven my job. Somebody. One apartment. So I. Mike. Right. Thank yeah. Style campaign. I'm gonna get out of a car and or this and that and feet inside but I can't look like. And Catherine will be with this. And mine. And setting up. An immediate court manner for the event. And they're going to show you this camp. A camp that it. Thank you introduce yourself or your eye on it. Yes I'm Katherine Michelle. And media coordinator for him or 44. And we are in the camp and Asia use a means. Which they have an absolutely stunning fourteenth century can't hear or. If you can show us today so yeah. I'm going to hand over cute these lovely generals who are going to show you about how we've done. This kind of beautiful. Period. Construction. Thinking on her putting us like figure actually staying years sleeping he parent yes actually named the entire content ourselves. And everything in him including. And man. Pretty much yes sir perfume store bought things does tend to convert. They're going to get replaced currently. Can't you can't jump and then everything points at. Take your time to break in me fears. Why. We came from southern name. So about twelve hours. Along taking. To build this tent just twelve years old. And then we don't have one year we needed one ring of the decoration when here. Another ring another years so it's been twelve years at least it's an clubs here and there. To get it where it is now and I got some pieces home to make a new man. This strikes throws ugly case. Cast iron her cancer cast bronze. Color with us gothic triple arches sites it's much much more. What's more this. It. Completely dependent. On extravagant. And we we like to ease. And there is a few drinks are what make things. Really special and why did you decide so. He laughed. Rent. Much. I only vacation we'd take him to pick. And we really need. For us and everybody who does this does this board their own reasons. It's a variation that the some people learned of the fighting other people learn for the clothing. He fired her in action. There's. Term material culture witches and history as told by objects not inward. And it's so it's the experience. Living in which. That thing using that tool eating that food packets to try and get. In touch with the people who lived hundreds of years ago in a very real intimately because you're doing it's as best we know. I mean there's a whole lot of information we don't know because. That really common everyday things didn't. Work through it. Beauty and hair and this particular camp Wrangler yes. Right wait we have a group of maybe a dozen of us who can't together. And we had a few people here are we this year we catch people that haven't been able to make it because medical reasons. We hope to see them again next year. But it's always changing always adding people. It's it's really. Come share our interest and come play with us. And it did it's good that that's good. Accountant word June 14 century scattered around kind of thing. And three years ago actually but that idea was born he little place together and so. One of the distinctive things about this particular we encampment at this time coincidentally fourteenth century. And that's one event. Requirements that you need to have a late twenty century and other nasty rumors NN. Why he used to do battle but one year I didn't have an informant card from. And I was like you know it's kinda relaxing night at. But I'd I have been doing combat. We've been taking some classes my daughter were MacBooks. And compulsively making books Hendrickson did anything. Meet this day eight took it less heat but it made torn apart and remade it. I think people are so anxious it's another day. Acting. Conscious all. Without the program is there's more or less continuous classes being run from like 9 in the morning at 5 o'clock. And dancing in the evenings and we have our little black tablet here's part it will just write it but we. Have it day by day who's going to what class thing we know where they're at any given moment as we have been vacant house. Use that technology that can you tell a year. And I'm sorry we're here we're. We're not using self fund. For a couple weeks and really give you a call. We do have a cell phones a minute I'm in my own business. What's going on but it really trying to let me get a check in the morning and evening. I'm not on FaceBook and not find him checking from time to the senate appointment for me. In here to escape. This. I've actually do them right now might have noticed really heavy and I was wary of this week's. We're here for two weeks that they can be like Mike and I the terrible and my brain looking Stevens. Need to be thinking about this but. Spent listeners are great going to. Hanging around the campfire with friends. And thank in this in this particular cancers people from Illinois. And DC there's people from all over the escape. Modern mind common refrain you hear here. I guess. And away New Hampshire actors in this game. To it by really some weird. Considering it and as a hobby it really is. Then used to try that would working to try. Hundred funerals hundreds Gerald. Textiles. Really. He does he's getting to children computers. Actually these are funds yes he made Wiesbaden and soaps don't know the whole cast. So. You can turn your hand any particular aspect of the Middle Ages that you feel like exploring. Well thank you so much for letting us take a peek inside here at camp and the beautiful work that you Don you. And plot. Here in. Now. Head into the battle. Setting up as we saw earlier they were setting up. Corey Cassell battles we're gonna head down and got down girl that and grief that Everett and we'll be back gently and tune and that went.

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{"duration":"20:55","description":"ABC News' Charli James visits a medieval camping event in Pennsylvania. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"32849773","title":"GoStream: Let the Pennsic Wars Begin!","url":"/US/video/gostream-pennsic-wars-begin-32849773"}