Grand jury indicts 1 officer in Breonna Taylor case

Ex- officer Brett Hankison was indicted on charges of wanton endangerment in the first degree.
58:13 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Grand jury indicts 1 officer in Breonna Taylor case
Hey good afternoon from ABC news headquarters in New York for your tree dropped in regular programming because there is a major development. In the case embryonic Taylor the 26 year old black woman killed in her apartment by Louisville metro police during a botched execution of a no knock search warrant in March. Kentucky attorney general Daniel camera's about to announce the grand jury decision which we've just learned charges against one officer for wanton endangerment. No charges for the other two officers. Fared the weapons or the fourth officer who follow the request for the no knock Warren who also faced possible charges tied to discrepancies in how that war was obtained. The city of Louisville on edge and her state of emergency right now streets are blocked off in many buildings. Boarded up in anticipation of the decision protests there in Louisville related to Taylor's death. Domain charges for the officers and ball all of them have been taking place for more than 100 days. I wanted to ABC's Alex Perez right now in downtown Louisville and this no doubt he's a stunning decision Alex you've been covering this story from the get go and one of the things that stood out to meet. Was that the victims named in the grand jury report. Up pure to be neighbors of Rihanna Taylor but not Rihanna Taylor or her boyfriend Kenneth walker who were in the apartment when the shooting began. That's correct Tom what we've heard are from that judge who was reading of the grand jury indictment we did not. Here every honor Taylor's name these charges of wanton endangerment. Related to neighbors who were in that apartment complex has now this officer per ten consent. He's the officer that has since been fired from the mobile police department he is contesting that firing but he's the officer it's accused of firing his weapon. Game this lane not. Having a shot so we'll walk through a window. And the charges that he's facing based on the grand jury are related to that endangering the people who were in that apartment complex now this news is not going to be welcomed by that thousands. Here and across the country who have been. Protesting free on a Taylor's death to say her name has become. They chant that we've heard across the country for some six months now and those people have been calling for murder charges the highest level of charges that is not what we are seeing here also we are only seeing charges against one officer there are two other officers. Who were involved in that faulty botched war in Tibet with took place that night those officers were not mentioned at all and the grand jury indictment. Now the anxiety here global has been building that only for the last six months particularly in the last couple of days. This city here the mayor the police department declaring a state of the emergency budget take a look behind me here you can see these global police squad cars. In the distance behind me you can probably see those boarded up windows. All of downtown here some 25 blocks. Pretty much a boarded up like that as authorities have been bracing for this. Decision now in Jefferson square park not far from where we are here we see a crowd is a building there. We're told many people there are crying as they listen to this decision this has been. Any emotional six months for people across the country who have become involved. With this story and they see it not only as something that involved Rihanna Taylor but the bigger black lives matter movement. And that's one of the reasons why we've seen. This case take off on social media and in so many places. Don and right now it's really unclear what the reaction is going to be because. Word of the grand jury indictment is just beginning to spread but this city. Is prepared for anything the Kentucky governor saying he's prepared to activate the National Guard if necessary. Downtown here has been essentially shut down for two days authorities here say they welcome protests that are peaceful but they do not want to see any violence. We'll see in the next few hours how things unfold here and across the country Tom. And if you just sitting in on the right side of the screen there next to Alex we are waiting on the Kentucky attorney general to. Talk about this decision by the grand jury and announced these charges which Alex just reported Alex before let you go what you stand by first I have one other question for you you've covered the story inside and out for so many months now. What is your sense to do the protests start. Immediately or do you think it's going to be a very violent night what's the sun goes down. Well it's on it's it's really hard to predict global we've seen in other cases other very tragic cases where the community has become involved is that it takes a couple of hours for word to sort of spread. And for some of these protests and protesters to organize so the next few hours will be key. But yet we have to remember in the court of public opinion and the court at law are two very very different things. The public you're asking for murder charges about a prosecutor has to look at this from a legal. Perspective and bring charges fourth that they believe they can prosecute and get a conviction on. It appears in this case the evidence presented to the grand jury was not that Tom because what we saw where those wanton endangerment charges Tom. Or our bring in Dan Abrams our chief legal analyst and Dana what about just break down this case a little bit for Buhner viewers if they're not familiar with embryonic Taylor march 13 just minutes after midnight Louisville metro police. Go to serve a no knock war which essentially is think Big Bang down the door and try to come inside of the apartment she was with her board for the time Kenneth walker. When embryonic Kenneth here this knocking Kenneth Walker's attorneys have said he asked to what was he wasn't sure what was he for your first life so he fired Louisville metro police returned fire shooting and killing Rihanna Taylor she was shot. At least eight times we now know some of the firing also hit. Neighboring apartments as well we just heard the charges want to endanger written out again so people were demanding border charges they were demanding manslaughter charges. Explain exactly what is wanton endangerment for this one officer Brit Hank and send. Right well let's first say get a step back for a moment. There's deceit about whether did to war was not daughter Lisa eight to knock on the door tenant while saying it didn't. And let's also star from the perspective to make it clear. Re not you agree on it was an innocent here. There is no allegation that she eating anything wrong. So the question then becomes is a legal error what is the responsibility. Of the all you can see from the chart here. Which he's wanton endangerment. Which he's not. Reckless homicide and the recent comparing it to them. Too reckless homicide is because both cases you're basically talking about the scene legal standard which is there someone Einar. Obama who recklessly. Once in league. And in the case of homicide the victim wouldn't be embryonic tale. Scherer the grand jury is saying the victims that we are charging war are they need news watch. Because it's CDs and then the grand jury believed that regardless of whether this was he couldn't more. And whether it was a more shooters had a BA I'm executed. They had a legal right to be there. And when they were fired upon. They respond. Doesn't mean it adds that the answered it shook me. The legal explanation. For why there is no charge here we regard to homicide. Because it seems clear grand jurors not leave. Added that. They eat beyond the scope of the Warren took. Except for hankins and firing when he was 354. That using the exact same language wantonly Byron. But get explained you're good people receive Rihanna Taylor as you mentioned it. Was just asleep in her apartment she was with with her boyfriend Kenneth walker who had a license to carry a gun according to his attorney we also know that. According to the no knock more in the postal inspector. Has said because this all tied into to an ex boyfriend that Rihanna Taylor had police were alleging that that. That apartment where she Justina was allegedly receiving drug shipments. That's all in the no knock war but according to the postal inspector. They didn't know about this and they had never signed off on this or or according to the postal Specter spoke to the Louisville metro police department about this issue. So if there were there are questions surrounding the actual Warren. We get to the point we're Rihanna Taylor shot and killed. Keep order to wonder here how how are the only victims in this case. The neighbors. And I think that we ECUs separate out. Little. From criminal. And again just explaining what the Grainger DD here making jokes and what they did. They clearly. Believed the city's eating rise the level of being a criminal. Because they had that legal document. And that mortar attack. Which allowed them to be hated. How to ride how. Again debate about whether they not digging but no question they had this war now. Looking back. Whether that Warren should have been issued dole is very important question. But that's a separate Warren trumbull the officers who are now. House with a legal war. And what did they do and when did they do. One of the officer Sargent John Mattingly was shot in this incident as well we do want to mention that. Dan do we know if the grand jury's work is done do we think this is the end of this case right here. I believe that it is I mean I've got to believe that. This is the indicted because what a grand jury does not do is make announcements about they're not die. We've seen this in the news a lot lately. Ortiz called me and others who got into trouble for seeking too much about people who were not indicted. Specifically when someone is indicted you simply don't discuss it. And the grand jury announcers who they are in direct. Which makes me today they went here is the grand jury dominated evidence against all real officers but in the end. Moral war and in the end decided just. To hand up indictments are to. Dan you're legal expert you've done probably thousands of these cases. From what you write about this case from knowing this case and seen the charges and seem whatever evidence has been available to the public so far were you surprised by the charges brought. I. Accepted. At least this chart right. NBC's charts and looking down to make sure that you know we get peace act. Correct language to the definition but eggs this wanton endangerment in the first degree. Chart why did I expect that because the police department had already inspire him. For firing wanting it is well. Liked it was kind of but this year. The question of whether there would be an additional charges. I didn't know what the grand jury was gonna do look. You know how Nat this must see two people out there who were saying what are the hot. What about poor. Why doesn't she get justice here. Any sums. Ends the legal system doesn't work in trying to lead a year away. And where to look at where the criminal law necessarily provide just as we have seen in a civil lawsuit brought by her family. And her family has gotten these settlement but most importantly. Major changes. In the police department as a result of that settlement. Oh what the question is should there are happy in criminal charges it gets tricky when the police have. The legal right to billionaire and if it was a bad war but it legal right to be there beard and fired upon. Eighties. Sometimes to get any die and it would that sort of back but again I want to reiterate that doesn't change the reality now. There Rihanna. Was the innocent. Victim here whether it's in that indictment or knock. All right can't stand by for us if you're just tuning in right now at ABC news we are awaiting. To charge a single officer in the Rihanna Taylor case with once in the in danger right now if convicted on all charges that could mean fifteen years in prison there are three counts right now. A what are Stephanie wash she's our reporter who's been covering this story. From from day one she she knows the attorney she knows the family members all on on all sides of this case Stephanie your your your take so for a what we've heard. From the grand jury and from the judge. I'm not good of the city that was. Wait egg and you they've been waiting for more than six months predicted the agent Don got a an eerie kept it where are right now. Where a lot of protests there have been here at this makeshift memorial. You know approach acting and speaking out trying to get justice for this family and Derek outrage here right now when they heard that his big day. There was screened may there was almighty god what is best for the people here are very shocked at what they are there obviously here in the port. Agree on a Taylor and her Stanley and it is not what they wanted to spirited. Up here Thomas. FBI is conducting. How will this play any role in what the FBI is looking at. Well they've may have the final word their investigation is excessive we're being told. They're looking at the circumstances of the shooting how it took place how the officers reacted to the situation. And to piggyback on something that Dan was talking about. This is a concert and a complicated the situation in terms of it is justice being served. You have. Number we have a situation worse shots were barred him yelling was the only was killed but now we're gonna hear from the attorney general. A good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. I know that many. Him rule ten across the commonwealth. In country have been anxiously awaiting. The completion of our investigation. Into the death of a missing Rihanna Taylor. Prior to this announcement he spoke with mr. Palmer. Rihanna Taylor's mother. To share with her the results from the grand jury. Many of view in this room know that I had the opportunity last month to meet in person with her. In other members of miss Taylor's family. Including miss Bianca Austin. And his denial Palmer. However once again publicly express. My condolences. Every day from this family wakes up to the realization. It's someone they loved it is no longer with them there's nothing I can offer today. To wake take away the grief and heartache. This family is experiencing here as a result. Of losing a child. A niece. A sister. And a friend. What I can provide today are the facts. Which my office has worked long and hard to uncover. Analyze. And scrutinize. Simpson accepting this case in mid may. I urge everyone listening today to not lose sight of the fact that a life. Has been lost. A tragedy under any circumstances. The decision before my office as the special prosecutor in this case. Was not to decide if the loss of miss Taylor's life was a tragedy. The answer to that question is unequivocally. Yes. There's no doubt that this is a gut wrenching. Emotional case and the pain that many people are feeling. Is understandable. I deeply care. About the value in sanctity of human life. It deserves protection. And in this case. The human life was lost. We cannot forget that. My job as the special prosecutor in this case was to put. Emotions aside and investigate the facts to determine if criminal violations. Of state law resulted. In the loss of ms. Taylor's life. This included examining the actions of Sargent Jonathan Mattingly. Detective Brett hankins and and detective miles Cosgrove. The three officers who fired their weapons in their early morning hours of march 13. Can working with our federal partners on this case it was determined that while we would share information. To advance our respective investigations. We must also maintain some level of separation to ensure the integrity. Of each investigation. When examining issues regarding potential civil rights violations. We determined that any such violation. Some are better addressed through a federal then investigation. In issues involving potential criminal acts concerning the shooting are better address by state led investigation. With this in mind. Our investigation focused on the events that took place and miss Taylor's apartment. On March 13. In the months since taking this case how dedicated team of prosecutors and investigators. More than 200 years of combined career experience. Conducted a thorough investigation. To better understand the events that led to miss Taylor's death. The team is here with me today. And when a personally and publicly thank them for their tireless work. These men and women are true public servant. Who for months have shown up every day with a desire for one thing. And that is to seek the truth. We sided while we would examine materials gathered and violent PDs public integrity unit. We would need to conduct our own independent investigation. And start from scratch in the interest of thoroughness fairness. And finding the truth. There was no video or body camera footage of the officers attempted execution of a search warrant at miss Taylor's residence. Video footage begins at the point that area patrol officers. Arrive at the location. Therefore the sequence of events from march 13 had to be pieced together through ballistics. Evidence 911 calls. Police radio traffic. In interviews. We utilized information from the Kentucky state police. Local medical Examiner's. As well as working with the FBI crime lab in Quantico to secure a trajectory analysis and ballistics report. Our team conducted interviews in this case and spent thousands of -- hours examining all of the available evidence. We concluded our last interview. In this case this past Friday. And began our grand jury presentation. On Monday. As long as the case is making its way through our legal system. But can only speak in general terms about our independent investigation and findings. As the prosecutor. I'm prohibited by the Kentucky rules of professional conduct from making public comments that could in any way prejudice this case. As it moves forward. Each state has different rules about what prosecutors. KN and cannot say. The Kentucky rules are clear that I'm prohibited from making comments to could sway public opinion on heightened public condemnation. Of those involved in the case. These are crucial rules to ensure due process. Under the constitution. When prosecutors prematurely. Release information. About the case to the public. Can wrist justice by poisoning the jury pool. Violating the accuse rights to a fair trial and even jeopardizing the final verdict. The success of our legal system. Is predicated on the principle that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Despite passions. Opinions and desire for every detail to be known. The rule of law must apply. Justice. Must be done. In the early morning hours of march 13 officers from L and and 3003. Spring through drive apartment for. This was mystery on a Taylor's residence. The officers were advised by superiors. Had not been announced their presence in serving this specific search warrant. The scope of our investigation did not include the attainment. Of that war by Ellen PDs criminal interdiction division. Federal law enforcement partners. Are conducting that investigation. Sargent Mattingly in detectives Cosgrove and hankins in. Had no no involvement in the proceeding investigation board attainment of the search warrant. They were called into duty as extra personnel. To effectuate the service of the search warrant. They only had information conveyed to them during it there prior briefing. Evidence show is it that officers both and knocked and announced their presence at the apartment. The officer statements about their announcement are corroborated by any independent witness. Who was near enough proximity to apartment form. In other words the war it was not served as a no knock warrant. When officers were not unable to get anyone to answer or open the door to apartment for. Decision was made it to breach the door. After reaching the door. Sergeant Mattingly was the first and only officer. To enter the residence. Sargent Mattingly identified two individuals. Standing beside one another at the end of the hall. A male and a female. In his statement he says that the male was holding a gun arms extended. In a shooting stance. Sargent Mattingly saw a man's gun fire. Heard a boom. In immediately knew he was shot as a result of feeling heat in his upper thigh. Kenneth walker fired the shot that hit Sargent Mattingly. And there's no evidence to support that sergeant Mattingly was hit by friendly fire from other officers. Mr. walker admitted that he fired one shot and was the first tissue. In addition to all the testimony. The ballistics report shows. But the round that struck Sargent Mattingly who was fired from a nine millimeter handgun. De LN PD officers. Fired forty caliber handguns. Sargent Mattingly returned fire down the hallway. Mattingly fired six shots. Almost simultaneously. Detective Cosgrove. Also in the doorway. Shot sixteen times this all took place in a matter. Of seconds. In totaled six bullet struck ms. Taylor. Medical evidence obtained by our team indicates that only one shot was fatal. Further medical evidence shows that ms. Taylor. Would have died from the fatal shot within a few seconds to two minutes. After being struck. Detective hankins and fired his weapon ten times concluding from eight outside. Sliding glass door and through a bedroom. Window. Some bullish traveled through apartment for. And into apartment three before some exceeded that apartment. At the time three residents of apartment three where at home including a male. It pregnant female and a child. There's no conclusive evidence that any bullets fired from detective hankins his weapon struck miss Taylor. Decay SP ballistics analysis did not identify. Which of the three officers fired the fatal shot. After receiving that information. I asked the FBI crime lab to conduct its own analysis. To see if they reach the same results. The FBI ballistics analysis concluded. The fatal shot was fired. By detective Cosgrove. Our office looked at both reports to determine if there were major differences in the procedures. Used by each lab that would have led the FBI. To dignify who fired the fatal shot. Both the law enforcement agencies use similar equipment and analysis and each lab is highly respected for their work. There was nothing our investigators could point to. Nor anything provided by the respective agencies. That directly explains why one lab made the call while another didn't die. I think it is worth repeating again that our investigation found that Mattingly in Cosgrove. Were justified. In their use of force. After having been fired upon by Kenneth walker. Secondary to this justification the KE SP NF BI ballistics analysis. Reach different conclusions. Creating a reasonable doubt in the evidence about who fired the fatal shot. I certainly understand. The public's desire for answers and many of question believe the investigation. Simply put we had to try every means necessary to determine who fired the fatal shark. Before the investigation. Could be completed. With a thorough and complete knowledge of all evidence collected in this case. Lawyers with our office of special prosecutions. For the visit of the findings of our independent investigation. Before a grand jury comprised of Jefferson County residents. Beginning on Monday. And concluding today. And Fletcher V Graham Kentucky Supreme Court said that the grand jury has competing. But balanced functions. On the one hand it's purpose is to investigate allegations of criminal conduct. In determining if there is probable cause to believe that a crime. Has been committed. On the other the grand jury service to protect the public gets unfounded criminal prosecutions. For probable cause is lacking. The grand jury is unique in our criminal justice system because it operates independent of the corn and the prosecutor. The hallmark of the grand jury is its independence. From outside. Influence. This independence is necessary to ensure that justice is done both for the victims and for the accused. After hearing evidence from our team of prosecutors. To grand jury voted to return an indictment. Against detective Payne can sin for three counts. Of wanton endangerment for wantonly placing. The three individuals in apartment three in danger. Of serious physical injury or death. The charge of one endangerment in the first degree agree is a class. For each count. Kentucky law states that a person is guilty of one and dangerous. In the first degree went under circumstances. Manifesting in street did difference to the value of human life. He won only engages in conduct. Which creates a substantial danger. Of death. Our Ceres physical injury to another person. My office is prepared to prove these charges at trial. However it's important to note that he is presumed innocent. Until proven guilty. During the last six months we've all heard mention of possible charges. It could be brought in this case it's important understand. All the charges have been mentioned have specific meetings. And ramifications. Criminal homicide encompasses the taking of any life by another. While there are six possible homicide charges under Kentucky law. These charges are not applicable. To the facts before us because our investigation show. In the grand jury agreed that Mattingly in Cosgrove. Were justified in the return of deadly fire. After having been fired upon by Kenneth walker. Let me state that again. According to Kentucky law. The use of force by Mattingly and Cosgrove was justified. To protect themselves. This justification bars us from pursuing criminal charges. In this Rihanna Taylor's death. The truth is now before us. The facts have been examined and a grand jury comprised of our peers. A fellow citizens has made a decision. Justice is not often easy. Does not fit the mold of public opinion and it does not conform to shifting standards. Get answers only to the facts. Into the wall. With this in mind when we must now ask ourselves. For do we go from here. We continue to prosecute the charges brought in this case as it now proceeds through the justice system. And moves to trial that is our responsibility. And this will be done while the FBI continues its investigation. Into violations. Potential violations. Of federal law. I know that not everyone will be satisfied. With the charges we've reported today. My team set out to investigate the circumstances surrounding miss Taylor's death. We did it with a singular. Goal in mind pursuing the truth. Kentucky's deserve no less. The city of global deserves no less. Every person who has an idea of what they think justice is. My role as special prosecutor in this case. His is set aside everything. In pursuit of the truth. My job is to present the facts to the grand jury. And the grand jury that applies those facts. To the law. If we simply act. On emotion or outrage. There is no justice. Mob justice. Is not justice. Justice sought by violence. Is not justice. It just becomes. Revenge. And in our system criminal justice isn't the question for revenge. It's the quest for true. Evidence and facts. And the use of that truth. Is we fairly apply our loss. Our reaction. To the true today says what kind of society we want to be. We really want the truth or do we want a truth. If it fits our narrative. Do you want the facts. Are we content to blindly accept. Our own version of events. We as a community must make this decision. I understand that miss Dupree on a Taylor's death. Has become a part of a national story and conversation. But we must also remember and the facts in the collection of evidence in this case. Are different than cases elsewhere. In the country. Each is unique and cannot be compared. There will be a celebrity's. Influencers. And activists. Who having never even lived in Kentucky. We try to tell us how to field. Suggesting they understand the facts of this case that they know our community and the commonwealth. Better than we do you. But they don't. Let's not give in to their attempts to influence our thinking. Or capture our emotions. It did a day it is up to us we live here together we work here can raise our families here together. I urge those protesting. On the streets. To remember this. Peaceful protests are your right as an American citizen. This is dating violence and destruction. Are not. I've spoken with both mayor Fisher and governor bush years. In the days leading up to this announcement. And I urge them to do what is necessary. To maintain law and order and to protect our cities and our people. We have a long road ahead. Both as we pursue this case through the criminal system and as we address the pain. In the mobile community. I'm committed to being part of the healing process. When tragedy occurs. We must mourn. We must also do everything we can. To prevent it from happening again. Today. Consistent with that view. Announcing that I will create a task force to review the prosecutor process for securing. Reviewing and executing search warrants. In Kentucky. The task force will consist of a variety of stakeholders. Including citizens fingers from the law enforcement community. Representatives from the judiciary. Defense attorneys and elected leaders. I'll be issuing an executive order in the coming days to create this task force I believe can topping a top to bottom review. Of the search more process is necessary. To determine if changes are required. And establish best practices. You have my word that I will also vigorously. Prosecute the criminal charges announced today. I can assure you that my team of prosecutors. We'll continue to give this case. Their attention. And time. Who also can continue to support. The good men and women of our law enforcement community. Who put their lives on the line every day. To protect and to serve. Can and I will fight for those across our state. Who feel like their voice isn't heard. Who feel marginalized. Judge and powerless to bring about change. In a world that is forcing many of us to pick a side. I choose the side of justice. I choose beside a true. I choose a path that moves the commonwealth foreign and toward healing. You have that choice as well. Let's make it together. Thank you and god bless. And now take some questions there. I will get into the specifics. Leaving them make up of the grand jury. Here. Or 5 morning. Final. Based on the evidence. There's nothing conclusive to say. That detective hankins since any of his bullets. Hit miss Taylor. Here are some. OK game right here in these. It's. Well as I said from the beginning and I appreciate that question. This is a tragedy. And sometimes. The law the criminal law is not adequate. Two responded to a tragedy. And I fully acknowledge that and I know many that are watching today in and those that are listening to recognize that as well. But the response. Is that the grand jury was given all of the evidence presented all of the information. In alternate means ultimately made the determination. That detective hankins in was the one to be indicted. It's yeah. I think grand jury proceedings are are secretly and so not gonna get into the specifics of details about that. Proceeding what I will say. Is that we presented all of the information in the ultimately made a determination. About whether she charged in this instance they decided to indict. Detective hankins it. It. I'm sorry say that again I. Okay. Well what my role as special prosecutor in this case was to provide the information and facts of the grand jury. Detective. Cosgrove and sergeant Mattingly. We're justified in returning fire because they were fired upon. A league and others to make determinations. We have. Vigorous self defense laws in the state. And that is something that it existed prior to this case I'll let others make judgments about that this or. Very good one big question. Surrounding this case is whether or not the officers knocked and announced their presence. Talk about the evidence that you can do that they did announce their present. So yes the the statements that were made by officers they are. Tonight. Where are the morning of march 13. Show that they did it knock and announce. The important point here is that information was cooperated. By another witness who was in close proximity to apartment four. Who cooperative if that information. And said that there was a knocking and announcing by the officers. The witness was a civilian. Good we'll continue to make plays while we're here oh. Vietnam War you know. Do. Under lock me. Well Chris to your question. I think it's again it's important step back. And recognize that what we did was uncover all the information and facts. Related to use the morning of march 13. In the in provided that information to the grand jury. The grand jury had every. Piece of detail that I needed to make their assessment and their judgments and ultimately their conclusion. Was that. The decision needed to be made to indict mr. hankins. Mr. Cameron and mr. Clement a clinically Mathieu in your times. Project partners are yes hi two questions for you number one you said that she was shot six times jet her death certificate says five can you please explain the discrepancy. And the second thing is and journalists in this from myself included have taken apart that apartment complex looking for witness says. To the point that you made about the knocking and announcing. Of a dozen witnesses that I spoke to only one a man who was directly upstairs. Heard them announced do you think that's enough in the middle of the night when somebody is asleep. Four for just one person in in a tight unit apartment block to have heard that is not a sufficient way of announcing. Well let me try to answer your second question first. You your question was it easy enough for me I think the more pertinent question is what was the evidence provided to the grand jury what was sufficient for their purposes. They got to hear and listen to all the testimony. And made a determination. That. Detective hankins and was the one that needed to be indict and indicted knowing all of the relative point six she made. I guess your first question. Can you repeat when more time. Just pet her death certificate says fires and get you are saying six today's the first time hearing sexist or so. There is AA. A bullet. That was lodged. And bullet might be too. A generous term there was an an object that was lodged into the into one of her feet and so that is what is being referred to as the six. I just projectiles. Are you going to release the full challenge for you going to release the full great injury report. Can you say that when what time are going to release the full grand jury report. Well I am. But right now because there is a pending indictment. I think it is. Our practice and because there is an ongoing FBI investigation. To revisit that question but at this point I don't think it's appropriate for us to release any information and her. Well that is what the evidence shows is that there was nothing conclusive. To demonstrate that any of his bullets. He. Well again don't all the evidence was given to the grand jury and they made the decision that wanton endangerment was the charge to. A file our two indictment against mr. hankins and thank you have guests when. It's. Total over the years your last question about providing information. In any investigation. Criminal investigation. The best practice. And this is whether on state or federal level is to not make too many specific comments about the investigation. Because you do not want to compromise that investigation they are all also ethical considerations. As in as investigators and prosecutors. There were responsible. To abide by is well some of those obligations continue now. Because we have a responsibility. To pursue the prosecution. Against detective hang consent. It is it's my judgment. The very early on. That we needed to take this case in the attorney general's office. As you know. The Commonwealth's attorney. Post conflict of out of this case because of another matter that he was pursuing I could form the case out. To another Commonwealth's attorney and one of our 120. Counties in standard high did not do that because the resource is that we have to bring to bear. And the relationships that we have with our federal partners. In my judgment. Were needed to uncover the truth in this case and part of the reason the investigation took so long. Is because we needed to make sure that we were doing a thorough job of looking at all the facts and gathering all the materials. Interviewing witnesses. Making sure that all of our people. Felt confident in their presentation to the grand jury I will remind you. As late as Friday and we were still interviewing. People in this case and so the least of it is because of this case deserves. Thorough and fair. Analysis. That was needed and deserves. Five Rihanna. And by her family. For the officers involves. For the community of mobile and for the commonwealth. We needed to have a thorough investigation. We also got the FBI involved. In terms of the ballistics report. We needed additional. They're. Ability to scrutinize and make an independent assessment as well. And so be linked to the investigation. Was a reflection. I hope people understand. How important it was that we got this right. We didn't want to Russian. And we did not and I'm grateful to the team that is behind me. For the work that they did look over 200 years of combined experience these are prosecutors and investigators. Who don't care about political distinctions. Don't care. About influence in any particular regard what they care about is the truth. And we present that to the grand jury. Concern concern I'm sorry but. We've just been listening to Kentucky's attorney general Daniel Cameron who's called what happened embryonic tailor their in Louisville, Kentucky or tragedy. But he now says the truth is before us of one of an Alex Perez who right now he is in Louisville, Kentucky city that is under a state of emergency. A lot of people think there may be violence tonight there may be violence that days to come. Alex we learned two new pieces of evidence to see pieces of evidence that the attorney general wanted to highlight early on. One at that there was an independent witness who heard Louisville metro police knock. And state they were police so the note not worn essentially did not happen according to this independent witness we also learned that Kenneth walker. Fired first hitting officer Mattingly in defy and then officers Mattingly and cost he wrote Brooke returned fire. We learned that not until it was shot six times. And that one of those bullets was from officer cost grove does any of this change the justice calls from Rihanna Taylor in Louisville. Tonight. Well Tom arguably know you talk to people on the street you talk to people across the country they have been calling for stiff. Charges against all three of the officers involved that is not what we saw happen today we saw just one of the officers. Brett hankins and charged with three counts of wanton endangerment those counts. Don't even involved Rihanna Taylor they involved. The neighbors who lived in that apartment complex and putting them in danger by came this late shooting. While he was carrying out that search warrant now the attorney general there went methodically through the Vick case lots of information and important to point out few key things that we learned there he said that Mattingly fired. Six shots in that Mattingly was the only officer to enter the apartment he said that Kenneth walker pre honest boyfriend. Fired first according to the attorney general and struck that officer leading the in his leg now and we also learn then that Rihanna. We shot six times according to investigators that this there's a discrepancy there because. We had previously those had been shot five times but investigation the investigation has determined now there was in additional fragmentary additional bullet that. We Taylor has suffered in now. Important here and knew important information. The attorney general saying that Hank can send it fired at ten shots but there is in no evidence that any of his bullets. Hit embryonic Taylor. And so as he was explaining that the attorney general means that the other two officers Mattingly in cost grove who didn't fire their weapons into the apartment. That means that the grand jury found that Dave using their weapons was justified him because it was justified the grand jury did not pursue any charges. Against those two other officers now the attorney general there are also saying. That the information the investigation showed that. Rihanna Taylor died just a few seconds after she went. Shots before. You know medical help arrived at there on the scene at that. All new information that the attorney general there I was trying to explain itself would argue possibly trying to do damage control. Because if it calls an out. On the streets and from these protesters gathering all over. Has been for months now murder charges for these officers but the attorney general explaining in length. That murder charges in this case the grand jury simply did not find that that is what the officers should face it just one officer here. Charged with wanton endangerment of Brett Hank in San he's the officer that had already been fired from. The mobile metro police departments. Attorney general also say that the grand jury report is not going to be released at this moment a lot of people want to see what was in that report they want to see the evidence is that the grand jury saw. Well it seems it's gonna be some time before. We all get to see that report Tom Tom that is the latest from here this city bracing. For any possible reaction. It's pinned sort of anxiety in the air and everyone has been on edge and we shall see now what the reaction to this decision will be Tom. And we are actually see our first pictures of people demonstrating we should say gather rain. Assembling right now in reaction to the grand jury decision I want to bring in Dan Abrams or chief legal analyst day I was thinking about this has what's your and your attorney general. And unfortunately the reality is that innocent people are gunned down every single day across this country. What's so hard to understand this case is that. Rihanna Taylor was in the wrong place at the wrong time but Patton wrong place was her home right. It's her home her boyfriend flyers on police according to the attorney general he fires first police respond with 22 shots. Six of them are at least five of them but at least six times she shot one of them killing her. Now for the people there are demanding justice for these officers we understand one officer has been charged with the wanton endangerment. But from what you saw early on when you first heard these charges you saw police were basically doing their job. Embryonic Taylor unfortunately was caught in the crossfire but again it's hard to believe the cross fire what was her apartment. Again I don't know that I thought that the police were doing their job wanted to know more. Evidence was was going to be. In connection with this case. And now the attorney general Wayne yeah. A lot more that evidence. Think about it this way when you're talking about justice there's civil justice and it's criminal justice. I think it's important that we not ignore the fact this city has settled a civil lawsuit meaning. Without admitting wrongdoing by paying twelve billion dollars in instituting a whole host of changes in the way they're gonna do policing. Irritating wrong. Except blah. Step to becomes. They're going to be criminal chargers. Edit it figured that it this way in which he's if he officers heading legal right to beat. And if you believe he's. Kenneth walker fired first. It is hard to see how there would be charges. Against the officers who were song. Just use our. Students about what they announced themselves. There are disputes are potentially about who fired first etc. but when looking at it really strictly legal prism. It is sorry to see if those two things are true. Legally. Appropriate to be there in the first place and was fired at. By someone in house. Out there could be cruel murder charges filed against those particular steps. The grand jury by my count deliberated for two to to win a half days from what we learn from the attorney general what does that tell us about the amount of evidence. And what they were thinking as they were deliberating. There's no question that it a case like this the grand jury wants to be chair want to take their time. You don't media brands hurt in the city Kentucky. I need honest well. Oh I think it they certainly didn't want to be seen ads Roxy. I'm very important decision a year and I think it is important also recognize that you know one of the officers had been criminally char but. The attorney general telling us that there is an eyewitness your witness. Says that he or she heard the officers announced themselves was I think an important development today. Because that says that it's not just relying on the officer's reason we went into this press says to you. There's this dispute there on the one hand the officers say they know on the other tenant law says they didn't. There is any additional witness a civilian witness who says. It here she'd heard. The officers announcing themselves but it does become another significant. It's important you know we talk a lot about BC no not more they're air bursts. And I figured it I think as time goes on going to be based out. But in this case eight more no more but the order is changed so they actually. Tonight. In this particular case which is why that question is so important is it just isn't no more as a legal matter. I'd be telling you the authority to go in there without knocking because that. Moore was changed before they went in there was changed. Does need to be very significant whether they irks. Dan Abrams for a stand thank you for that I wanna go to Leo right rig or right now from Brandeis University she's a law professor. And Lee lightweight question to you is what what does this mean going forward we we've had it. Six months a hundred days recently. Oval reckoning across this country on race. On on social justice on on how police police cities and states across this country. What does this decision by the grand jury daring Kentucky what does this do to the conversation. And to the movement going forward. Well I think one of the important things to keep in mind is that the movie never stopped. Last month we just had a march on Washington. That was a direct result of the Internet and the incident around George Floyd but also pretty on a killer and Aman. Back to feed these movements these protests. And even something more kind of you know. Violent protests and riots continue. Given that began this system actually isn't according just stand. Q individuals across America have a particularly black individuals. How will the movement inter -- what we just learned the evidence just put forth. By the attorney general and the grand jury's decision again I go back to this the attorney general saying this is a tragedy but also saying the truth is before us. So I think it's already happening we saw that there are marches and protesters protesting that are happening in in the immediate moment. We but the lawyer for embryonic Hilan Stanley has already commented intent that this is essentially to care extension egregious that the outrageous and it is wrong. I mean even. Now a killer was sleeping in her back. Did nothing wrong. And yet she was murdered in the attorney general and the attorney general admitted to that you know Kentucky has admitted to it by paying out twelve million dollars which is not not. The paying out money when he greeted obvious yacht additional woman. But we also learned today that you know the police department in the attorney general feel like justice had been meted out Shannon facts. This was warranted that her you know that her death and would not was with. What with claim until what you're going to see an ink is in part people reacting to that. That people are ready reacting to catch people in need will be back marching deal will be back. Protest anxious because initially the re minder and the reinforced her. A popular without sanctuary and with the justice and the country still you're talking about us just found spent. Eight inch think Italy does not have stayed. For these individuals so how do you find brought to justice for Rihanna Taylor and that's the real question and that's what people marching in protecting our going to be talking about. This case not yet over a want to bring in Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas right now. And Judy attorney general there alluded to the issue with this war and the warning question that's why police were on the doorstep of Rihanna Taylor's apartment. And at the federal investigators are now looking at how this war was obtained. Tom that's going to be a very impart important part of his investigation the FBI is looking at was that warned to legally obtained and also they will look at whether. Other violations were involved were the civil rights of Rihanna Taylor. The somehow violated here and that may involve looking at the past history of these officers looking at the kinds of cases. That they may have their duty need bias. Complaints against them that will be a critical part going for it but the the issue here there's been raised is. Many people will be asking do black lives matter and by the way where this young woman was killed. Series of mistakes park potentially made. And there's no retribution in terms of the officers. In this case it's going to be a very interest saying difficult few days ahead for sure. Several major questions still unanswered the reaction coming in the reaction out in the streets of Louisville will see in the coming hours. We'll have much more on world news tonight with David Muir for now I'm Tom dumb is he or we thank you for watching this special report.

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