Hawaii Pounded by Iselle

Iselle takes aim at the Big Island as Hurricane Julio lies in wait.
3:43 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for Hawaii Pounded by Iselle
Why getting lashed right now by the first two major store take a look at the radar showing you sell beginning to move over the islands right now and then there's. Julio getting stronger the Pacific behind it and we're just getting in new pictures you can actually see trees down -- wet roadways on the big island. ABC's -- -- -- is their right now with the wind and rain are building he just filed this report from Hilo. We are really feeling the power to -- -- now -- in Hilo Hawaii we've had heavy rains on and off all night. Heavy surf out in the ocean but what's really picking up now are the winds just a few hours ago we were at about twenty miles an hour. Winds now we're seeing gusts well over thirty miles an hour and they are only going to get worse as the night goes on. Those winds are bringing down trees on to power lines so power has now been knocked out to thousands of people on this island. And now shelters are opening hundreds of people are in shelters both for tourists and residents. Nobody is going anywhere right now airline flights between the islands are shut down even a lot of flights from here to the mainland. The good news as most people are staying off the streets the streets here in -- are very empty. Heeding the governor's warning here to hunker down until the storm passes. -- -- Our thanks to clintons and -- there are hundreds of people spending in the night in shelters as you mentioned others though. Are riding out the storm at home we spoke earlier former ABC news photographer Geneva car -- know -- now retired in Hawaii. About the biggest fears for her house. The -- in -- -- trees falling for -- our trees falling on her. We have days of very very mild these scenes which is an invasive species and they're very brittle. And they are about seventy feet high they tower over our house on the on the time to. Downhill where a little worried about those pictures -- break -- Craxi creek following all of for hunkered down where in the dark. And it certainly can't really believe he has. Feels scary. -- right especially since the storm. It could be followed by hurricanes Julio our coverage continues now with AccuWeather meteorologist mark -- -- so who's tracking the storms mark taken away. A chance to take a look at our Celek picture from the Pacific here to see the Hawaiian Islands here comes the sell -- right behind it is Julio. -- was an environment favoring development -- hasn't certainly strengthened here but as his cell -- -- Hawaiian Islands it is encountering some wind -- The waters -- marginally warm so what we're looking at. Is a weakening system that's very important here the system is weakening as it approaches the -- announced but nonetheless the weather will be intense the next six hours here on the big -- As were closest the center of circulation center circulation just -- the southeast but notice the wind field here. Tropical storm force winds and or its parking enforcement in red very small area. Hurricane hunters have investigating having a hard time finding parking enforcement is not the last as this interacts with the mountains we are going to -- -- strong Winstar -- forest. And there will be some areas of trees being knocked down power being knocked out handsome intense -- also -- unity quite windy here in the big island but the winds. 475. Miles an hour flash flooding power outages -- we expect here of course the pounding surf. As -- system interacts with these huge volcanic slopes here. It's gonna get torn apart the windshield -- it also weaken it so this is -- be much weaker as it winds its way. Off to the west and minimal impacts that he had farther to the north. Especially up towards a -- so the main impacts on the big -- next six hours so burst of rain flash flooding and certainly some intense winds with power outages right behind it Julio should pass to the north.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Iselle takes aim at the Big Island as Hurricane Julio lies in wait.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24896710","title":"Hawaii Pounded by Iselle","url":"/US/video/hawaii-pounded-iselle-24896710"}