Helping hands: Guy Fieri

Renowned chef and restauranteur Guy Fieri discuss his partnership with the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation to help launch the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.
4:24 | 04/01/20

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Transcript for Helping hands: Guy Fieri
One of the industry's hardest hit by the corona virus pandemic has been the restaurant business. It's Ben predicted that over the next three months five to seven million restaurant service. And kitchen jobs could be eliminated in response renowned chef and restaurant tour. Dicey area has partnered with the National Restaurant Association education foundation. To help launch the restaurant employee relief fund the fund aims to send cash grants to restaurant workers. Impacted by the cove in nineteen crisis in here to discuss it with us is. Guy fearing himself thank you so much for being with us first up I want to ask how you're doing what your data daylight flake rate now. Well I'm I'm doing fine to AT and I hope you are as well. And late. Which is most important and just thinking about all my friends down their cousins in Rome that are go to a tough time of course so. Just just very fortunate to be you know where we are in and locked down six. Yeah I know I hear you and and we just the numbers we just gave some of what people are predicting is just staggering can you give us some real insights into the state. Of the restaurant industry right now. Well you're right on with it I mean we've got tens of thousands of restaurants are closing. Sum for a short time and some probably forever. We've got millions millions of the restaurant employees without jobs anywhere at three million now and ask nations does he go to five to seven million to talk about a lot of families. A lot of the employees you are people living paycheck to paycheck. These businesses this is in desperate times and and that's what's so great we got to get at the National Restaurant Association educational foundation. Because they have the the program and cited the organization. To receive donations and help get that money to those that need it and right now we are making some great headway were almost Jessica went reaching ten million dollars. And on our goal hundred million but job the opportunity to help those that have been serving us for effort is is amazing. No it is incredible indeed so this restaurant employee relief fund. How will it operate got to give us some idea about how you make this happen. Well this idea first started we talk about just doing it with the California restaurant association great cop use to present their. And then it just developed into this program going nationwide and of course the RA was within our restaurants as he was awesome to just jump in its illicit. We have educational foundation where used to giving out money and helping with. Your scholar ships and so Ort. We can handle this volume we're talking big volume and big money 500 dollars for employee. And it took eat the program will open up our web site is RER. Dot you pass as a great place to make donations also great place to get information proceeding to grants and your 500 dollar said he has no money. That money goes a long way and it's not just you guys it's really it's also that comforts also the recognition that your community unit serving. For years and years in this industry is now giving you this report. Our contract to get their brass rat Wright who are milestones are events are our. Raising it was always the restaurants are now is a great time to do to help out but if your beat. The great thing is is that press association educational foundation is ready to go in that might get out. Guy you've been in the restaurant industry for years in years what are your hopes for a full recovery when burned through with this virus. Lobbying strategy my whole life and I know how important it is not just for people eat but it's a social place it's a gathering place it's and it's we celebrate milestones. An update what's gonna happen or what I what I hope what happens everybody remembers their favorite restaurant a favorite chef the paper server bartender and you name it. And when this wraps up when we're done this in wherein we got a long road of course but wouldn't happen. Happens please go back got busier theater restaurants please don't Dodi Al once next you know this this coming week. Yeah ten times get to go I gift certificates because that you talk about a group and and not an industry really need support it still needs a restaurant votes and I get our ERS dot US is a great web site to visit. And yet all the info you need. I love a guy Thierry thank you for all you are doing in giving back and of course we can do our part as well thanks for being with us today we wish you the very best. You guys are awesome thing Turkey keep up all the information. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Renowned chef and restauranteur Guy Fieri discuss his partnership with the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation to help launch the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69917843","title":"Helping hands: Guy Fieri","url":"/US/video/helping-hands-guy-fieri-69917843"}