Holiday Presents For Your Pets

Pet Lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond walks you through the gifts for your pets.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Presents For Your Pets
Of course is most wonderful time of the year for people and there's no reason why it shouldn't be. As well for your pets that's what we have a couple perfect holiday gifts that are sure to keep your pets tails wagging and yours -- well. Here walk through some of these gift giving guide Wendy diamond lifestyle pet experts think some of today. Because obviously look they say Christmas is for kids but it really. Well we get these -- and we. An 87%. Of pet parents are buying gifts for their -- and why would you want. This is like a threat as part of family they're not outside in the doghouse and -- -- inside they have their own bad. Q how is that a paper on the Star -- -- here this thing -- -- pet bat from pat it's 49 dollars. It eat it clean it's great Baffert just wipes right off all the hair and it reflects that and -- are up for adoption come with a -- yet -- that would be that that would actually. Honda went up Hugh went -- which when is this one. -- when it. Well let me know and an actual -- -- and executed in -- because captain Natalie practice Wednesday are these we -- -- are up for adoption. I've got. A and I. -- all -- all that's what you -- your cat or dog out boy's right yet. I get a great little dogs like to keep them occupied during -- -- -- -- All the family members -- -- I love this what for the duties the hot dogs that we -- -- -- -- -- Products. -- little noted regularly and not. -- out lots around it got that -- it's odd that most adorable yet for any. Booty there -- about branding. 1999. Okay also actually outlook -- -- out can't get. -- -- 889 cats in the United States that's. About twelve million more than jobs OK there's a lot mark Katz of cats -- to -- -- as well and cat owners coaches to is yeah. Fanatic right sample stuff in the of these bubbles are dean's and it's -- -- -- as for your view. Cat lover out there who can I pay my other favorite they might not mind these dog Apple's right right he hit it clean and -- ball in holiday colors and Lott the senate from C wonder. I love the product that's what they've -- political steps. -- and this little jacket is not and why do you have this baby hope and baby hope it's not up for adoption she's my. But I after -- last. Now this is a -- this is that. I'm on look at -- -- it's so she can cute but also like to talk cold especially during the -- it's really really cold. So they're not Huskies they need more than it usually break if -- victory it pops in the color so it's really -- to keep them and here's. Thing you keep what you put costumes on -- do you think you're torturing them because everyone's like a list and at that -- that. But hope is clearly I can't Lowe who would get through Christmas tree and I had -- -- -- -- -- Our own way. -- great gifts are also available you know at techno for -- -- exploit you get met -- Now my candidate Rick for any pet parents yes -- -- right now. People -- really can't hair if you have allergies. The -- -- DC fifty animal back. The -- actually picks up at everything. -- thinks this in the hair. It's small it's like well it's terrible and you'll never find better -- I love -- the Turbo engines picks up fiercely so if -- -- dot. Especially one that has a lot of parents -- Or a cat but this is actually agrees to give me pat here. Because we love our pets but we also don't want to let them where we going to work and work. Kirk -- I don't much care act. And also it's hot. Right right right and important to make sure. You know pets away in a room and even some of these toys to play wit and keep a point mopping and makes they have IDs they don't run out guitar. No phones no bones about it nothing however act -- and I love is pictured her chocolate as well. -- perfect perfect selection of gifts and obviously for the animal lover and for the animal owner. Keep him looking great and having this -- right Wendy -- so much on his hate Hillary so much and up for adoption clearly. Well. And I don't know what you guys go -- -- the -- Thank you very much -- happy -- -- --

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{"id":21323274,"title":"Holiday Presents For Your Pets ","duration":"3:00","description":"Pet Lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond walks you through the gifts for your pets.","url":"/US/video/holiday-presents-pets-21323274","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}