Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrating the life and legacy of iconic civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.
2:02 | 01/18/21

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Transcript for Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.
On this David the nation honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we wanted to pay tribute to the legacy of Doctor King. His words are still so inspirational to so many people around the world and especially this time's worth taking a little time today to hear them once again. Listen. Brands. It's hot yeah. With a heavy index and inequality of the world got confused where to help us today. Dream like Jack keen. Alex green gang. He is rain we're seeing teams and visionary who gets credit card number yeah. This is not Armenians and we are. Yeah there are animals EU. CNN. Media lol it's. I don't know why you don't mind seeing okay yeah. Yeah. I haven't gotten a little man high paying. No more meals and when that while I. Yeah. We meet Rihanna. 'cause they're four and a fifth graders from various states in the country in the annual MLK. Oratory competition. I think we could use him in day in the adult role he has our store owner of pretty soon as soon as possible.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Celebrating the life and legacy of iconic civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75329321","title":"Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.","url":"/US/video/honoring-martin-luther-king-jr-75329321"}