Hope Hicks testifies on Capitol Hill

The former White House communications director says she was instructed by Trump not to discuss her time in the White House.
2:40 | 06/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hope Hicks testifies on Capitol Hill
So Catherine folders joins us on Capitol Hill. With more. Catherine do we know if she's giving it new information to congress today. Eighty elephant she's been behind closed doors for about two hours now Democrats. I have been questioning her and welcome back the great question are we getting new information are they here in new information we've learned from and so far we've talked to some. A democratic lawmakers exiting the room with had a chance to question her they say that she's. Answering some questions those questions about the campaign but nothing as a relief. To her time at the White House now. You know that the White House last night sent a letter to the committee saying Ed that she was immune from testifying at Berkman barring any events are related to her. Time at the White House so. What lawmakers and democratic lawmakers are things so far is that White House counsel is whipped her and they are objecting. Two most of those questioned found Republicans will now have the opportunity to question her also we expect for her to be in there. Most of the afternoon outlook lawmakers that we spent two that's it she's not answering questions about her time at the White House he doesn't what's next and they brought up. The litigation that potentially this could go to the courts and in some of these lawmakers are saying that this is just the president obstructing justice complaint. Yes so the Democrats will take some sort of action if she refuses to answer any of their questions. That's what we're gathering from them right now of course we don't heavy firm answer on this is testament easily. Two hours underway and it's behind closed doors but what I will say is that. That we will be getting eight trains. I'm miss it will be made public in the next 48 hours we expect. Add to potentially. It get it tomorrow so look any action I think it is up to the chairman of the Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler who. Ed came out and spoke with us a little while ago and said look she's answering some questions so we'll wait to hear from again but. It you know it's up to them whether they take any action in the port. And it's worth asking since you're here do you think Muller is ever going to testify when we stand on that. They get a bigger question than Democrats also say that they're negotiating with his team they city still wanna hear from him there's really no Peru. Timetable on that they say before the end of the summer. But look I think it negotiations aren't. It currently ongoing everyday they were before I think the focus now is on those. Senior advisors on those people who were specifically. Named in similar report I like hope picks and from. All right Catherine father's right there on Capitol Hill thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"The former White House communications director says she was instructed by Trump not to discuss her time in the White House. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63811830","title":"Hope Hicks testifies on Capitol Hill","url":"/US/video/hope-hicks-testifies-capitol-hill-63811830"}