Hurricane Florence nears North Carolina

Wind and rain are picking up in Outer Banks, North Carolina, as Hurricane Florence makes its way toward the East Coast.
2:13 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence nears North Carolina
That there is no stranger to powerful storms that Florence could actually be historic they're mandatory evacuations are under affected our on Q Benitez. Is one of the few people left there GO describing you're seeing right now. All right now Diane we are getting sustained winds of about 25 miles per hour we're seeing those wind gusts above 32 miles per hour and you can just see behind me BC's look mean right now the we've been watching as these waves get bigger and bigger and I want to show you here. As this water crashes against this year you could see what it's already done to that fencing there that fencing has already been destroyed just this morning because of these waves these powerful powerful waters here we're expecting this to get worse obviously over the next few hours as these outer bands come through we're starting to get some of the rain to like just look that the radar and now we have some rain that's about to cross here. So so it could get potentially very dangerous here. That storm surge that ginger was talking about that is what people are worried about and officials here they've been saying get out they want all the residents to get out. They're not going to be able to come back anymore they're closing off. These bridges coming into the outer banks of the people here certainly there not trap they could leave whenever they want. But as so many people and they have left they have evacuated. Because they just don't want to be here. For whatever this thing done so glad to hear that at least GO what are authorities telling people that are still there. They're saying listen you know what we're not going to be able to get emergency crews true are you if you need help. So in fact I met a guy earlier today who said that he came in. Up from Chesapeake because his mom is a 91 year old and she doesn't want all of that weight she's never a factor waited at her thirty years here. That's the story that we're gonna hear. Along the coast that we're gonna hear about. The elderly court not able to leave who don't want to leave and so a lot of their children are coming in to help them so he came in he left his family in Chesapeake but he came in. Because he wants to make sure that she has any help knowing that emergency services just won't be available. Writer on GO Benitez there in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. GO thank you and stay safe.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Wind and rain are picking up in Outer Banks, North Carolina, as Hurricane Florence makes its way toward the East Coast. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57800724","title":"Hurricane Florence nears North Carolina ","url":"/US/video/hurricane-florence-nears-north-carolina-57800724"}