Hurricane Michael heads for Florida

Florida residents race to evacuate their boats from marinas ahead of the storm.
1:33 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Michael heads for Florida
Victor okay I know here in Apalachicola Florida the main concern here along the coast storm surge possibly twelve feet of it that means that this entire area. Would be under water this water would push right up over this little seawall. Just he did idea. This is you vote would be entirely underwater as well that park this little neighborhood those houses just beyond all that. Downtown Apalachicola. That would be flooded as well as we work your way back down towards this marina. See there are a lot of boats still here but we have seen a number of voters this morning coming in. Making those last minute preps doing what they can't either try to secure their boats or get them out of harm's way taking them out of this marina. Down the canal up the Apalachicola river further inland to safety we're also seeing people just. Helping their neighbors you've got one got out there you can see that one. Hello motor boat it's actually. Going to be helping toe that larger boat getting it out of this marina as well can a lot of that this morning. The Windsor start to pick up a little bit we've had a few showers but we are expecting the brunt of those tropical storm force winds to start hitting this area. Later on tonight there is a mandatory evacuation in place here in Franklin County it started at 8 AM. He Tony is also busing people out of town getting them to shelters places like that throughout the morning they're calling that a one time opportunity. Something that a lot of people here need to pay attention again the main concern is that slow search picture of Kendall ABC news Apalachicola Florida.

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{"id":58389249,"title":"Hurricane Michael heads for Florida","duration":"1:33","description":"Florida residents race to evacuate their boats from marinas ahead of the storm.","url":"/US/video/hurricane-michael-heads-florida-58389249","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}