Hurricane Sandy's Powerful Storm Surge

Storm surge from Hurricane Sandy flooded and washed away homes in New York.
2:34 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Sandy's Powerful Storm Surge
Hurricanes we've seen those insane winds rip apart buildings and devastate huge areas in just hours. But one thing hurricane sandy reminded us of here in the northeast. Hurricanes are a lot more than just wind. The storm surge is even more deadly destructive. And frightening. I like he's seen in an instant he heard anything smashing and breaking news tumbling. Nutrition dress and her family were senior Staten Island home wins. From the capital upstairs there have been countless time coming into the front door in the back door and my daughters of Miami home he had wanted to. Six hours later emergency crews found pictures show her husband and daughter gone. And look like a tsunami that came up and over and she's on my on this second best comment of the house and I lost her. I have some of that everything. The wild power of that standish and the coastline. Like us who look at. No wonder this is all motion coming over here this storm surges are the tide is coming up so many lives lost to storms are being. Storm surge is basically water piling up along the shore ahead of and inside the hurricanes. In the center of the hurricane as pressure falls the water levels rise all the water going online video over the open ocean water. Hurricane closes in on land. Strong winds push that water. And I last felt like I'm. Not saying you're inside a home at the coast and isn't what it may look like the water approaching quickly and viciously. Entering your home and winding up the walls and sandy Helms filled with water quickly reaching 109 beaten inside the house. I went under and I getting pushed in west around. Anger around the island storms tonight from high tide of rival wandered back stop making a high winds but storm surge is. Right back to life and property from Kirk if you could say there's one lesson from this that he could take away. Don't ignore the warnings listen to them very important enough there for reason. Never again. Patricia has never been back to the place where her house one step but she's definitely moving on she bought a new home and recently welcomed a grandson into the world.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Storm surge from Hurricane Sandy flooded and washed away homes in New York. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29563608","title":"Hurricane Sandy's Powerful Storm Surge","url":"/US/video/hurricane-sandys-powerful-storm-surge-29563608"}