ICE arrests 680 undocumented workers

Mississippi saw the largest raid in more than a decade on Wednesday.
2:26 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for ICE arrests 680 undocumented workers
In Mississippi there was a big immigration raid hundreds of undocumented immigrants were taken into custody and so we turn to Washington and ABC Sophie Tatum. Who covers immigration for us here at ABC news the so few what happened here in Mississippi yesterday. So what happened yesterday. There isn't there were 680 individuals who were roster approximately 600 needy. And while officials are calling the largest single state. And it. Immigration enforcement action in US history it took place over the course at. The morning where and in that. Six different cities saffron different agricultural processing plants these hundreds of individuals where it. Taken into ice custody at and taken to a processing center. And Jackson Mississippi to be processed and go eventually before an immigration judge to kind of determine what will happen next for them. So Pete this didn't just come out of nowhere this operation had been planned the wild. Yes so what officials yesterday said that they had been planning this enforcement action for over a year. I'm involved more than 600. Agents they statue came into these different cities in Mississippi. For what they prepare parents for for you know it seems like why else. When all of this unfolded you mentioned 680 in total taken into custody. There there were a number of kids who were in school when when all of this happened and their parents were taken into custody how how get a sense of how the operation unfolded. You know I think thick what with the kids are what we know on what we've reported is that they were all taken to local elementary school was I'm to eventually be. You know reunited with some of their parents but it is all very case by case depending on immigration status of their parent or. Who they're good they're saying. And cool who was there any reason that authorities gave you Sophie about why this operation had to take place. Now because we know immigration has been a focus of the administration. But certainly that the department of homeland security and other agencies have been trying to confront. Mass shootings in and deal with that it it seems as if maybe this could of waited. You know they they were asked about that yesterday the press conference and they said that this was something that. They had been planning for so long that although these instant since it happened it parodies instances that happened over the weekend were tragic and horrific. That they had plans tech continue and go forward with. And immigration enforcement yesterday. OK so ABC Sophie Tatum for us in Washington DC.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Mississippi saw the largest raid in more than a decade on Wednesday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64859941","title":"ICE arrests 680 undocumented workers","url":"/US/video/ice-arrests-680-undocumented-workers-64859941"}