'I'm blessed to be alive,' Florida school shooting survivor says

The shooter fired into 17-year-old junior Matt Walker's classroom.
3:00 | 02/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'I'm blessed to be alive,' Florida school shooting survivor says
Want to bring in Matthew Walker now seventeen year old junior. I think high school joins us on the phone now we're glad you're okay right now totals about your afternoon. Walton. Hosting costs cannot the last period of the dead and house to do my work and you're and of the bell. And dumb I don't know where it is cutting your thing and always thought just kind of so that you not around. Was there a got louder and louder in. The guys started shooting to go towards so little window through the door and though it was really rather vocal everywhere they're almost. Ricky now. Growing or it could did you see the shooter. I cannot minister who I did. But he did you 2 o'clock. He shot in your classroom was any lenient had he wasn't. Yes there were kids injured by. Secret against Saudi Ecuador fought but he was shooting to the cost. And he can do could you tell how far away he was from the door. I cannot come soon about how many shots that he fired in the classroom. What policy and that's all. Ten law. Play that good those 1012 shots even though I'm sure it happened very quickly must've felt like forever. My new. Goal would have to that he touted as were two other bosses who did this and then. Do you have anything or go ahead. On all yeah I use he was escorted off the costs just shooting at random kids you can't. When they were when the police were escorting out of the building. There was there was a dot although he was dead or not but there was no doubt that got him for next American. Or how long did you hear shooting going on. You two minutes two. To three minutes. And then he just kept walking from classroom to classroom and and would tell us about the condition of the students in the classroom and you. Rival mostly ever was okay in my class but cute cute kids were injured. Not seriously. Watching what was seriously though there's a homo. Then tell us what happened afterwards hat when we able to get out of the classroom. Old when the cops the cops came in late. The cops came in like five minutes so they they were quick about it for the guy here and everything we've could clear the discount became an o'clock. Made sure we were all okay they homes evacuated although it's. Since you've been out have you heard anything more about the shooter or anything more about your friends and classmates in the school. Well I heard that. This Judy Woodruff formal split a formal student and a dog loose. And is an exam yet in this program and everything you post is about weapons and it's six. You say we tell tell us more about that that. That answer Graham from the former student. Ball mode. I just I always thought pictured it but this is state only doses just posting his weapon to stop on his. Or even figure might Connolly you know showing off his knives and guns in public Carrie do now. I'm okay I'm with my mom would persist. Have you heard anything from any of the other class mr. your friends okay. Bumper morsel for most all my friends are okay. My and I hope I just hope that corn genome. Goes there and just you know discredited you know. I'm Boston realized. You are blessed to be alive and Matthew thank you for sharing.

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{"id":53092510,"title":"'I'm blessed to be alive,' Florida school shooting survivor says","duration":"3:00","description":"The shooter fired into 17-year-old junior Matt Walker's classroom.","url":"/US/video/im-blessed-alive-florida-school-shooting-survivor-53092510","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}