Former inmate on solitary confinement: ‘Troubling to my soul’

Ian Manuel discusses his new book, “My Time Will Come: A Memoir of Crime, Punishment, Hope, and Redemption,” on his 18 years in solitary confinement.
4:03 | 05/12/21

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Transcript for Former inmate on solitary confinement: ‘Troubling to my soul’
A topic that we touched on earlier on our show solitary confinement when in Manuel was fourteen years old he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. And ended up spending eighteen years in solitary confinement he was just released in 2016. And came out with a book of my time will come a memoir of crime punishment hope and redemption. In reaching documents in his experiences. In manual thank you so much for joining us tonight. We're really. Saying you're just a teenager when you were sent to prison what went through your fourteen year old mine as you were trying to process spending life behind bars and ultimately solitary confinement. Well I'll tell you this off spent at a rest mile wide and resilient. Did not Indians love is much older I couldn't god created. What life in prison and sent to young age and did it need a volunteer army since I Finnessey. Was very truly. My soul and so I doubt it will bear. You talk about some very traumatic experiences one in particular where the guards made you strip in order to go outside. How earlier able to maintain some semblance of hope. Well OK we're O maybe saying my sons must have municipal. What's happening too you know what we'll Powell. Would call I don't know what my mother told me all we're aware that fit a half mile high crown com. I go. My mom's the tell me. Ian no matter what don't let them take your time when I was a young tree is a little. Hear that message old widow behind big east record with standard things that was happening to be Igawa couldn't understand it. When all of the volunteers. And you ultimately reconciled with your victim Debbie then established a relationship with her and later she petitioned for your released. Your life might have been different in Devery hadn't agreed to it to speak with you. Oh I would have never had to the opportunity. Oh reconciliation. All restorative justice I think I'm better community he would get beyond that appear to be O or restore justice and I'm so glad that. As a fourteen year old I made a decision to reach out to Debbie. We're we're getting is. It's skirts and you know we've operated and opt. Everything from where that. And you are now poet and some of your work is included in your memoir talk us through this particular line from your home called fun cried tears if crying brings you to triumph. Then dying is not such a disaster. Can you explain what you mean. Yeah outsold every prison not just the push. All of my pay down clue why would not feel the total to out of yogurt. It's soul. It was a conversation between your tears at a conference that continent's edge of tears telling the content just let us now. You don't have to be Brady took rock. You can heal itself and a popular spot but crying. And even know it might he'll need the tears dry add. It appears to be done it would heal you felt that while there got this far out of line to be sold how old and so. True and a four Alito just curious about writing and it hit. Is that is a healing process for you an outlet tend to help you through that Simon and now subsequently. I got hundreds and a bubble can't calm all of whom widening is very good thought it would be. If it's something that I used to call law to Hilton's above in the depths of solitary confinement. And it could have been Obama are lighting and resilience out of the great thing about Obama because all of cleared up. Is that the human knowledge and experience and I spit eighteen consecutive years. All bill created. Always though president he let until waffle ball was elected about eighteen years later. In manual with thank you so much for your time joining us tonight my time will come a memoir of crime punishment hope and redemption. Is now available wherever books are sold.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Ian Manuel discusses his new book, “My Time Will Come: A Memoir of Crime, Punishment, Hope, and Redemption,” on his 18 years in solitary confinement. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77632987","title":"Former inmate on solitary confinement: ‘Troubling to my soul’","url":"/US/video/inmate-solitary-confinement-troubling-soul-77632987"}