Inside look at covering Hawaii's volcano

ABC News correspondents give the inside story on covering the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii last month.
15:48 | 06/15/18

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Transcript for Inside look at covering Hawaii's volcano
And folks Mac up in here with ABC news live. We have a pretty interesting show coming up for you right now so we have a panel of guests ABC news reporters and producers. Who spent a lot of time on the front lines of the volcano in light he's in the right. Our Roberts of pain there elsewhere where Marcy Gonzales. A fantastic team we have. Clayton said del losses but a lifetime as a volcanoes. Somewhere hovering around the rocky mountain area. We believe you'll be witness in the short time but. What we want to provide you with is something that you don't get to see all the time which is to of the behind the scenes of what it's like. You know covering this bubbling gurgling surging river of lava it's 2000 degrees. And what was so unusual about this particular story is that it win on. And on and on for weeks it's -- see that picture of us reporting. I think that was for GM today with that founding Fisher that's probably the lovely future number 22 you know these places by art. And what are my favorite things and you can see it in these images. Is. Getting to that because there are police roadblocks everywhere its not easy to get to sell. We have to hope it is walking four at least a mile sometimes more through this thing hiking grass in the first couple days. Could even find a place is who spoke Arctic get to you. And like wild boards around that giant bugs and it's great I loved the whole skies lit by the the glow of the long Qaeda which is a lot of fun to seep Allah show you some of the stuff that we also have done from. K not flying drone over the lop two. For a long time. You couldn't fly over it and Kate it was able to do this stand up with the drone flown by a producer Scott Schulman to show you this scale of it. Bringing hand Zack. I Q what was that like when you sign it could you couldn't see it from where you're standing but would Scott actually showed you that video you're right. Right Matt so that was really the first time that the got to look at how destructive this lava is answering that all of us and it all covered all kinds of natural disasters but I've never seen anything. As destructive as lava and when you see those. In a lava rivers that's different from what I experienced when you see it. Like we're showing over the drone here it was so biscuits think that it is piling on top of each other so it's like. Yet is why all the piles that are thirty or forty feet high. And what's terrifying is that underneath that. Our homes cars businesses these are things that will never ever be recovered and so did not regard. It's really different from any other natural disaster that would bump into because people are not going to be. In sifting through the rubble after there's nobody the floodwaters are not going to recede what is lost has been lost for ever and I was Marcy Aaron first and on the ground and we salt still people how Elvis hope I think at a time when we first arrived and the people that are as evacuation orders seriously. They were just taken keeping some their homes you know Matt Norton. Renting U hauls and taking everything they could it because I'm sure we'll talk about the slot and arsenal specifically. Madame Pelé takes what ever she want one people who are optimistic. At first and just took a few things things like Omega lot of won't come too close and then. They can loosen the evacuation orders a little bit to let people come in for a few hours during the day to go back in get more people realized they had to keep going. Back to get more and more and more because the situation just kept getting more serious. And the question just before while we're talking about it one of the things that surprised me most is not how many people evacuated how many people state. Kate your encounters with the locals who not only get coming in and out with some of them. We're staying at home even as the lob law by holding girl gold you know 150 yards away from them. Ice to a guy who got burned I don't want not and he would as several feet away from enemy not how hot it was it so interesting. What people chose to do you mean some people to really seriously especially I think you know smarts and there. Once towering mount now once that creator fell I and people then. Really started to take an accurate. I think it. Depended on your personality to the these people and that I know that you met her friend Alan out there as well and this is a guy that. We talked to who. When I first met and he's I think what it take to get you evacuate his in this mandatory evacuation zone he said. I think a lot of coming down the street that's what algo and it exact count ended up happening to a so he talked it out and you know some of the these people who live in some of these communities could choose to be a little bit off the grid so he had no phone no television no Internet so he wasn't. Keeping up to date on what was happening. And once a lob a really did come down a street he had no way to call for help. And you realize that was a risk and it is fortunately he made it out he was rescued but he said he had it to do over again that he would meet some very very different tours I want. Or bring in Roberts who pay Yahoo! like calls zippy. This is a nickname that has stuck throughout ABC news Roberts paid zippy is a producer. So one of your jobs you have many jobs we're lot of hats robbery like drones on your job is to make sure that we actually make. There. That's right yeah. How many. He does meet its social media's the use this. In anger. Anything don't want to run you know Robert job needs two wins shore. That we get on air and that we get owners neatly and for you. You know you have a lot of responsibility watching out for people like me you know we're gonna push the end rate I'm gonna try to put my hand inside. The lob if Mike and if you let me. So what is it like for you and gotten yes I. But you know what it for you. Both happening on the damage L I hated it. When like I'm sorry what what would like for you try to manage all of these different demands rate got to make the best shot possible. You also have to make sure that were safe and you have to make sure that we can get on air in a timely fashion. How was it juggling all of this when there is you know burning river of lava it's 2000 degrees just feet away from you. You're right it's always it's. It's you know whether it's you know hurricanes or fires. Mudslides that we've covered you're always watching your surroundings which is. You know unique to use these types that story because other stories standing you'll live shot in the near really paying attention your surroundings. So it is challenging because you know you're trying to get the shots that you need your offer trying to make sure that everybody's saying. You know but need eventually does become sort of. Natural isn't so strain let out looking a lot everyday olufsen been. And it added. And it sort of does become liking sort of understand the risks and when I was an heiress three he met with. The third weekend I think I've the volcano. Erupting. And so now at this point we're going in with National Guard who is actually being held a bit more cops chest. I'm and making sure that we were at a safe distance away from the lava one monitoring the air quality and it really at a news concern exactly and at one point. This sort of ashen these rocks you know summits the size of golf the golf balls started raining down on us which was incredible because. We were. Hundreds and hundreds of yards away from this and they were just calm you wouldn't see them as they approached you until they were just landing all around GO. And it one point the national arts and we got to now we gotta go back to the cars we gotta get out of here because it was this. And you know becomes dangerous and that the hair you know pales they're worried about. It gets into your skin gets into your eyeballs. On any suit and have to be surgically removed so they're definitely dangers when it comes natural disasters I don't want to make it mechanic or. Just add a little bit of context use of folks at home watching. Pelé use the word that people who live on islands of Hawaii used to refer to a goddess it is that we did. Manages or does the volcano right she is the fire goddess who. Bubbles fire from the earth and all those images that you're seeing are fissures that erupted miles and miles about thirty miles away from the actual volcano. This is basically be just that giant drainage system that you've watched the actual volcano was way off on a mountain. That is 48 while thirty miles away from recent Marcy standing right there. Speaking of Marcy you know we we talk a lot about the behind the scenes stuff right. So I really enjoy it marching through the Kane grass in the far trying to find these spots the issue in the lives. Marcy did a live shot Laura a stand up on a boat. It's not to travel an hour and a half each way. Now she looks great she's very professional liars that Schwab. Steaming out behind about Martha Ellis about B the house. Harrowing journey. There and back. Well I it's bearable motion sickness I have no business being on a boat and bar and we got our all of bladders and rocking back and yeah. And we called few hours before a hey you know a lot of hitting errors in word we're getting you on a boat and at that point hinting Knoll where the only in nineteen OK I guess we're going. Stop by lot greens grabbed some Dramamine cross your fingers hope for the best and and it was just so rocky that actually much hombre. The indices were leading up to there is. There's a curve that you round where it comes down and that the columns sides that there. Carter Burton is the producers at the times that he estimated that the theater attendant fifteen feet out it was brutal still. I hold it together long enough to get that on camera but you don't wanna see the outtakes and what was happening to what it was what are all smell like that it's Alec. And out thing you know you he. You can't really couldn't Melanie thing and we are concerned because we're still learning about what the impact is about this ladies and this you know them. Fumes coming out from the lava hits the ocean and and just that it can be potentially deadly us with something new ones were raping our heads around this. As we're getting closer and oh my gosh are we danger you. A moment. We should not be as close that we went out to cap and that no absolutely fine this is a safe distance but does learning experience and for all of us as well. How are we in danger are we say bodily you know keep a safe distance but still be able to tell this story in. But that up but right and that. A terrorist hot spot in the eastern it's seeing that boat loads of people wanting to see just what you saw there with. It is incredible never seen in March c.'s defense I'd like to add that I spoke to basically everybody else who was on that vote. And everybody else's throwing up as well so it was RTC is not the weak link everybody else with sake. It with a day's journey to get some some incredible images that we illiteracy Matt. Now I want to actually talk about that sound. That the volcano or that the fissures and made I mean when people ask me like. What did it sound like what was your experience I really I don't know if there's anything that I can compare the sound you. It's unbelievable the strength of of the lot idea pushed out of and we heard him wrong. They're eager you can hear within their family barrier to I don't know if they can find one of my my stand ups from. From being here these features of this home. You know here's that. 5000. Yeah it's an idea I counter on there bottom line there are two different sounds that you hear. A line. OK so what some of the stuff sounds like. The engine of the jet ride it's as big roaring sound and then you have different types of fish as we're from work guys are like what sounded like explosions. And the first couple times that we came upon them right. What does this sound is so powerful and you see these fissures just detonating. Shrapnel like rock Al hundreds of feet in the air and we are literally having to duck it in the beginning because. We tried Nicholas that we had to basically retreat. Because you know we want to put the crew in jeopardy but. There are two different sounds and one is this explosive composite down. And the others this kind that yet which is what you would hear. In Nazi that we were using per unit rate there. On through its just very raw but as Robert mentioned earlier. When you do it day after day. It ends up sounding the same and it becomes much less impressive. Thanks for watching that now unlike. It's pretty cool to see that but when I was there after gaelic 25. Of the all right there's a river out there than there. Effort river of a little back also to something that that Kane it's in the very beginning. The people's homes that you know while we were there will another colleague of ours is there with 500 homes were destroyed but. You know none of this stuff is recoverable you can came up clean up after floods and hurricanes and even tornadoes you can rebuild. There's nothing you can do what you're seeing right there is the newest. Fresh is part of the earth being created again. It will take hundreds of years before that is extremely fertile ground it will be right now it's basically up a dead zone for everybody who lives. Yeah I found it amazing that and when I talked to a local Klaus a talk to some insurance adjusters in the area so. Basically it's easier for advantages build a new road over the lot of and it would be for them to dig up and find out ultra old roads and things will be lost. Absolutely forever and these homes this is the things that that was terrifying and sad but also very interesting. Is that if your home gets destroyed by the lava. People are trying to prove that their home actually caught fire as opposed to being inundated by a lot of kids not regard their insurance would cover it. Right if it was inundated by rob they had to have this other special insurance that is very hard to get and very expensive on the island but lastly. If access to your home was cut off pileup but your homeless finding. You're not a lot there's nothing they will do they ensure your home but not access to and that's a situation a lot of people are finding. Right now. Now with with more you know more of these roads being closed up and the main roads to you mean these aren't just yet the roads within lane on the estates in the neighborhood there but you know at some of the major highways major access points. Cut office while. So I think that's a good place to leave it just think in a bottled people who lost livelihoods homes. They didn't know when they built on a place called the east rift that it was literally right under the pipeline. A massive conveyance of lava that went down in the ocean but nobody really thought it would happen now. And it's very unfortunate that so many people lost their homes luckily nobody lost their lives. So far in this it's gotta be like fifty day long eruption. Still I want to thank. My great colleagues Cano whitworth Robertson paid a Marcy Gonzales for all that you do. And all the hard work and up for joining us. So. Thanks guys and I hope you folks at home we'll keep watching or wherever you're watching this. Again I've not gotten ABC news and out of the season.

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{"duration":"15:48","description":"ABC News correspondents give the inside story on covering the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii last month. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55930460","title":"Inside look at covering Hawaii's volcano","url":"/US/video/inside-covering-hawaiis-volcano-55930460"}