Inside the Macy's Flower Show

ABC News' Charli James takes us inside the Flower Show at Macy's in New York.
16:34 | 03/31/16

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Transcript for Inside the Macy's Flower Show
We're gonna go to ABC news Charlie James who's at the Macy's flower show here in New York Charlie. I was looking up. Look like spring and it really more like right here and the art. Well today that today you are predicting but it not only in New York facts and find any. Off the country that. Flower show it here you aren't Philadelphia. Chicago. Minneapolis and never. The Atlantic don't end here in all I'm looking. Enid Mary. And they have taken big Pacific region and parent and it planned nineteen showcase the beauty of the flower and plant in those different region. America the beautiful as. I mean I can't imagine the first time that has been the theme. Used for flower show that night and always looking flower show. America the beautiful and good evening go to Ireland but yet our hearts out there and that you America as some parts aren't so pretty and here are some dale McLeod. The man they. I can't believe that public areas are getting their act reconnect he's being lived and the better this dream was offended by my comment. If Europe that are let me look pretty. I've legislators are all themes are you can do for a flower show. Could you gladly eat he wrote upgrades of that she's giving you can. Rejoin charming to apologize for my comment that great game and beautiful. Technical difficulties. A problem well I'm gonna take you through he had all of the beautiful pac ten. So that behind me is rapidly. He flame of the statue of liberty and there aren't thousands. Plant them. That fact are often center. Here and I want to say that these are all living plan. So these are not flowers that are going to die immediately thinking we practice. Thank. One. In the middle of it it runs for two weeks collapse and it is on Sunday. He easily. But part of second and and all of the Lou are going to be replanted. The girl scouts of America are have teamed up with me here in the plant. Unlike many if they can after the show is complete in park local partner that he so why don't I turned him. And conveniently pay couple walk through Oakland's summit site. The art in the middle of the purses and content. Happy I'm proud welcome tell you. Now we win the hearts. Oh and being locked. Work area. Car. Along the way. Okay. Help them. Seminars. I don't. I don't think. So then we're right here yeah. Come I was like Sunday. Learn. Okay they have but I'm on here. That's fun and game. Smart phone and you. The audience. Remarkable that all that is right there in the middle of this storage operator. But they're walking around getting their shopping in and that soccer ticket if that these beautiful live right there in the middle of the department that we now. How long it took that all this up. And how long it'll be there and other police idea how many people unhappy flowers. What does it take all the thaw. Now there's over a hundred people go in so you. It's at nine hanging. Obstructing flowers. And in some cases they have to wait until the store is closed so they're doing in the middle of the night. And replanting. The location near you aren't really late though they are. Burning the Midnight Oil to put together this there's going to be as many as half a 1500000. Comes this. And it's obviously in great drop me. Well we'll come and you know you hope that. He will also buy it hurt her lipstick or something nice block out. Well you're here as he took flowers up but it also makes. It feels that he hearing you aren't written and bring it a little late to. A nice feeling that spring's riots. And it's a tradition for a lot of people in here in New York. The last action. I think the Pacific northwest wonderland yeah. Golden Gate Bridge replica there. And then at some other things for kids as well up on the eighth floor they have found dinosaur dean's. Flowers and some other inflation at a more forget that their little hands on them that you can. Well if Donovan hit two of the show. But it is really pretty and relaxing and not great and here. I was thinking telefilm Martha were the other cities that this may think flower show takes place. Though I here in new York and then heading west Philadelphia. I'm Chicago Minneapolis and standards it's. Locations there. Flowers. Felt so confirmed now by drugs in there is no Macy's flower show in Orlando. Voters what you or your first there is no. Orlando Bloom. And don't know and don't let him out on you even holding hotline at about five million. All of yeah. It's the whole time ready for it. I really. Everybody. On the native that never made. I care what thanks hailed disappointment filled the room. And. On that ultimately the right moment and I did not find it. Yeah. Yeah. If you I mean they're very intricate design and architecture around physically there is exactly the same in every other week he targeted either it. I don't know that exactly. But I hate. Don't you can go on the web sites and in the it eats at each city's action I don't know for certain of how the layout aren't weren't announced that it only got the name. I would assume not but. You can also go on web site or Macy's and C east action as well it. That the Eaton and the same America the beautiful and six different sections. America and that is the thing but I can't. I can't think of them like that exact replica of this and everything on the line. An attorney dean I know nothing about. Flowers but if you look at the flower and Ali what activism but a broad street. They live in Mosul do you do you know much about you know I don't know roses. Yeah I'm birds of paradise like a pig on the lineup. There you know anything about Larry I want everything go out I salinity display it and check out what they haven't even if I identify and. Yeah selling out my camera around. Formal flowers. Marker how they look at some scary period. If this. And Monday on the I'm involved you're not feeling line. My way up. My that you. Here for example. But actually. It often send very clearly not touch them but it doesn't look like them. Not. And he touched any of them early you can possibly break this lately I have not touched any of them I followed the real fun assignments. Thank you guy. It was fun. Kids there remember. I'm loving. Flags flowers third place. As well learn is a great overwhelming in the argue for a billion over. When laughter and fun and psychics you know with the advent before we see it that was. The palm tree. Any chance to get 1000 before we see the labels and didn't flower also biking accident toggle them. See from a few. We'll England played on. I'll sign on the label in the late game campaign I'm there. That looks to. Like a punk home. Not. It's not. Like her tail on me apparently planning tonight. It. And card entry. Visuals are. Hi I'm Jose. Not all. OK and when I'm. Rumors that apple aren't have a that is being active. And captain. Okay. I circled back office opened a lot of people don't know. This Vietnam. You're never gonna. On. Only got here right. Turn him. I you make up now. Please pass this law. There three. God. Doctors the conduct codes and that feeling paid leather jacket about a foot of lab coats. Well lab that filled with him. At the can you thought between two of them possibly. Which other victim was more let's find him but don't go and that please let it be the flower to move ahead of one right then it was pretty confident. Back here. Mind on. 91. My parents who I am learning that I don't know I think your mind. Tough line. Oh that's a good one beautiful this looks like. A Japanese. Lilly looks like a Little League. Once again. Locals yet incredibly hard. Kenneth royal purple. Familiar with the Japanese Lillie. More. I get that killed in the line. This obviously is a sunflower. Read something I. Log on sun. Hun. In knowing. I don't go over there that maybe we've all available and thank. Now that we are going oh yeah. I expect it became that I hearing that early date right flank where. Imminent there have been hot dogs and 6000. And maybe how and line them. Oh yes we'll annually. Assorted group athletic. I had the Avalon incident. I'm. Haven't there is they have light that's at the white flowers cause includes a new name yeah not taking advantage that good news it could be. What inspires do. Music. That where there is sorry James. If the New York. Fitness. His native city are. There are implanted but now name. Think he's planning and in the mostly in the coming in with the not. What America's all about. America the beautiful. And ethical. I think that we'll. American people were melting pot. Check out there on parents. On the court right now. There has been around and that's gonna rebuild they don't know that they logic like that and all about an hour and the only Dahlia and guessed wrong on Laurie. Yes. Japanese water toilets flat. Way as I can make them a flower means that with the best. Few doing fumigate. Market really is true think that that's about as popular field as international. Scooter competitions and covered if. Harry privilege of going to address that flower show on your about a screaming in your ear I think you for taking a senatorial radio around the annual Macy's flower show right here in the heart of New York City.

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