Iowa Storm Chaser Survives Lightning Strike

Denny Murphy and his son Derrick were filming a storm when a bolt of lightning struck.
4:54 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for Iowa Storm Chaser Survives Lightning Strike
700000. Those are the odds of getting hit by lightning according to National Geographic. All right there in that flash. A man who is now nearly one in 700000. Danny Murphy he just missed getting struck by lightning outside Dennison Iowa on Sunday. I'm Michelle Franzen here in New York joining us now Derrick Murphy who caught all the action on videotape we just saw there as his father Danny. Survived -- very close call. First Derek we know that you were both hospitalized and you were just released. How -- your father doing. He is doing better. He has still -- pain. In his left arm from the the damage to his muscles nerves. But he is doing better he's dangerously now before his pain was too much we couldn't sleep -- but he's still got the pain from about forty hours sense. Well we're definitely glad to hear that his progress as well as you also. -- things down talk us through exactly what happened Sunday where you both were and how it all went down. We were just west Dennison Iowa and we started out on the cell that developed within fifteen minutes. And we got started taking video of it started producing a lot of lightning right away and it moves. Adjusts to the north east and we went to. We went to Dennison you have produced a possible on cloud at that -- But one -- sort of striking real close to us that when it right terrorists. And then we got. In a car and moved. East Dennis in here and where we thought we should be safe we got -- -- product camera tripod. And my dad was taking photo with his camera stand Iowa I was able to. -- sat on video is about ten minutes after we started. You're dealing. The lightning struck I don't remember producing election. I remember years. Here is -- right next Internet and -- for about two seconds. And I wake up -- It's our own bat fourth seed in the car. And I wake up -- I don't I don't really know what happened as -- what was going on and I walk around my dazzling on the ground and he wasn't moving. Are -- a little bit. And he was you know mostly paralyzed from the secret speech in -- isolated over. And how -- and we were downed animal ordinance that went. How far apart do you think you work from. That strike do you know where investigators -- anything able to tell you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- away from where I stand. Very very close. That lightning bolt when it hit so you told us that the hairs stood out was there anything else that you noticed even about the skies that just look different. From what you and your father had experienced before. These storms that we were higher and -- -- -- -- -- And -- that lightning would -- real clip and its molecular some people's you know say. You can -- net an -- problem you know bitching about a low lying areas. And you obviously we is that you were thrown back and you hurt you were also worried about your father. Give us an idea about what the paramedics and police and doctors say. -- actually I was actually not as hurt as bad as he was he told he was it costs -- when he got struck out muscling his body tense stuff. And it's like being chased by a taser what are -- strong taste tests. There. And when that happens at their interest in Brussels and that that -- the muscles produces a toxin that don't your -- entry kidney failure so he. That's just in the hospital for -- or compartment syndrome. We'll Derrick Murphy we definitely want to thank you for joining us and also thank you for your account on this we wish you and your father. Well on this. And of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25222015,"title":"Iowa Storm Chaser Survives Lightning Strike","duration":"4:54","description":"Denny Murphy and his son Derrick were filming a storm when a bolt of lightning struck.","url":"/US/video/iowa-storm-chaser-survives-lightning-strike-25222015","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}