Jeb Bush delivers a eulogy at his mother Barbara Bush's funeral

"She was our teacher and role model in how to live a life of purpose and meaning," Bush said.
6:34 | 04/21/18

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Transcript for Jeb Bush delivers a eulogy at his mother Barbara Bush's funeral
As I stand here today to sure few words about my mom I feel her looming presence behind me. And I know exactly what she's thinking right now. Jeff keep it short. Don't drag this out. People of already heard enough remarks already. And most of all don't get weepy. Remember us than a decade of that decades laughing and living a life. With these people and that is true. Barbara Bush filled our lives with laughter and joy in in the case of her family. She was our teacher and role model on how to live a life. Of purpose and meaning. On behalf of our family we want to thank the thousands. And thousands of expressions of condolences and love for our precious Muller. We want to thank mom's caregivers for their compassionate care in the last months of her life. I wanna thank Neil and Maria for their next door family love of our parents. And thank John and Suzyn for their welcome words Meachem you might have been a little long but it was beautiful. We want to thank Russell Laura for their friendship and passed oral care of our parents. And we want to thank all that are gathered here to celebrate the life of Barbara Bush. Now it is appropriate to express gratitude. Because we learn to do that at a very early age. You see your mom was our first and most important teacher. Sit up. Look people in the I. Police say please and thank you. Do your homework. Quit whining and stop complaining. Eat your broccoli. Yes that she said that. The little things we learned became habits and they led to bigger things like be kind. Always tell the truth. Never disparage anyone. Serve others. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated. And love your god with your heart and soul. What a blessing to have a teacher like that when he forced them. Now to be clear her students. Were perfect. That's an understatement. Mom got us who are difficult times with consistent. Take it to the bank unconditional. But tough love. She called her style the benevolent dictatorship. But honestly it was and always benevolent. When our children got a little older they would spend more time visiting their damp B and Danny. All it would take would be 11 week and when they came home all of a sudden they were pitch in and around the house. They didn't fight as much and they are actually nice to be whisked. I attribute this to the un bridled fear of the Danny lecture in the habit forming affects a better behavior taking hold. Even in her nineties mom could strike fear into her grandchildren. Nephews nieces and her children if someone didn't behave. There were no safe spaces or micro aggressions aloud when Barbara Pierce Bush. But in the end every grandchild knew their Danny loved them. We learned a lot more from our mom and are gaining. We were not to take ourselves too seriously. We learn that humor. Is a joy that should be shared. Some of my greatest memories are participating in our family dinners with mom when he mom would get into it most the time with George w.'s you might imagine. And having us all laughing to tears. We learn to strive to be genuine and authentic by the best role model in the world. Her arsenic plastic pearls. For not calling her hair by the way she was beautiful till the day she got. Her hugging of an HIV aids patient at a time when her own mother wouldn't do it. For standing by her man with a little rhyming poetry in the 1984 election. And a thousand other ways Barbara Pierce Bush was real and that's why people admired her and loved her so. Finally our family has had a front row seat for the most amazing love story. Through multitude of moves. From New Haven to Odessa to venture out to Bakersfield to Compton to Midland to. Houston to DC eighty to New York to DC to Beijing to DC tell Houston. To DC. Back to Houston and Kenny. On pork. Their loved was a constant in our lives. My dad is a phenomenal letter writer and he would write mum on their wedding anniversaries which total amazing 73 years. Here's one of them written on January 6 1994. Will you marry me boots I forgot we did that 49 years ago. I was very happy on that day in 1945. But I'm even happier today. You've given me joy that few men know. You've made our boys in the men by balling them out and then right away by loving them. You've helped ROB the sweetest greatest daughter in the whole wide world. I've climb the perhaps the highest mountain in the world but even that cannot hold a candle to being Barbara's husband. Mom used to tell me now George don't walk ahead. Little did she know I was only trying to keep up keep up with Barbara Pierce from rye New York I love you. The last time my mom went into the hospital I think dad got sick on purpose so that he could be whether that's my theory at least. Doesn't literally a day later he showed up with an illness. He came into her room and when she was sleeping and held her hand. His hair was standing straight up he had on the mass to improve his breathing he was wearing a hospital down. In other words were we look like health. Mom opened her eyes and said. My god George you are devastatingly handsome. Every nurse doctor staffer had to run to the hallway because they all started crying. I hope you can see why we think our mom and our dad our teachers and miles for our entire family and for many others. Finally the last time I was with were I asked her about dying. Was she ready to go but was she sat. Without missing a beat she said Jeb. I believe in Jesus and he is my savior. I don't want to leave your dad but I know I'll be in a beautiful place. Mob we look forward to being with you and Robin and all of God's children we love you.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"\"She was our teacher and role model in how to live a life of purpose and meaning,\" Bush said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54634324","title":"Jeb Bush delivers a eulogy at his mother Barbara Bush's funeral","url":"/US/video/jeb-bush-delivers-eulogy-mother-barbara-bushs-funeral-54634324"}