Jesse Jackson Reflects on the March on Washington

The reverend talks about discrimination, voting rights and Martin Luther King Jr's impact.
5:30 | 08/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jesse Jackson Reflects on the March on Washington
Byron Pitts is at the Lincoln Memorial with the reverend Jesse Jackson -- 1963. You were -- 42 years old enough to let the kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The collaboration could -- on the yield on the news that the what you'll see that -- and it was such attacks or racial. At that time quite -- from some of you won't -- what I saw soldiers -- right along here. -- -- black children are similar -- must approve the world I'm an American I don't. I'm not. -- from Texas -- The -- here. -- -- Under the skin right out sub population would look at Wimbledon king got -- speak. -- -- -- So something -- hear people let's see how. Won the -- people -- his dream about. Fans and I'm blacks and mobile -- -- -- seeing -- result moment. -- -- -- -- -- Since. Local bilingual that some of this whole. You bum note Doctor King predicted in the late 1960s and one day Caribbean black president United States -- consider -- seriousness. -- -- -- Barack Obama. Certainly does look what this is -- curtain today is responsibility. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Crown jewel who is -- Moscow -- all you'll be so proud and so respectful of his accomplishments he took and that the -- across the goal line touchdown. But he has them the lady all. -- film and Roosevelt and -- -- in the lane a critic Douglas so we need the government to respond to our pain. So the question Wallace and other things Obama believes market over the government's like he with the election that -- respond to Aussie was killed and we drop this guy. Responded to -- Avalon wildwood down the public must be -- catch up on the list had sought. The wall popular ride the -- me. -- -- -- presidential response. -- -- -- -- Good luck unemployment blackmail and -- woman. Six of the but the person plus -- the former into the gulf. Legal thought and prayers -- with the involvement blocking Obama's stop and employ there's often -- stop and trying. -- -- -- The opposite side of the -- Talk about sex isn't disparity. Jobs and opportunity poverty they also point to that number. They talked a lot about -- And accused -- and others -- not talking enough. Accountability. About comical. -- us what the real -- the is that we. The opposite the baseball -- often. -- -- -- -- the warm published in the appellation was he's showing symptoms. Well -- unless you about the problems black lung disease the printing real Americans -- for people. Pat almost apology of sorts and Ohio match of the adequate nutrition that help. Presentation that did green's drop. -- sold this cycle -- the -- cycle we must lift that cycle look. So we can not blame for the colts -- real home or close to develop the banks. Best -- we go out all of them in the street but not linked to reinvest on the -- Thomas liked the things that we must all talented. Personal behavior on everybody and -- responsible. The government have a role to play and that natural must -- -- to -- the right -- -- I'm asking you today online and what do you sports classic last. Today what do you. Quality constitutionally protected right the border and that -- things right. Must for a -- won't poverty student loan debt. Again this and -- prominent which we can breathe free in the restoration. -- civil rights commission. -- -- -- -- Fifty years ago you were on the State's standing near Yurman tour. Doctor -- that was a relentless. Us. Today of that equipment that you were in Washington when he when he spoke kinsey. Today you're not a formal part of the program. Q -- a significant. Take -- in this nation's history when it comes to super -- what what are your feelings today standing here as opposed to standing. Breezed. It's a bounce out of this -- -- But the thing is always important to run the point is out Vogel I'm actually in the league cup where -- -- -- the old multiple standing at home. We'll come to the -- -- emancipation tradition. -- of the rules over the municipal people's traditions. Blagojevich also in the war on poverty tradition and preserve Medicare and Medicaid it's critical source of truth and hot hot -- on the -- Out of the game -- -- the last during the that turn their loss too much war. What popped into my take lives in the war as we know -- in the father didn't hate. But you very much as the disease -- -- -- months.

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{"id":20096307,"title":"Jesse Jackson Reflects on the March on Washington","duration":"5:30","description":"The reverend talks about discrimination, voting rights and Martin Luther King Jr's impact.","url":"/US/video/jesse-jackson-reflects-march-washington-20096307","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}