Kansas City-Area Shooting Deemed a 'Hate Crime'

CEO says that officials "have assured us of their unequivocal commitment to protect the Jewish Community Center."
19:29 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Kansas City-Area Shooting Deemed a 'Hate Crime'
Good morning. -- a lot of like this responsible community of mobile home. As you might expect from. -- first -- here. And we for what can. -- -- I also like to point out that the Jewish community center is one of your yeah. I'm Jewish community. There are. -- It's all tell employees and -- and certainly all only -- that went through personal. Represented. Reviews of -- of those books we have the CEO from Jewish community center. This case throughout he would like to -- Thank you. We deeply saddened by the tragic events yesterday Jewish community campus village alone. Heartfelt prayers go families -- instantly it if you news. They are -- to us and ask for your prayers. Entire community stands united -- the Jewish holidays passed over this evening. Time of peace hope street. Never harmed by the outpouring of support from both greater Kansas City and around the world for our Jewish community. It strengthens us as we move -- From. Mr. -- and compassion to those most affected. We're working very closely the Olympic park police department. Which has been a long time highly trusted partners who are tired and his community. We are especially grateful to chief John. -- longstanding dedication. And appreciate his will want it may or call -- Along with the officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. US attorney's office and the district attorney. All have assured us. Their unequivocal commitments. To protect the Jewish community center village alone our community -- -- -- and the broader community as well. The Jewish community center and village alone -- -- day -- are committed to continuing to serve our community within the state. -- -- -- -- Call on all matters participants. Friends of our community. To join together within us. Demonstrate. The power of love -- -- unity prevails. Over violence. Thank you -- Tell -- more information happy -- we can confirm. I'd like to confirm some of that information that you possibly present some things you hear me. A lot of misinformation has -- sources become public. Unless we're -- That we're -- today. First of all from the first call 101 PM until the suspect was taken into custody twenty minutes later. Our dispatchers received a total of 289. Mile -- emergency call you later this year. This information was instrumental in apprehending the suspect and to let the -- Construction of -- vehicle which was apprehended British workers. I would point out. -- -- she didn't have been reported last she's just having her and -- you. Village -- -- all the I would like to express my gratitude we can't Highway Patrol. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- During his active shooters. And she managed. Shooters -- -- of that. We have protocol officer and -- multiple agencies respond what. It's important here. And we are very grateful to -- More. As has been recorded in progress we now -- who didn't verify the names. Again please understand opera sympathy and our condolences. I -- That tragedy belongs. Little to him. It's certainly columns involved through no respect her she. Doctor William Lewis -- 69 years old school power. His grass -- Was fourteen civil war games what we're fatally shot the Jewish community -- And Teresa terrible rose one model that you really can't commissions -- Fatally shot the village of Roman times. -- -- -- -- -- She was a member of -- Peter's Catholic Church. Mentioned the Zurich and she's working at children's. Visually impaired. Shoot -- Houston. And that the we are starting to receive calls from people were -- information related case. These are vital to us these witnesses didn't realize -- Six or have important information on this but now again contact. Investigators. -- phone contact. You know our police department is asking anyone believe may have information about this case the suspect -- did not hesitate to call 913. Eight. Six. When you. Again the number is 9133. Six. For the the 816512. Can keep him. Also has been reported we have arrested Frazier who -- had crossed here. The 73 year old white -- in rural Missouri. He also there was alias living -- more. We have actually determine who -- local and federal law enforcement agencies. That this was. Yesterday it became apparent. Terror act that would probably hate crime but we told you yesterday needed he's. Verification and investigation to make -- determination more than just it's actually that professional while. All of the first. He wouldn't say officially. It's a hate crime we are working with the federal government. Move to close the school this week everything you from the prosecution we'll stay. -- the specialists. Our case we looked my way drivers. How keeping. -- first more. Trust my cinnamon and personal condolences to families and victims were. -- Yesterday's attack Jewish community center of the village alone -- core fundamental freedoms of why. Power went -- was founded -- we live by every single day. This -- -- pointed out earlier. We've now determined that the motivation behind us what -- It's cheap talk to you yesterday. -- mentioned that it was still too early to talk. In the last -- to while we weren't. -- that this first this person committed were Seoul. Beliefs and his act. Result of police that he had. Yeah. For somebody -- necessity race religion. Number of categories and -- -- -- The FBI investigates hate crimes it is -- number one priority under our civil rights program. -- and hate crime which is traditional crime. Usually murder arson vandalism. But the differences are more afraid. They're motivated by bias -- -- why in my office involved in investigating this we are committed to work aggressively with -- law enforcement partners. This -- mentioned this will be -- -- investigation going forward. And again I want to express my condolences to. The underdogs. And I also want to command the overall park police department revision -- response and it's. Outstanding police work my old park. Where. Like everyone else. In the United States attorney and community first ever lose. -- -- -- -- And working. Experience. And baseball. -- yesterday. Movements -- thoughtful. -- Violations and insisted India. This morning. President and -- Terrorists. Undersea communications. For the general holder. Expressing concerns condolences. We. You're good place for -- this in. -- -- Many viewers contacted. Period I -- community throughout this. Investigation -- we -- to have some provisions. Tomorrow morning Murphy. Possible -- so. We would -- you wait until that time. -- -- Think we're there to answer questions. -- -- -- -- Don't tell why was this theater community obviously. Believe at this moment in question. We have we're -- The first call -- -- one don't want to give us time for some reason why it. This -- Did you have fun. Told -- here -- want movie actor taking place before going. First one that he. Again. And then what do you -- -- -- Approximately pretty close and -- Over there the school. So within -- half an hour the minute. -- -- -- -- Any information that used to believe it eight. Are. I can tell you in general terms. From the disrespectful and that's what we want -- she can tell -- what -- we have some statements that -- -- today. Allow us to believe that. Wasn't. Actually caught him how. And how they plan so it was part -- -- -- To control. A lot of what car. He was -- their weapons and these little -- London. Kennedy. -- -- -- Yes. It is. It's our hope. That -- the home. He's the replica. That. I won't be derelict in duty if we did not witness it here. -- Sources in its -- time. Besides the reasons. From the injuries and its. Won't prosecute. News and I will do that but by the same token if -- in the Oklahoma City -- Those who didn't prosecute. Tipped -- So that it. Both this is less than 48 hours and that. Sometime tomorrow. And -- She. -- -- You know I don't discuss this. Next this community he -- any. -- Yeah yeah. We. Bolivia and connections. Yeah. You -- -- -- -- over and went back yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. I'd hate me -- Because some were investigating this as a hate crime it would be premature -- For me to talk about this -- this arrest police what I can. Do is. He is affiliated with some groups. Once you're talking. Can be -- basis of -- hate crime this -- It's -- -- believes all my -- you know there are. And premature what. -- action was there he was arrested. I believe it was in 1957. I guess -- record he was arrested in certain this time. Two. Pardon me activists. It's a matter -- records it's easier and that he talked about weapons to use it was you mounted on. -- Again. Part of that is the ongoing investigation I think she -- -- yesterday. Weapons used to shop. Yeah pistol. -- Two news. Because it is all part -- -- yeah we've heard reports. Asking. People -- -- -- Is there are. Understand it. All. What I can tell you these these hate crime. Is that. Fundamental attend that is what the person believes. -- the statements were made fighting crime -- weapons in space is a crime based violence in the week by the person perpetrated the crime. So if your question. Did he talk didn't say and I haven't talked evidentiary wise. That would not matter in this case. Back. If an unknown. -- -- yesterday. Was he on the FBI's race. I'm the FBI really that's it's a very broad term limit on the radar. What's the FBI -- were other groups -- aware -- the answer was yes. -- to say anything else beyond the fact that we're aware of his existence we're where it was arrested. -- refuses to relief -- -- hate groups he answers yes beyond that I really can't be watching him recently. -- -- It's hell yeah. I'll ask -- He -- Here again the last 24 hours something that's been -- really with a crime and really don't want to talk about that now because there's an evidentiary value for Ross were notable for the US the US attorney's office and DA's office. Now while operating like me. -- -- this is. For a moment. -- where we're not gonna talk about any statements again that's part of the evidence in this case ethically. Very higher included providing that information yet so weren't. Stay away from the details he had a -- -- we're not gonna make a comment either way asked whether he's cooperated and that we can't. Again right now. His condition we're looking forward on the investigation. -- We're. Can you is that this -- the senselessness. Although this fire. -- business. They have -- news. Was certainly don't come I. I think I think that she's talking about that yesterday and it didn't talk about today. It was -- -- You know he should. Does. This. -- -- This time right now focus of the investigation. Is on individuals. Subject. Would that would that being said. We -- look everywhere -- the evidence takes us to determine if there -- anybody that was involved this time right now we're looking at individuals. Be. It's. War war questions it will my one more question and -- -- and we're. He have a planet -- percent. Again. That's evidentiary in nature of the event because we're looking this is a hate crime I really can't talk because the elements of that. We're going to be something -- world going we'll hear so much talked about press conference. You very much -- job.

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{"duration":"19:29","description":"CEO says that officials \"have assured us of their unequivocal commitment to protect the Jewish Community Center.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23321687","title":"Kansas City-Area Shooting Deemed a 'Hate Crime'","url":"/US/video/jewish-community-center-shooting-officials-deem-kansas-city-23321687"}