Jonestown Part 6: 'They were absolutely trapped' in Jonestown

After a while, former members said conditions at the compound began to deteriorate, food started running out and Jones' "true colors" started to show.
8:15 | 09/29/18

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Transcript for Jonestown Part 6: 'They were absolutely trapped' in Jonestown
They'll haveo kill rst. Guyana, yould say wa anything else that you could imagine. If you've never been there in a tropical cou like that it's a whole different ballgame. You coulcuwith a knife. Like,where the are we?" I think there Werme T M day one regretting their decision. Irst thinge're askeds, D gis ort." And that's the time we ever seen our pass. Iggest Miske ever. I D think it S long before people realized wow, this is not whwasupposed e.efore you get to jonestown, th had a gup, and they had armed guards standing at the gate.when I saw that, that's when my heart dropped, but it was too late to turn back. They were absolutely trapped. You had E jungle. Miand miles D miles Jung aey are cut off, and Jim jos this town, his true personality comes out. Are too stupid to Dea and I am sick oaling witheople who play the stupid as game I heard his voice 24 hours a aside joneswn it was Jes' voice all the time telling us what was happening. Just madel scientist has developed a mind control device event any shopliftin And ijurazier and crazier. And people knew, even his most loyal fwers, that it. I thoug my father S. I think he wanted to have it be hi you know,islittle wor.ated like plantation These people had nowhere go.woke you u5:30 in th morning. Everyonworked in the field with mhetes and it hot. Andwas grueli a Rd. Nd you WOU Hice ovhat loud Sak Attention, attention. You're not have. You're notommodity. Italism, Y a commody because re all.ntion, atten.f hearing his voice.ere was not R We have radio lephones you D no way tunicate. You could not eat with your MI you cannot speak to your family. You cann lple in the es. Yoommunicateith anyone. In the morning, we'd have a oh powderedk th and it was a failing agricultural community. Thwasn't enough Don't know where hellxpect me come up with som[ ney to have -- you N't expect that to be steakfor -- S. Ouave given ything tondy bar. You would tell on anybtoa candy bar. Meanwhilem Jones does have a cottage to himself with a couple of his concubin and air coioning with title refrige run F a general. And he has his cold Pepsis the and he's the only person that grew fatjo And hconstantly H court. Sitthere on one throne or another, having people tend to him, while he blathered O Karl Marx and lennd Mao, greater men than us, said the only way for change is armed struggle. This was all to perpetuate overnd over agn, this sense of there is no world out TRE to go to all the L out there. But in this bubble, you are safe with me. Not long afteat, the punishments get even worse. Ino holds bar now. Peoplthat stood U said, "Something's wrong here. I want O ey'd be taken the meet in theilion and injected with drugs and kept in another unit so could Nev S up again. Me and is kid, brn Davis, we had ran away, and then they put us on work crew R 16 hours a. It got sat he had ld me, "Dude, gve a eak. I got to stop. Just hit my thumb. Just hit it with a sledgehaer." Ask yourself this, what does it take for a perto be drive to a point to just get a fi-minute br T thumb on top of a sping amble D want somebody ting down a three-pound to five-pound sledge crush it get a break? Short a things started really escalating. We having theractice white T actice suicide drills. We had drills and drills of whitgh tttention. Hey'd wake us up ie cups of kool-aid and weou that we to commituiention, atntion. He comes over T.A. St under attk. We'runder attack." "Hurry, hurry children. Humo the mercenaries are coming in. They're going to take the dren.they're going to tture the children get ure quickly. So, everybody runs of out of their cs arms thes them STD to defenjonestown from these phantom mercenaries in the June. I've been up several nights and da fighting is horrible conspira It is during this time that he says,e're under attack, if theme for us,e doher." It wasn N that he actually brought up this idea of suicide, mass ide. It was St a Quiett. But it's good for people not to be able to die for what they lieve. Hry suicide. You're dying for ase. There's nothing G for committing suicide that. He STD taking ves. When he takes first vote, only two people raised their hands and those are his two closest aides, but it becomes a eme. We've debathis suicide many, manyours here and I have made up my mind that ths the way prefer going. This is the sick control that this guy had ope It was peer pressure run amok. I voted here tonight to undergo retionary suidth everybo else. Willing tdit fovolutionarsuicide. Th Croyeah! T was just- breaki you down physically, emotionally, iritually. You came to be -- you were exhausted by the tit was over. And that he did. He exhausted us. Things had en so bad there, that every night when you went to sleep, you prayed and hoped you didnake up the nextor He used to Y in meetings, more thahen I go, M take as many people with me as I can." Time was running out for Rea this big one There was no outside frof rerence. There were no more voices other feedback, and so, Jim Jones succeeded in corolling their woto the extent thawhat he was Al was reaaneverything elseasn. Versary dinner, rlin'.

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{"duration":"8:15","description":"After a while, former members said conditions at the compound began to deteriorate, food started running out and Jones' \"true colors\" started to show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58160660","title":"Jonestown Part 6: 'They were absolutely trapped' in Jonestown","url":"/US/video/jonestown-part-absolutely-trapped-jonestown-58160660"}